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Investing in real estate is a goal for many people due to the growing potential of this market in many areas of the United States. However, having the cash to start this type of project is not always easy, so some investors turn to a loan to buy, renovate, or resell a property. There are many options in the market, and today we will look at New Silver, a company dedicated to financing real estate projects, both for sale and rent.

Applying for financing for a home to invest in it is the business model of hundreds of people in the United States, so some companies operate as private lenders in this market. Among them is New Silver, a private equity firm that is capturing more clients’ attention. Whether you have been in the real estate business for some time or are just starting, the following rev will be of interest to you.

New Silver may be the alternative you are looking for to finance your next real estate project. It all depends on your circumstances and needs as an investor. Let’s see what this company offers us, what types of loans we can opt for, and the costs involved. The purpose of this post is not to advertise but to expose the pros and cons of this company to help our readers evaluate options in their search for financing.

What is New Silver?

New Silver Lending LLC is a non-bank financial services company focused on mortgage lending, personal lending, and real estate advisory for investors. It is a company whose model fits the new needs of society in terms of remote care and digitization of loans.

This company is led by two partners, Alex Shavayetsky, a professional with 25 years of experience in real estate management, property development, and investments: and Kirill Bensonoff, a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in investing and creating disruptive technologies. Both bring New Silver to life, and together with their logistics team, they are responsible for evaluating loan applications and offering the best real estate investment options on their platform.

Alex Shavayetsky is responsible for overseeing the loan allocation processes and takes the time to personally speak with each applicant to ensure they receive the best guidance and quality service. Kirill Bensonoff oversees New Silver’s digital environment, so he is responsible for keeping the platform and its tools in optimal condition to facilitate the processes and make them customer friendly.

New Silver was founded to digitize the financing processes for real estate investors and facilitate and streamline the processes to obtain a pre-approval in just minutes. It focuses on single-family residential and small balance commercial assets, although multi-family properties can also be financed.

How does New Silver work?

New Silver is more than a private lender. It is also a financial investment advisory firm. This point is important and differentiating since the client receives the loan money and the tools to manage it most profitably.

New Silver works in a fast and simple way to adjust to the needs of investors. To apply for a loan, you must follow these steps:

  1. Log on to and complete the online application in less than 10 minutes. You will be asked for the property address and basic information about the loan you need.
  2. Based on this information, the company will provide you with the terms and conditions of the loan so you can evaluate it with your lawyers.
  3. Pay the application fee, which includes a soft credit check and the automated underwriting template issued by the company.
  4. Get instant conditional approval.
  5. Select interest rates and terms.
  6. Download the proof of funds letter.
  7. Finalize the process by obtaining an appraisal and scheduling a closing.

Unlike other companies, New Silver completes this process in approximately 5 business days when the project closes and the financing is approved. Of course, you will get clear advice and guidelines on each part of the process at every step.

Let’s see, below, the products you will be able to hire New Silver to finance your real estate projects and some details that you should consider when requesting the services of this company:

Fix and flip.

This loan is intended for investors who wish to renovate, rehabilitate, and resell a property. It is a type of investment that involves a lot of capital and time, so it is recommended for people with experience in the real estate sector who have a strategic plan outlined to help them achieve their financial goals.

One of the most attractive advantages of this business model is the flexibility that these projects provide to the investor and that the time in which profits can be obtained is short (approximately 6 months). On the other hand, it is a high-risk type of investment since changes in market conditions, or even in the project itself, can affect the investment.

However, if you are an experienced investor with a network of properties to fix and flip, this product can be interesting:

  • Up to 90% project financing.
  • Up to 100% construction financing.
  • ARV loan up to 75%.
  • 12-month term with extensions.
  • Residential properties from 1 to 4 units and multi-family up to 50 units.
  • Minimum $100,000, maximum $5,000,000 loan.
  • Minimum FICO: 650.
  • Previous experience: at least 2 projects.


For investors looking to acquire a rental property, New Silver has loans with the following specifications:

  • Up to 80% of the purchase price.
  • Up to 80% loan to value.
  • 30-year fixed term.
  • Residential properties from 1 to 4 units.
  • Minimum DSCR: 1.
  • Minimum $100,000, maximum $2,000,000 loan.
  • Minimum FICO: 680.
  • No prior experience is required.

Construction from the ground up

This loan is intended to finance residential construction. As with fix-and-flip projects, construction projects require experienced investors who can assess the risks and the investment of time and resources involved in this venture. Hence, New Silver’s conditions include having had at least two previous projects of this nature.

  • Up to 85% loan to cost (LTC).
  • Up to 100% construction financing.
  • ARV loan up to 75%.
  • 24-month term.
  • Residential properties from 1 to 50 units, condominiums, and townhouses.
  • Minimum $100,000, maximum $5,000,000 loan.
  • Minimum FICO: 650.
  • Previous experience: at least 2 projects.

Personal Loans 

Unsecured personal loans are New Silver’s newest product, an option that allows investors to obtain capital quickly to complete projects or get started.

  • No collateral is required.
  • Term loans and lines of credit.
  • Amounts from $1,000 to $100,000.
  • Approval in 48 hours.
  • Online pre-approval.

FlipScout, New Silver’s new tool for investors

Finding the best real estate projects to invest in is not always easy. New Silver has developed a digital tool to help investors find real estate projects with the highest ROI.

How can I finance the down payment of a project?

For people who do not have enough money to cover the down payment on a project, New Silver offers the option of unsecured personal loans, with amounts up to $100,000, issued by leading national lenders. You can apply online to obtain various alternatives based on your profile.

Is it certain that my loan application will be approved?

In some cases, loans are not approved for various reasons, either associated with the project or the applicant. It is important to remember that “conditional approval” status is not a guarantee of final approval. The underwriting team must approve the application, which is set out in the company’s terms and conditions. If this is not possible, the application will be denied at no cost to the applicant.

How much does New Silver cost?

Each type of loan at New Silver has clear and straightforward information about its costs. However, it is always important to read the entire contract carefully together with a reputable lawyer. Each type of loan has an interest rate and origination fee:

Fix and flip

Interest rate: between 8 and 10.5%.

Origination fee: from 1.875%.


Interest rate: between 7%.

Origination fee: 3%.

Construction from scratch

Interest rate: between 8 and 10.5%.

Origination fee: from 1.875%.

Personal loans

Interest rate: From 5.99%.

Origination fee: This may vary.

Is it safe to use New Silver?

Yes, New Silver Lending LLC is a registered company with the unique identifier of NMLS 2154545. This number is permanently assigned by the National Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) to each company, branch, and individual that maintains a single account in that registry.

The role of this body is to improve transparency in the residential mortgage markets by providing regulators, the industry, and the general public with a tool to track and identify companies in this sector. This license is granted to residential mortgage loan issuers like New Silver. Therefore, you can be sure that you are dealing with a company that is legally established in the United States.


When researching this company, we received many positive comments about its products and services. In fact, on Trustpilot, a company and institution review website, New Silver has 47 reviews over the past 12 months, of which it has earned an average rating of 4.5 stars. This number gives the company a rating of “Excellent,” and its customer reviews reflect this.


  • Fast, 100% online process.
  • Financing for single-family, multi-family, and commercial real estate projects.
  • Personalized attention and quality advice.
  • Competitive and transparent rates.
  • Personal loans without guarantor up to $100,000.
  • A personal loan and a real estate loan can be requested at the same time, depending on the applicant’s profile.


Home loans are not available in the states of Alaska, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, or Utah. New Silver also does not lend to residents of the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico. However, online personal loans are available in all 50 states.


Having analyzed the most important aspects of New Silver, we conclude that it is a viable option when applying for financing to invest in a house or apartment. One of the main reasons is that it adjusts to the new needs of society, allowing the contracting of loans 100% online, without paperwork or travel.

Another aspect that we found interesting is that this company has positive comments on several platforms of user reviews, and not only on its platform. The most outstanding aspect is the quality of the attention and advice received from the managing partner, Alex Shavayetsky, as well as the agility and transparency of the process.

The disadvantage of New Silver is that it is not available in several states of the country, which limits part of the population. However, this company is in the process of constant expansion and improvement, so we will likely see changes in this aspect in the coming years.

As for costs and fees, they are quite clear and transparent. Although the investor can always ask the questions, he/she deems it necessary to understand all the terms and conditions before contracting.

In short, New Silver is a financial solution that adapts to new times and new ways of making investments. It has not stuck to paperwork or complicated processes, which is very attractive to investors with little time and quick attention to answer all their doubts.

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