5 Best Online Sports Betting Sites

5 Online Sports Betting Sites

A few hours before the start of the game, bettors rage, and the world of the best online sports betting sites ignites. But, of course, the pleasure of seeing your team win or the disappointment of defeat is also part of the game. Several sports betting sites are available online, but some are better for several reasons.

We’ve narrowed down a selection of the top sports betting sites online for you to use the next time you want to try to win a little extra cash based on the teams you love and support each day. Just remember that online gambling is only available for adults of legal age, and each site has its restrictions depending on where you live.

Read the rules and regulations before playing to ensure you can cash out on the prize you’ve just won. Play smart, play safe, and good luck!


Online Sports Betting Sites

Official Site

Bethard has a nice design for the user, and it is presented as a great alternative due to the betting markets allowed within site. It also has an online casino that is eye-catching for betting enthusiasts.

Inside the page, we can find a variety of sports and also fantasy sports as an alternative to betting –Which is great since this gives you access in some US states where sports betting is banned. However, that’s not all, as it also has poker rooms and casinos.

The site has a simple bonus system. It gives rewards like welcome bonuses that allow people to take full advantage of welcome bonuses to double their first investment within site.

Trust & Licensing

Bethard’s trust has been built up over the years in the market and has certainly earned its reputation among the users. Furthermore, several outside reviewer sites have researched Bethard, and all the results have been positive; even users find few complaints about it. BetHard is licensed by the MGA under the code MGA/B2C/312/2015 and recognized with the Operator Awards 2017.

Money Management

As for deposit methods, Bethard has several traditional options, such as Visa, Mastercard, and new platforms such as Skrill and Neteller. Deposits can range from $10 up to $500 maximum.

Withdrawals can be made by bank account or by Skrill or Neteller. There are no additional commissions, and processing times do not exceed three business days. The platform can be operated from various parts of the world. European countries, the United States, and Canada are the most prominent on the list.


Several betting options.

Live betting and casino.


Limitations in many countries


Welcome bonus (Sportsbook): 100% deposit bonus up to 50$ Welcome bonus (Casino): 100% deposit bonus up to 100$ The welcome bonus (Live Casino): 100% deposit bonus up to 200$

We believe Bethard is an excellent site to enter the gambling world or complement the options we already have. Without a doubt, it’s worth trying.

Vbet Sport

Official Site

Vbet Sport is the English team Arsenal F.C’s official sponsor and is one of the biggest South American betting sites. It has everything related to sports and some extras that give a plus to the page.

The site offers mainly soccer betting, although other sports stand out. For example, we can see how the NFL and basketball, among others. Along with this, we find the casino and poker as well.

The page has a simple welcome bonus for people. The bonus is a maximum of $100 for a deposit of the same amount. It is a double deposit but does not accept a larger amount. Poker and the casino also have bonuses, although they are separate.

Trust & Licensing

Vbet Sport is undoubtedly one of the most reliable betting sites in the market. It sponsors Arsenal and Monaco, with several licenses worldwide. As if that wasn’t enough, they have a great community that supports them.

The Sportsbook and Casino house is registered in Curacao and licensed for Gambling by the IL under code N°5536/JAZ.

Money Management

In terms of deposit methods, we have platforms and credit cards. We even have national banks in Latin America. Among the options we have: are Neteller, PaySafe, Mastercard, and Visa. The minimum amounts go from 10 $ to a certain amount in local currency.

Withdrawal methods are similar, except that credit cards cannot receive money. Minimum withdrawals range from $20 to about $1000, depending on the currency and withdrawal method.

Vbet Sport is a platform that can be operated in all major European countries and countries like Canada and the United States within America.


Highly confined page

Various methods for withdrawal


The site was built in Portuguese and poorly translated for the international version.

The interface is as heavy as it gets


First deposit bonus 100% up to 400R$

Vbet Sport is a great option to play, especially because of its confidence in the site’s people. Of course, we can say that the interface could be improved, but these are minor problems. It is quite recommendable.


Online Sports Betting Sites

Official Site

One of the most popular betting sites in Europe is Unibet. Unibet will keep you on the edge of your seat. Unibet has everything from NHL to Greyhound races, live casinos, and poker. You will enjoy betting here, and you’ll love their statistics.

Bingo lovers will also have a blast on this site. New tournaments are available every day, and registrations are always free on Unibet. Unibet is available in 6 languages, and players for players created it. Unibet knows what you want and what you need every day. Just ask the 16 million players who always access this betting site.


Official Site

BetWay is professional and simple, all at the same time. On BetWay, you will get to enjoy a very nice interface too. From live betting and live casinos, you will have a lot of fun on one of the best online sports betting sites on our list.

This online gambling site gives you a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to $100. BetWay has a lot to discover. Sports, casinos, and bingo are just a few ways you can make money on this site. On BetWay, you can bet when you want, wherever you might be. This betting site will always provide you with the best betting options and experiences. Remember to enjoy yourself in moderation while having fun at BetWay.


Online Sports Betting Sites

Official Site

If you’re still browsing this list filled with our best recommendations for online gambling, then you probably haven’t found the right site. NetBet is a great site to visit if you like to bet and if you love discovering many new games to play. On NetBet, you will enjoy yourself each time you log onto this site. NetBet is an inevitable site to bet on sports, and they have one of the most professional platforms available.

You can bet on your favorite sports, follow your teams from the start to the end of the season, join others to chat about the great plays and fumbles you’ve just seen, and more. NetBet is also an online casino. The games on this site are always updated, and each is ranked using a start system to get an idea of which one to start playing first.

If you don’t know what game to play first, check out themed ones based on the season’s holiday or the most played ones to get started. If you want to try to win a huge jackpot, don’t miss out on the progressive jackpot games that can give you a chance to win thousands of dollars with one spin. Watch out for one of the top sports betting sites by visiting NetBet.

In the end

Sports may not be as exciting as betting. It would help if you considered reviewing your options at all times. First, these sites have all been checked in-depth to say they are trustworthy, except for SportsBetting Sport, which has no licensing published within site nor clear betting policies.

Other than that, choose a site and have fun! Most of the sites we listed also have Casino options for you to make a bet in low sports seasons.