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Want to do some family research? Then OneGreatFamily may be the place you are looking for. In this review we tell you all you need to know about them:

What is OneGreatFamily?

It is a website that has internet-based software. It prevents you from downloading a program on your computer and speeds up the process of finding a genealogic tree. They do not indicate who the people behind the site and the team are. But they do indicate on the home page all the features you can access by using their service.

It also provides access to other similar sites such as, as well as many interesting features. The most important tools are the following:

  • Surname Index
  • Genealogy Learning Center
  • Newsletter archive
  • Genealogy of famous ancestors
  • Genealogical Resources
  • Printable genealogical forms

What exactly do they do?

You need to complete a form at the time you enter your data. The aim is to provide as much information as possible about you and all the family members you enter. As you enter data you will see how your tree takes shape and possibly notice suggestions.

As you add data the system analyzes your family tree and compares it to the ones already uploaded. When there is a match you will see a notification that shows someone who could be a relative of yours. If the match is correct and you add it, the site merges the family trees. This process will be reversed if you remove someone from your tree.

It’s about collaboration between users. It does not include the participation of laboratories through DNA testing. The advantage of this system is that it saves a lot of research time.

Does it cost anything?

Using this online software is not free. Although they offer a free 7-day trial, the price is not that high. If you are not satisfied during the trial be sure to cancel your user account so that you will not be automatically charged.

Moving on, the one-month contract is priced at $14.95 per month; While the annual plan is priced at $79.95, 50% less per month.

But it might be worth using their affiliate program if you have a website. This program offers an attractive commission percentage based on the sales achieved through your link:

  • 25% for 1 to 4 sales
  • 30% for 5 to 9 sales
  • 35% for 10 to 29 sales
  • 40% for 30 to 49 sales
  • 45% for 50 to 99 sales
  • 55% per 100 to 199 sales
  • 65% for 200 to 299 sales
  • 75% when sales exceed 300

Is it reliable?

Initially, you have to understand that this site is based completely on the information given by other people. Since there is no verification of information by DNA testing, you depend on the honesty of others. That means you have to have very accurate information about your family before you enter it.

They claim to have over 250 million names stored in their database. But we don’t know how they verify the information that users provide. It’s not very good that the site doesn’t offer a log for other customer reviews. Instead, it offers for your reading the ‘Success Stories’.

As far as the disclosure of personal information is concerned, we find no major drawbacks in their policy. It seems that some people have not taken into account the automatic renewal of the service. That is why they complain that they have reloaded their card when they did not want to hire the service.


  • You can benefit from the research that other users have done.
  • They allow you a free 7-day trial to see if it suits your needs.
  • Over 250 million people registered on many family trees.
  • Very economical service when you buy the annual subscription.
  • Different tools to facilitate the process of making the family tree.
  • An affiliate program that offers generous earnings.
  • You can enter the photo of each family member.


  • The entire data update process must be completed manually
  • Customer service could be better.
  • It is not accredited by any verification, government, or security organization.
  • It is not clear what they do to verify the information you and others have provided.


Web-based software designed to help you build your family tree. They provide different tools for you to use when making your family history. As you add information, you will be able to take advantage of the information that other people have entered.

It could improve some things. The customer service is very brief. And you have to be willing to trust what other people have done. OneGreatFamily’s affiliate program could be useful if you want to generate passive income on your site. Finally, the price is quite reasonable compared to other similar online sites.

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