Find the Best Online Learning Sites for Kids

Today, with all the technological and cyber boom, everything has been revolutionized, including education.

So much so that today many websites provide resources and educational tools in different areas of learning and depending on the academic levels of children, who become the best allies when it comes to educating them.

Learning Sites for Kids

Therefore, take a look at this list. Here we have collected for you of the best online learning sites for kids that can be found online!

FatBrain Toys

Official Site

Fat Brain Toys is a website that specializes in selling the best quality toys to be offered through a portal full of color, freshness, and joviality.

It was born in 2002 at the request of a child who could not find through the web how to buy the extended set of a toy he had received as a gift and decided to suggest to his father, who was a web designer, that they create their online site to sell toys, and from then on hard work and dedication did their own work.

This website offers you the possibility to choose from a huge variety of toys for the smallest of the house, cataloged according to age, gender, new releases, or according to the categories they have to offer you.

You can add your favorite toys to the cart and shop from the comfort of your home, or if you prefer you can go to one of the two physical stores that opened after the incessant requests of their shoppers, one in Ohama and the other in Overland Park, in the Kansas City area.

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ABC Mouse

Official Site

ABC Mouse is a website where you can undoubtedly find the best learning tools for the little ones of the house. Books, games, puzzles, songs, educational games, are just some of the things you can find on this online site to reinforce the knowledge of your little one.

You can purchase your membership for as little as $9.95 a month and get your first month for free!

It has 10 levels ranging from Preschool for 3+ to 2nd grade for 7+ and has more than 850 lessons and also more than 9000 individual learning activities, which will undoubtedly be an extraordinary reinforcement to those children learn at school and home.

The tools provided by ABC Mouse will undoubtedly make you love the website and you will be able to see the progress of your child progressively, which will allow you to use the immense cyber world to generate quality teachings and learning that will help in the day to day to your child.

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Official Site

Now it’s time to present another one of the best learning sites for kids that will help you if you’re looking to generate online learning for kids at home, and it’s Starfall.

This website, like the previous one, is a portal where you can buy a low-cost membership to have access to all the wonderful learning tools it contains for three levels, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, and preschool and preschool.

Books, educational games, movies, animated songs, math activities, are some of the things you will find on the Starfall website to help reinforce your child’s knowledge through attractive content adjusted to their age and learning level.

It also has a Parent-Teacher Center, where you can find downloadable resources to put into practice with children and help and incentives to continue learning more every day.

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Official Site

In BrainPop you will find A Learning Universe, as the main page of this website says.

Science, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Art and Music, Health, Engineering and Technology, and New and Trends, are the categories you can access within the BrainPop website, in addition to a games section, to get the most attractive and innovative resources to be presented to the little ones in the house, or your students if you are a teacher.

You can even access the site in the different languages it has, such as English, Spanish, and French. And you’ll find a section to subscribe to news and site updates, or if you want to start being part of the BrainPop working group, you’ll also find how to submit your resume to be part of this great family.

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Official Site

IXL is a learning website that focuses primarily on the area of math-science from preschool through grade 6.

The website is supported by the positive testimony of parents around the world since IXL answers all the doubts and questions you have to ask. It is a highly effective learning tool that even uses virtual awards and performance analysis so that you, as the person responsible for learning, can see the child’s progressive progress in math.

This portal has reach in countries such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Latin America, Japan, and many others, which gives it a fairly high degree of reliability in terms of the teaching techniques applied.

By purchasing a $9.95 per month subscription membership, you will have access to unlimited exercises, detailed explanations to teach mathematical concepts simply, and many other tools that will help your child reinforce his or her mathematical knowledge.

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National Geographic for Kids

Official Site

The website of the famous National Geographic Channel also has its own space for the little ones of the house.

Through an attractive online site in colors and with a simple and dynamic interface, the little ones of the house will be able to access interesting and educational content about the animal world and much more.

You can find fun games, quizzes, interesting and fun animal videos, a section to meet all kinds of animals: mammals, birds, prehistoric, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and fish.

Also, you will be able to explore more in-depth on topics such as Native Americans, Children vs. Plastics, a section of Strange but true, and also books, topics related to science and space, among other excellent categories.

You can also subscribe to the National Geographic Kids website and add items to your shopping cart. All generating a fun learning experience for you to share with the little ones at home.

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PBS Kids

Official Site

Another one of great learning sites for kids, PBS Kids is a site where you can find games and videos to help and reinforce the learning of the little ones at home in a fun and dynamic way. Gone are those moments when learning something new was the boring part of the day, we’re sure you’ll love this website too.

As a parent or guardian, you will have access to a special section where you will find resources and tips to help your child in the best way possible in developing their skills and in their continuous learning, you will also have access to the PBS Kids Shop to buy the items you need, and you will find the Supervision section, which is nothing more than an innovative application that seeks to offer parents real-time connection in relation to their children’s activities on the PBS Kids website.

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Fun Brain

Official Site

From pre-school to 8th grade, Fun Brain is, of all the ones we have shown you so far, the website that presents content for levels above 6th grade, which makes it an ally if your little ones are not so small and are entering a new stage.

The web is reinforced through games, books, videos, a math area, and a playground, all focused on helping children (and not so children) learn fun and interactive. Dare to discover this website, whether you are a teacher or a parent, we are sure you will find great tools to reinforce the knowledge of the little ones in your care, and it is free!

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Official Site

Scholastic is the perfect website if you are a teacher and you are looking for a place where you can access the best teaching articles to buy them online. The products it offers are as varied as they are fascinating, all focused on helping you reinforce your students’ knowledge with quality books and endorsed by the majority of the people and institutions that have used them.

From the search engine of the website you can enter the title, author, or keyword of the book you want to find, and once you do you can add it to your shopping cart to get it with a quick and simple click.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best websites for educational books that you will find on the web. Don’t miss it.

To Conclude

As you may have noticed, the internet and cyberspace are not just for social networking and fun, you can also find fascinating learning sites for kids where you can help your children’s education online with the best web resources.

Hopefully, you and your children will enjoy these sites a lot! Yet you should always be attentive to the content, regardless of how safe a site claims to be.

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