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Eating healthy foods is a known way to improve your health. A healthy and balanced diet improves the different processes that are performed in your body.

Besides, there may be several reasons to wish to follow a healthy diet, such as maintaining an ideal weight, being a professional athlete, being under some treatment, among other reasons.

Nutrition Websites

However, given many websites that have dedicated themselves to creating content of this type, the question arises: which one is really reliable? There are several platforms to access recipes with these characteristics, but in particular, we have prepared a list of the 8 Best Nutrition Websites to eat healthily:


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With a proven track record in weight control, Atkins focuses on a healthy diet with reduced levels of refined carbohydrates and refined sugars and encourages the consumption of lean proteins, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and good fats.

One fact that supports this is the variety of nutrition bars and shakes sold, designed according to the Atkins Diet’s nutrition principles.

A program called “The new Atkins diet” is designed for those who want to start implementing their weight control method. While they feel they are dealing with a diet that is not as aggressive with their eating habits, this diet is based on commitment.

There are also other useful tools on the site, such as the BMI calculator, carbohydrate counter, and dairy.

However, we must say that this program leaves little opportunity to customize your diet. It is like giving pants of the same size to all those who are in the mall.

Nutrition And You

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Nutrition: You are a fairly simple design blog whose intention is to provide you with the precise knowledge you need about what you eat. To achieve this, they provide a complete summary of the various foods. Dr. Umapathi Mangajji Rudrappa directs them, a pediatrician and nutritionist certified by USMLE-ECFMG.

In fact, you will not find recipes about healthy meals or anything like that, but that does not stop making the content attractive for those who want to improve their diet.

Many websites tell you which food to eat to achieve a certain goal, but very few explain why that food is appropriate to achieve your goals.

On the home page, you can find the articles that have been placed most recently on the blog, while on the left, you have a menu anchored with the types of foods to access a more precise search. The simple design makes it appropriate for people with experience in the nutritional field.


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More than a website, SparkPeople is an online community where people share the results of following the tips offered on this page; Besides, they healthily motivate each other. Registration is free, and they have many attractive tools to improve your diet.

They have challenges called Spark challenges and calendar challenges to achieve a healthy diet in a short period. Another useful tool is the trackers, which depending on your diet, help you get an idea of the nutrients, calories, and other similar factors ingested.

In addition to this calorie counter, you can follow a personalized exercise plan.

The online platform presents a modern and easy-to-navigate aspect compatible with mobile browsers and offers smart cellular applications for its community members.

On their site, you will also find other interesting articles in its extensive library, which will help you, among other things, eat healthy and delicious through rich recipes.

Live Strong

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It is the case of an online company that takes its work seriously. They have set out to train any person, regardless of age or level of physical conditioning, with the information and tools to help them make better decisions.

That’s why Live Strong constantly publishes content related to healthy diets, among other things.

To get the most out of their online content, you need to register a user, for which you only need your email. The site’s content is very varied, but concerning healthy meals, you will find recipes both full dishes and desserts low in calories and rich in other beneficial elements for your body.

You can also browse the healthy food section both by the recipe and by articles about food. All this nutritional information is complemented with sections on fitness, health, and fitness training, fundamental to succeed in your goals of a healthy life.

Note that this site is consult-based, and you will have to search for the information on your own.


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The ChooseMyPlate platform presents nutrition information in a clear and simple way so that all those who read it can clearly understand the content.

On this website, it should be noted that it will not be necessary to register a user, so there are no payment commitments or need to make any subscription. After all, we do not always want to fill our inbox.

They divide the food into 5 main groups and have elaborated complete articles that will help you prepare well-balanced dishes. They have also prepared pretty clear articles that indicate the importance of eating vegetables or fruits and the best way to include them in your daily meal.

A very striking tool is MyPlate’s MyState, considering that the foods and flavors of each state and territory can help create healthy and lasting eating styles that we can enjoy.

They also have tools such as a weight gain calculator in pregnancy, a child growth chart, and even questionnaires to educate Internet users.

The World’s Healthiest Foods

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As the name implies, The World’s Healthiest Foods is a non-profit organization, more specifically called the George Mateljan Foundation for the Healthiest Foods in the World, whose objective is to discover, develop and share scientifically proven information about the benefits of eating healthy and provide support so that these types of foods are pleasant, easy and fast, as well as affordable.

The website is presented with an image that makes you feel like a family. The format they have proposed to expose your information is straightforward, giving you first access to a drop-down menu on the left where you can find specific information. At the same time, below, Direct links to featured articles appear.

They are online since 2001 and claim to be the most visited website in the world to obtain information on healthy food. You can also make use of the one-week meal plan, which is detailed.

The ultimate goal of this site is to help you have ok health through well-selected food.


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We can say that EatingWell is an authority when talking on healthy eating websites, they do so by providing the inspiration and information necessary to make healthy eating a way of life.

For them, it is about moderation and balance, not about strict rules or fad diets, and they want their recipes to be accessible, sustainable, inspiring, and delicious.

Before publishing a recipe, you must meet three criteria:

  1. Have real knowledge about the topic. Basically, being certified or acknowledged professional.
  2. Complying with certain nutritional parameters since each published recipe’s nutritional data is carefully considered to ensure that they prepare recipes that have a good flavor and are good for our body.
  3. The recipe must be reliable, which means that the recipe is easy to follow when you prepare it at home, and it works.

The site’s design is fresh, easy to navigate, with a recipe search engine and sections dedicated to specific topics such as weight loss or diet plans.

Dr. Ax

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Dr. Ax is a chiropractor, natural medicine doctor, clinical nutritionist and author with a passion for helping people improve the use of food as medicine, as well as being the director of the page that bears his name.

From their perspective, the human body can achieve high performance, but we are often disconnected from the traditions and nutritional principles that allow it in the modern world.

The page is quite intuitive, showing you articles of nutrition even dedicated to your pets, exercises, and, of course, nutrition and healthy food in the “health news” section.

You can go directly to other sections such as diets, recipes, health, among others. There is also an online store where they sell some frequent items on their plates if you are interested.

Two things stand out about this site. One is that you can know virtually all the staff behind their content, which provides confidence. Second, they have a section dedicated to the CBD (derived from marijuana), offering, without a doubt, very varied content.

To Conclude

After reading our list of suitable nutrition websites to prepare healthy and delicious foods, you will agree with us that maintaining a healthy diet is definitely possible. Still, it is important that you maintain the commitment and that you use your imagination to eat tasty and varied, in addition to healthy, combining that with exercises to achieve enviable health.

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