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We have all been fascinated and attracted by the majesty of those creatures that live only in stories at least once in our lives. From an early age, we are surrounded by amazing images and stories about fantasy creatures like Angels, Dragons, Giants, and Krakens. Still, only when we become more aware and keep alive the passionate curiosity these creatures bring with their mystery, do we begin to investigate a little more about them.

Fantasy Creatures

At this point, you will come across numerous sources of incredible stories, from mythology to fantasy creatures.

So, to make your trip to enjoy the most incredible bestiaries and stories of this world easier, we have compiled a list of the best mystical and fantasy creatures’ websites for you:

Mythical Creatures and Beasts

Fantasy Creatures

Official Site

This website works like a bestiary. It is not very well known and not too popular; however, it has a lot of information incredibly qualified with small biographies and information cards about each of the creatures you can imagine that exist or existed in the world of mythology and fantasy creatures.

If you are looking for information about a specific creature, and you already have the name, of course, you can easily locate it in their search engine since they separate their entries by category, date of publishing, or alphabetical order.

Among the categories where you can search for that fantastic animal that can’t get out of your mind are dragons, hybrids, undead, and witches.

Additionally, the page has a goal above the organization of creatures. Therefore, each of its files has an illustration appropriate to describing the fantastic animal they are studying.

Simply put, MC&B is a website that aims to become a kind of Pokédex of mythological creatures and beasts.

If you want to keep up to date on the posts they add, you can follow them through the Blog in which they release their news. However, the posts are not too frequent, so it is possible that you will get bored with the subscription soon.

A Book of Creatures

A Book of Creatures

Official Site

Speaking of Pokédex, ABC is also looking for this function of becoming a complete encyclopedia. You can search for any creature and get the most accurate information possible.

Unlike the page we reviewed earlier, ABC has quite detailed information about every creature recorded in its archives, taking into account data such as:

  • Origin
  • Folklore
  • Geographical location
  • Size relative to the average human being
  • Bibliographic sources

This is why it is important to note that, despite working precisely with creatures from folklore and urban legends –Mainly from North America and Europe- ABC offers a much more complete and better-studied record than any other website.

However, not everything is positive since the record can only be checked in order of publication.

This means that while you could enjoy hours of reading about incredible creatures that you might not otherwise have known, you would also waste a lot of time if you were looking for a specific creature.

Regarding registration diversity, ABC has a fairly large number of entries, as they publish a new creature every Monday and every Friday since they first came out, so giving it a try is pretty much worth it.


Fantasy Creatures

Official Site goes to the more educational side of the subject, leaving completely aside from the urban legends and folklore not recognized as religion and mythology.

In this incredible record, you will find stories and fascinating tokens ranging from druid legends to the most incredible creatures of Greek mythology.

So, if you’re looking for an accurate record of creatures from the nine realms of Odin or the hells of Tao or Catholicism, this is the ideal place to start looking for information.

Most of the content here is this religious order so that you will find quite a few known names of angels, demons, and Titans, but you won’t find any record of the chupacabra -Although they did give space to Bigfoot.

What makes this website relevant when searching for creatures is that each page of each card is described in detail with:

  • A basic concept of the creature
  • Its detailed physical description
  • Special Abilities
  • Weaknesses
  • Related creatures
  • Origin
  • Literature
  • An explanation of its legend.

As for the registration and searching method, is far behind since you can only check the entries in alphabetical order or through the direct search engine –so this is a big NO if you have a description but no idea of the name.

Gods And Monsters

Gods And Monsters

Official Site

Following the mythology scheme, Gods and Monsters is a site dedicated to understanding the mysteries behind the ancient gods that adored our ancestors and connecting them with stories of paranormal encounters or supernatural creatures.

This website keeps a much more complete record and has more specific categories than most other sites.

In the sections “gods” and “monsters,” you will find technical cards in the information about each one of the creatures or God that the administrators have investigated.

Later on, you will find the stories and folklore of mythologies in a complete shelf record in the section of myths and stories.

This section can also find real stories, horror fiction, myths, and legends.

Finally, the site has a section called “fun stuff,” an art gallery, and some stories about mythology with Grace’s touch.

Despite not having as much registered information as, this website is much better organized, so it will be easier to search if you already have something specific in mind but don’t have the name. They kind of complement each other in this regard.

Greek Mythology

Fantasy Creatures

Official Site

You may also be looking for information on Greek mythology as it is the most famous and probably the one with the widest range of surprising creatures.

If this is your case, we recommend you skip all other options and go directly to greek mythology.

On this website, you will find fact sheets of each of the creatures arranged in Greek mythology with their description and history, you will be able to search them by name or by category, and you will have valuable information such as their origin, stories in which they appear, abilities and weaknesses.

Besides, this website is not limited to creatures, gods, or titans but also has a section of myths in which you can even investigate how the planets were according to this mythology.

Although, as I explained earlier, this site is simply excellent, it is limited only to Greek mythology.



Official Site

In the previous site, we limited ourselves to Greek mythology. Well, draconika does not limit itself to one mythology but focuses directly on a specific type of creature: Dragons.

Everyone has been curious about these creatures at some point in their lives, from the dragon whose blood bathed Siegfried to make him an invulnerable hero to the dragons in fictional stories like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. They tend to take the limelight by showing us fascinating creatures we can hardly help but admire.

This website studies all the mythology, stories, and curiosities surrounding dragons.

It also has a virtual shop where you can buy dragon figures, bookends, arts, and more.

You will find a menu with specific information entries about dragons such as their history, appearance in some cultures, types, anatomy, and legends on your left.

The latter categories are also quite interesting as they have pictures, posters, and books with the dragons’ complete stories.

Theoi Greek Mythology

Fantasy Creatures

Official Site

This website is in direct competition with Greek mythology and keeps a fairly extensive record of Greek mythology and all the beings that inhabit it.

The difference is that Theoi is a little better organized and has a miscellaneous section that can help you know more precisely how mythology works.

On the other hand, in the section of texts, you can find a record of Greek mythology according to the historical archives, organized by books, dates, and times, ranging from the epic cycle’s fragments to the bond of Prometheus.

What makes this website special is that it covers the entire history of Greek mythology, including curious data such as the gods’ genealogical trees so that you have a more accurate idea of how they relate to each other.


Mythology, legends, folklore, and even stories of urban legends and paranormal encounters are connected with wonderful creatures our mind barely understands.

This list has provided you with several sites where you can orient yourself on the biology, information, and curiosities of all kinds of creatures, whether they come from folklore, are part of a well-founded and recognized mythology, or come from fiction.

In “A Book Of Creatures,” you will find an unparalleled amount of creature datasheets from the strangest parts of the world, creatures you might not otherwise know even if you encounter them.

On the other hand, Theoi is designed to satisfy any curiosity you may have about Greek mythology. However, if in the end, you ask me which of the sites I like best, without hesitation, Draconika is probably the most complete of all –And also, I love dragons.

Make all the research you need, and hopefully, you can satisfy your heart’s curiosity with any of these sites.

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