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We all have the need for extra money, maybe a unique opportunity has been presented, or we have to face an emergency. Most people prefer a mortgage, but if you already have one and you have just refinanced? Is there another way to get the best personal loan rates?

A good option is to get a car title loan, which means that an independent lender will grant you the money and your car will be the guarantee. In loan sites like LoanAutoTitle.comyou can get credit quickly, you must first understand what the conditions are.

What You Need to Know

This page works as a place to find the lender that fits your conditions, so the agreements you reach will have nothing to do with the website. You can get from $ 2,500 to $ 5,000 and always the value of your car will be dependent on the fairness of it.

Credit scores are not a problem, each lender handles his own standards about how to approve credits, and you can always aim for poor credit loans.

One tipif you do not like to take care of your car and do not bring up-to-date maintenance, this option is not for you

The Requirements for a Car Title Loan

To obtain personal loans of this type you must enter the following information on the website:

  • Full name
  • Residential and email addresses.
  • SSN
  • Birthdate
  • Phone number
  • Monthly net income
  • Military service status
  • The make/ model/year of your vehicle and its VIN

In addition, lenders like LoanAutoTitle use an advanced encryption technology, which protects the data entered in an encrypted format, and that the only objective is to find the lender that fits your needs.

Some lenders may additionally ask for:

  • The personal information form of the website
  • Images of your vehicle (can be sent by email or fax)
  • Copy of your valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Residential address
  • Your valid bank account (through a voided check or current account statement)
  • A current auto insurance policy that covers the vehicle
  • Your original title, clear and free, and the embargo notice form (signed)

How Do the Rates and Fees Work?

Considering that LoanAutotitle is an online loan intermediary, each lender will have its own conditions. Remember that starting a loan involves certain expenses such as paying the lawyer, identity verification, among other things.

This website ensures that they are not lenders and therefore will not charge a commission to the direct consumers, which means you. The rate you can get will depend on federal and state laws, the lender who contacts you and your trading skills.

You Are Working With Independent Lenders

You always have the right to request a detailed explanation of the terms of the contract, avoid being a victim of small letters and end up paying more money for details you did not know, you could lose thousands of dollars.

Each lender has different collection policies, similarly delayed payment policies will be different. These late payment policies must conform to the laws of the state where you live, to understand them you must take the time to read your contract in detail before agreeing.

In the case of not paying, you can suffer overcharges for fines. LoanAutoTitle assures that it works with lenders that employ legal, fair and reasonable means to act in these cases.

Make sure you accept a loan that you can pay, remember that behind the online loan application there are people who live from lending money and that a good reputation will be more beneficial than getting away with it.


If you have previously applied for a car title loan and want to get money back in this way, remember that each state has different rules about credit renewals; in some cases, it will be applicable only once.

The main objective of a refinance is to obtain lower fees because you, as a borrower, are not in the ability to keep payments up to date. Before starting to fall behind on delayed or unpaid payments, contact your lender, he wants you to pay him and look for ways to get your money, even if it takes longer than expected.

Remember, bad credit loans are an option if you take care of your car, if it is not your case, look for other means to obtain the money you need. If you decide not to pay, you run the risk of losing your asset.

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