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Travel is one of life’s most beautiful pleasures. Every year there is the illusion of visiting places that we love so much and filling us with happiness.

But an activity as exciting as this can be damaged if, for some reason, we suffer from a disease or run the risk of being unprotected when taking a plane and leaving our country. Since travel insurance is ultimately a must for most travelers, we decided to review Medical Travel Insurance for you today.

What is Medical Travel Insurance?

Temporary travel insurance is the definitive solution, so to enjoy your stay abroad. If you suffer a nuisance for some reason, this insurance can offer you the opportunity to be attended even overseas.

This is what “Medical Travel Insurance” does. –So, it is the average travel insurance.

In an accessible and easy way, it has a gallery of coverages accessible and adaptable to the trip you want to make, without any geographical limitation.

This includes trips with more than one destination and transportation types –Like those “Meet all Asia in 2 weeks” tours we always see online. In other words, you can start your trip on a cruise ship and continue it on an airplane, bus, or elephant, and this travel insurance company will offer you the coverage you need anywhere in the world.

What does the Medical Travel Insurance offer?

Besides the peace of mind of being insured outside your home country, it has some decent rates.

Moving forward, the temporary insurance is adapted to the dates of your trip, regardless of the destinations you choose.

Besides, policies aren’t limited to individuals. You can cover workgroups or families as appropriate.

On the downside, this is an exclusive service for UK citizens and limited to simple conditions, such as being normally attended in your country of origin (UK). Additional services can be added to this insurance in unforeseen travel problems, airline failures, cruises, interruptions in the trip, and other elements to consider.

Note: Medical Travel offers insurances adaptable to your needs without limits of the sport, recreational, and tourist activities.

How good is Medical Travel Insurance?

Not the best, yet not the worst. As a general rule, your travel insurance should go around 10% of the trip’s value. In this regard, this company can give you personal insurance of around 200$ for a low-risk solo trip tour to Asia –For example.

Since those packages usually go for around 1200$, we can say that Medical Travel Insurance rates are a bit above the ideal –But hey, they count winter sports as something normal, and that is a risk on their part.

Can Medical Travel Insurance be trusted?

“Trustpilot” is today one of the best internet portals to evaluate qualification is based on previous user’s experiences.

Based on their intelligence, from more than 1,600 people who used the service, 96% strongly recommend traveling with them. Besides, most qualifiers give it the award of being an excellent option.

These figures give Medical Travel Insurance a high level of reliability, what it offers, and how users can access its benefits.

Advantages of Medical Travel Insurance:

  • They have an intelligent detection system that allows users to obtain travel insurance in a few minutes.
  • Their insurance products are adaptable so that users can choose what they need.
  • It offers coverage for up to 100 sports and recreational activities.
  • Pre-existing illnesses are not a limiting factor, as long as they are notified.
  • Includes Emergency Medical Assistance if you need it with 24-hour attention.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances during the trip, coverage is available for these cases.

Disadvantages of Medical Travel Insurance:

  • Only for UK citizens
  • It doesn’t offer terrorism coverage. However, if you are injured as a result of terrorism, you may be treated.


Medical Travel Insurance offers some features that very few can offer, including some high-risk sports in normal quotes.

On the other hand, their travel care coverage is broad and attractive, comparable to a full insurance offer.

You can be anywhere in the world with the peace of mind that you can be treated as if you had never left your country if an unforeseen health event occurs.

Finally, we can say that their site is easy to access, understandable, and explanatory. There are no surprises at the time of acquiring policies. If you are interested, you can access a gallery of benefits in a matter of minutes that will make your trip a quiet and worry-free activity. Give them a try!

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