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Design, ergonomics, and comfort are an important part of the working environment. For this reason, office furniture becomes a fundamental part of how you maintain your business.

In this review, we will evaluate the offer of OfficeDesigns, a company that became famous in 2010 for the sale of the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Which, we’re ahead of you, is priced at $749.

What is OfficeDesigns?

OfficeDesigns is the first company to promote the Herman Miller Aeron chair and many within the avant-garde fashion for office furniture.

This company was founded in 1996. However, the store had rather slow success with the chairs, and since then, they have been incorporating products such as modern desks, storage furniture, and more.

Later, they decided to implement more modern designs as well as offer additional decorative elements. They then managed to stand out from the rest for their great variety and mix of products.

In short, OfficeDesigns offers you to equip everything related to your office. However, the preferred target is small businesses – although some of their prices seem to say the opposite.

Is OfficeDesigns reliable?

Put. It’s not a scam.

We are talking about one of the most relevant companies in the world of office furniture. On the other hand, it is a company accredited by the Better Business Bureau and awarded by several industry events.

What does it offer?

OfficeDesigns has design consultants who can guide you and inform you about the product you want to buy. Also, thanks to this service, OfficeDesigns provides exact specifications so that all your furniture fits your requirements, physical space, and type of work.

Among other things, in the general service of OfficeDesigns, you can find:

  • Personalized consulting service – from the consultation to the installation.
  • A 1-year guarantee on the furniture – covering, above all, parts and repair.
  • Trained personnel to guide and suggest changes based on ergonomics, design, and functionality for your workspaces.

A cordial service for your budget?

The services they offer are free – if you buy the furniture, of course. In this way, as a benefit for furniture purchase, the company will help you in every step of the decoration process.

To this, we add the following services:

  • Office lighting
  • Programs for small businesses allows you to save your money with preferential prices and discounts.
  • Trade program, the best professionals in the industry are chosen.
  • Warranties, the company is an official warranty service center of Herman Miller.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Despite being a very recognized company, prone to present disadvantages, in this case, OfficeDesigns has more advantages than disadvantages, since within its service it has professionals in the area that can help your requirements.

Besides, it is very well distributed and with specific attention that speeds up the requirement of the client with its catalogs of products:

  • Basic office furniture.
  • Specialized furniture for warehouses.
  • Decoration accessories.
  • Lighting accessories.

On the other hand, OfficeDesigns works hand in hand with some well-known brands such as:

  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • Turnstone
  • Humanscale
  • Haworth
  • Kartell
  • Office
  • Flash Furniture
  • Koncept
  • Magis
  • Vitra
  • M+A Matting.

As for the disadvantages:

We could only observe one disadvantage in terms of the service provided by OfficeDesigns. The price of the furniture is quite high!

In this way, a balance is created since the professional consulting service for office decoration has a high US cost. No interior decorator will charge you less than $1000 for a complete office, ok?

However, with OfficeDesigns, when you apply, you will be able to choose from a few high-end brands, followed by a catalog of designs. And when you buy the products, you get free decoration advice.


OfficeDesigns is a service for entrepreneurs and small businesses with enough capital to invest in internal image and comfort. Thus, while the furniture is a little expensive, you have a free service representing a substantial saving.

At the end of the day, opting for this combo of Furniture + Online Decoration Service offered by OfficeDesigns depends entirely on your budget. Seen from any other angle, the company is 100% recommended.

For more information on costs, catalogs, advice, purchases, and everything related to this company, visit the official website of OfficeDesign and make your request. After all, trying is free.

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