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If you love amazing articles and looking at some of the most beautiful scenery pictures in the world, the National Geographic magazine website impresses you. With its worldwide popularity, National Geographic has marked the world for many decades. National Geographic brings us amazing articles that touch on various subjects, including humankind, nature, and some of the most beautiful areas on earth.

National Geographic is available for just $1 per month, which is amazing considering the vast amount of information and beautiful photos you will see each month. Of course, you’ll find all sorts of amazing articles and images, but we’ve got you covered if you want free magazines like National Geographic.

Scenery Pictures

We went digging to find the best magazines, like National Geographic, available online. These alternatives will surely impress you with the same quality content and great scenery pictures that National Geographic offers. Check our list of sites like National Geographic below to see what we can find instantly.

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Dark Roasted Blend

Official Site

Dark Roasted Blend is another fascinating website that allows you to browse tons of high-resolution images. These strange and impressive images also include optical illusions, photos of accidents and crashes, and so much more. So go browse the Dark Roasted Blend website to scroll through their amazing photographs instantly.

Outdoor Photographer

Official Site

Like National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer offers tons of articles accompanied by stunning photographs of nature and animals. This amazing photography website is great for amateur and professional photographers or people who love to admire beautiful images online and scenery pictures.

You will also discover tons of categories for outdoor photography and photography equipment, and you will also get to browse tons of high-quality photo contests.


Official Site

Smithsonian is, without a doubt, one of the top magazines, like National Geographic, available online. You will truly enjoy browsing this website with fascinating articles and stunning photos. So go ahead and enter one of their photography contests online or browse their website to admire others’ stunning work. You will find many subjects, including history, science, travel, and exploration.


Official Site

Wired is a complete website with a beautiful platform that is very similar to National Geographic. Wired has many categories for their articles, allowing you to find topics that greatly spike your interest. With videos, photos, and detailed articles, you can easily spend a ton of time on this website, and it’s worth adding to your bookmarks.


Official Site

The surface is another website that will amaze you with its high-quality articles and stunning photos. You will find all sorts of categories with guides to major cities worldwide. They cover major events worldwide and so much more, so visit their website as one of the best magazines like National Geographic, and you won’t be let down!

Most Beautiful Picture

Official Site

As the name suggests, Most Beautiful Picture offers stunning pictures that will blow your mind. Very similar to National Geographic. You will find tons of images of nature and wild animals. Most Beautiful Picture is dedicated to professional photography and is one of the few sites you want to add to your bookmarks.

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