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Normally we have all entered our personal data to complete a registration or application process, such as when you open a Facebook user or make an online application for a credit card, for example.

The problem with this is that many times your personal information remains online, available to many people.

Among the most common problems you may have to face are identity theft, access to your criminal records, receiving junk mail in your home or email, among others. And mostly it is not possible to eliminate such information from the Internet on your own.

Online Privacy Solutions is a service that is responsible for removing this information from the main and most popular sources of access for it.

Obtaining this type of service is particularly useful if you are used to making your requests online instead of going to physical stores; so that we explain a little about them.

How does Online Privacy Solutions work?

First, you must register a user on the website, completing a series of data:

  • Full legal name.
  • A list of the places where you have lived.
  • A photocopy of your driver’s license or other acceptable identification.
  • Birthdate.
  • Payment.

Online Privacy Solutions has patented processes (although they do not explain exactly what those processes are), designed to eliminate your personal information from the background check sites, databases and other websites that store your personal information in a list that ends up being accessible to anyone with a credit card.

Once registered, begin with the privacy protection process.

  1. Online Privacy Solutions considers that part of the information can be eliminated in a few days, on the other hand, the elimination in other databases can take more time.
  2. Through the online customer portal, you will have quick access to updates on the status of your data on unwanted websites, and you will be notified when the process is complete.
  3. After completing the initial removal of private information, they perform monitoring and auditing to keep your information restricted.

Reasons to use this service

Unfortunately, every time you complete a digital application or registration process, your private information is available in fragments for practically anyone. Some private companies buy this information from the “wholesalers” or cross it internally and then sell it.

Another factor is that your neighbors, relatives, potential employers, co-workers and any other person with unwanted looks can access this information through an online search and the payment of a nominal fee. Some of the most sought after private data can be:

  • Net worth.
  • Current and past directions.
  • History of arrests.
  • Previous Marriages

What you need to know

Starting with the cost of this service, three different packages are offered;

To tell the truth, it is basically the same, the difference lies in your will to keep the service running for short or long:

  • Bronze package: costs $ 24.99 per month.
  • Silver package: it costs $ 15.99 per month paying the service to be covered for six months, that is, a payment of $ 95.94.
  • Gold Package: costs $ 12.99 per month for a one-year coverage, making a one-time payment of $ 155.88.

This service is not legal, as if it would be the elimination of criminal records, expulsion or the sealing of criminal records.

Online Privacy Solutions is dedicated to protecting your privacy by removing personal information from websites and frequently used verification databases for background information, which may include details of your criminal history, but cannot remove the information and underlying records that these databases use.

Some of the websites from which your data is deleted are:

  • Advanced Background Checks
  • com
  • Background File Check
  • Been Verified
  • Criminal Audit
  • eLookup
  • ID True
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Intellius
  • Jail Alert
  • Jail Base
  • LexisNexis
  • LiveRamp
  • US Search
  • USA People Search
  • Veromi
  • Zaba Search
  • ZoomInfo

Keep in mind that Online Privacy Solutions does not identity theft monitoring services, but you can help prevent criminals, identity thieves and cyberspies from obtaining private information about you that could be used to steal your identity, such as finding out where you live, where you work, among other things.

In The end

Online Privacy Solutions consists of a service to protect your personal information that remains floating on the Internet, but that makes a specific clarification of its actual scope.

Basically, they delete your important personal data from the main and easiest web pages where you can consult such information. This service is ideally useful if you want to keep certain information on your past low profile.

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