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What is Media Temple?

It is a grid that has everything you might need to manage or create a domain. Media Temple offers, from the moment you enter it, a variety of handy pre-installed tools. It is a reference when it comes to web servers. So this is a page you should also visit.

As this site’s user interface is friendly, you don’t need to be an expert to use it. However, it is convenient to have one close by to get the most out of it. This server will facilitate all the tasks of managing websites or inboxes. And the constant security monitoring makes it an attractive option for any user.

What exactly does Media Temple do?

From the beginning, you have essential tools and applications for the job, such as:



Zen Cart


All these programs and more make it easier for us to deal with technical issues we might not know about. Through the stable broadband server, we can guarantee that our website will not collapse. SSD technology storage provides more resources than other servers. And backups ensure data privacy.

Having all this allows me to add alternative domains over the main domain without problems. The broadband (1 Tb) guarantees the stability of more than 100 sites and their databases. By using an IMAP user interface, we can access the electronic device of our preference. It also has spam blocking via the G-Suite.

How much does it cost?

Using Media Temple is not economical. There are three different plans. Each one offers me several tools that we cannot fully mention here. But the prices are:

Personal plan: $20 a month.

Professional plan: $30 a month.

Elite Plan: $60 per month.

Unfortunately, the price can be high. But in this case, the service is adjusted to the payment you make. If your company is starting up, you might not like such a budget very much. On the other hand, if your business is completely virtual, it is well worth investing in this provider. You hardly get the same tools elsewhere.

Is it reliable?

Searching on the internet, it was not possible to read any complaints about this site. The multiple associations they have offered me peace of mind. For example, it is possible to obtain an SQL certificate using this server. And the DDoS protection, among other things, guarantees security.

Another formidable aspect is that if our web presence starts to grow, we can handle additional domains. Currently, we could have up to 100 more domains before we have to create a new website. They are awarded for their customer service the distinction 24/7/365. That means we can get assistance very easily. And we can choose to use:

Web site chat.


Phone calls.

Email tickets.

Account center.

Or go to forums.


  • Easy to use.
  • I can buy the service for as long as we need it.
  • Handling of different emails and inboxes for each domain.
  • Continuous security verification for correct data backup.
  • Availability of dedicated database storage.
  • Delivery network using TrueSpeed and SiteLock for greater domain speed.
  • Broadband up to 1 Tb.
  • Through broadband and other tools, we have the guarantee that the site allows great traffic.
  • I can have 1000 emails associated with our site, all monitored.
  • Accessibility from various electronic devices.
  • Easy access to the customer service system in case you need assistance.


  • The price of the service is high.
  • The personal plan is short of tools. The interesting thing is in the elite plan.
  • It is easy to use, but you need a good knowledge base to take advantage of the resources.
  • The abundance of tools could be overwhelming for a single person.
  • Due to the multiple accessibilities, you could end up working day and night for lack of organization.


Media Temple is a reference when it comes to Internet servers. The variability of its resources and constant innovation makes it a favorite of many. Although there is the issue of price, the results say it is worth the effort. Another major aspect is that it manages the possibility of its clients’ growth through dedicated databases and other resources.

Besides, the customer service has a great performance and availability. The handling of up to 100 shared domains and 1000 e-mails is an indication of growing with them. Finally, the ability to handle large user traffic is another attraction. So it would be best if you tried using this industry-leading domain management grid.

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