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Meetup has been designed as a platform to find people with specific technological interests. They are proud to have a good number of women to whom they provide a tool for growth. They also have a professional version that brings brands and companies closer to their customers.

You can also access a large community that has other kinds of interests. For example, you might like many other categories, such as sports, arts, and culture, among others. There are a lot of possibilities to share information online and coordinate events.

How does it work?

To interact in this digital community, you must register a user. Then it would help if you chose a topic that interests you, whether it’s something technological or other. You will find different communities, enter one, and participate in their talks or attend their events and meetings. To get the most benefit, choose the ones closest to you.

You can also create a group if you need a certain topic to appear in your area. They will be in charge of selecting people who might be interested in participating in your group. One advantage of this type of service is finding people who can become collaborators or professional partners. This is how they explain the advantages of joining:

  • Continuous growth: they are dedicated to promoting your group through algorithms to the right people who want to attend their events.
  • Simplified hosting: they provide the tools you need to schedule events, manage attendance, and chat with attendees over the phone.
  • Expand your network: connect you with Meetup members in your area who share similar interests. That is new friends online and in person.

Is Meetup free?

Meetup has a fee for people who decide to become group organizers and for the professional version. If you are going to join the community and participate in groups instead of creating them, you can use it for free. They do not indicate that they offer any discounts or promotional coupons.

The fee for the professional version starts at $30 per month. You could pay more if you hire several of their digital tools, such as personalized assistance. The rates for group creators are explained below:

For Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

  • A monthly subscription of $23.99.
  • Semi-annual subscription of $98.94 ($16.49 per month)

For all other countries:

  • A monthly subscription of $9.99.
  • Semi-annual subscription $59.94 ($16.49 per month).

Paying this membership, you will get benefits such as:

  • Organizing up to 3 groups with unlimited membership.
  • Designating an organization team to help manage your group.
  • Charging membership fees and event fees to help cover expenses.

According to several clients, this platform has been offering this service for at least 15 years. You would expect them to be reliable and have most of the common problems covered. But it seems that the service has declined a lot, to the point that even Paypal stopped relationships.

Their rating on Sitejabber and Trustpilot is over 1 out of 5 stars, pretty bad. Current customers indicate how difficult it is to cancel a membership. They indicate cheap rates, but if the group administrator decides to close it, they ask for a “donation” to keep it open. They also mentioned the presence of many opportunists and bullies.


  • Opportunity to find people nearby with similar professional interests
  • You can also meet people with the same hobbies and get organized.
  • Organize events to do group work or research, even play.
  • You can appoint a team to help you manage your group.
  • With your membership, you can create more than one group within the platform.
  • They promote female participation and are proud of it.
  • 52 million members in 4855 cities around the world.
  • The app is available on AppStore and GooglePlay.


  • The service has deteriorated since 2018.
  • Many people want to use the group’s management fee to demand excessive amounts.
  • You can create up to three groups with one membership.
  • Canceling your membership can be a “full-time” job.
  • They have eliminated some tools they claim to offer yet.
  • A bad reputation on opinion sites.

A Final Word

Meetup is a tool that will allow you to manage a group with common leisure or professional interests. This platform works on offering its members opportunities to expand their professional relationships. And if you decide to create groups, you could demand a fee that will allow you to work on future events to be organized.

Unfortunately, it seems that they have allowed opportunists to enter the platform and are not working on cleaning it. Moreover, the recent bad reputation they have earned does not help much with their popularity. Some believe that other social networks can be used for free with the same objective.

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