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All vehicle insurance offers coverage whose benefits are usable only and exclusively under the country’s laws where this car circulates regularly. What if it is a car located in a border zone? What if the vehicle belongs to a person who lives in the United States and needs to spend one or several days in Mexico?

MexInsurance offers special coverage so that when you cross the border, you are not left uninsured.

What is MexInsurance?

It is an insurance company affiliated with Qualitas, a very prestigious Mexican car insurance, which offers vehicle coverage to all those users who wish to travel by land to Mexico for various reasons, whether recreational or work-related, and can count on temporary protection while they are out of their coverage.

You can have the best insurance in the United States. Still, when you cross the border, any incident you have with your vehicle will be completely destined to be in an area where your insurance benefits are not available, no matter how good it is.

For that reason, it is imperative to have additional temporary insurance while you are traveling so that you can have the confidence to be protected beyond your coverage area.

What does MexInsurance offer?

MexInsurance offers temporary insurance for those trips you need to make with your car to Mexico to conduct business or when you want to go on a vacation. This service is offered through a well-designed interactive web portal so that in just 5 minutes, you can access a policy.

By simply entering your vehicle information and details of how long you wish to stay in Mexico, you will be registered in MexInsurance’s database, which allows you to print out a form certifying that you are insured. Just 30 seconds to receive a quote and 5 minutes to register, and you can enjoy the coverage this wonderful insurance company offers.

More than 150,000 people cross the Mexican border every day. Many must make a quick purchase before crossing because the authorities require this. Unknowing people buy policies with dubious coverages, but MexInsurance provides something far removed from any possibility of improvisation. A bilingual care team works around the clock to provide fully responsible and dedicated care.

On the other hand, MexInsurance’s policy costs are extremely affordable, and if you are a consistent traveler and consider MexInsurance to be your trusted insurer, it extends additional discount benefits.

Is MexInsurance Reliable?

Insurance is reliable when its bases are strong, and its ties are strategic. Since 2003 MexInsurance has given its clients the comfort and convenience of acquiring a unique and specialized service, with an easily accessible acquisition system and a service team that works hard to provide all the attention necessary to make its users feel satisfied.

The Qualitas insurance company’s alliance provides a strategic link that has allowed them to resolve complicated situations for their clients.

Besides, MexInsurance is an innovative product that speeds up the entire process of entering the United States. Many people must wait hours to be seen at the border because they do not have insurance, and trying to get it at the last minute from the border is complicated.

In most cases, people end up accessing insurance that does not meet the minimum requirements needed to respond to emergencies. MexInsurance has the guarantee that its clients certify that their experience has been favorable in every way.

MexInsurance Advantages

  • In a few minutes, you can print out your insurance and already enjoy the coverage it offers.
  • The prices are extremely affordable.
  • It adapts to your need for temporary coverage.
  • Your car is protected against any unforeseen event on this trip.
  • They offer 24-hour telephone service.

Disadvantages of MexInsurance

  • It is only located on the border between Mexico and the United States.


MexInsurance is vanguard insurance that becomes a vital ally when you want to drive your car from the United States to Mexico. Depending on the days you will take for this trip, you can choose a coverage that will allow you to be protected and avoid suffering from any unforeseen events.

Best of all, it is straightforward and affordable to purchase this insurance. It is of utmost importance to always have the vehicle protected under any circumstances. When you leave your country, your insurance is automatically invalid, so what MexInsurance offers is truly necessary and affordable.

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