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Most Americans are constantly searching for ways to save money, not for less, because we face an economy where it is imperative that the credit rating is in an optimal state to be eligible for the best loan options that we must inevitably apply for.

Since we all need to save, some have become extremely creative and austere, but if you look at that lifestyle with skepticism, you may find it interesting to have Paribus services.

This company, owned by Capital One, is dedicated to looking for offers on purchases you have already made online and helped you refund your money. We explain how.

How does Paribus work?

You should initially know that this online company does not charge fees, commissions, or use hidden charges. It is reasonable to understand that it has the backing of Capital One.

They basically monitor your mail to find out which online stores you shop at and detect when a price change has occurred.

Although this doesn’t apply to every purchase you can make, it’s still an effective tool.

For example, it may have happened that after making a purchase, you discover within hours, or a few days, the product you purchased has decreased its cost. Using Paribus, you will receive an alert that will notify you of this change and help you get the newly published lower price.

How to contract their services

According to the official website, creating a Paribus account only requires an email address from Google, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Of course, you must enter the email address where your online shopping receipts arrive so that Paribus can detect your purchases and monitor your offers. To create an online account, these are the steps:

  1. Enter the official site from a computer or iOS application.
  2. Select the type of email you use for online purchases.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click allow on the permissions screen. This way, you authorize Paribus to access your email in search of receipts.
  5. Follow the embedding flow to set up your account.


They ensure that your personal data and all information contained in or accessible from your email will remain private and will not be sold to anyone. This is very important, and you can trust that it is real. Remember that this company is linked to the image of Capital One and hardly risk earning some money by selling data massively.

Another aspect to consider is the way you get your money back. Once the retailer confirms a price adjustment, it will generally be refunded within 3 to 7 business days, depending on the retailer. Retailers generally apply the refund to their original form of payment according to each retailer’s internal policies, so you must be willing to adapt to each of them.

The list of stores consists of:

Amazon Nordstrom Saks Fifth Avenue
Bloomingdale´s Banana Republic Loft
Macy´s Gap Wayfair
Best Buy Old Navy Sears
Newegg Athlete Costco
Staples Walmart Crate & Barrel
Target Kohl´s Bed Bath & Beyond
Bonobos Office Depot Rei
J. Crew Home Depot Anthropology
Shoes Neiman Marcus L.L. Bean

Ways to save

Basically, by using Paribus to make your purchases online through the list of selected stores, you can save in three different ways:

  • Retail Price: If the price of something you bought online drops, they help you get your money back.
  • Late deliveries: Track shipments from select online retailers, such as Amazon, to compensate for late deliveries.
  • Hotel Price: Once you book a hotel online, they’ll be on the lookout for a lower rate and help you rebook to get your money back.

In the End

Paribus From Capital One is essentially a kind of email extension that will save you time and money since you won’t have to sit for hours to see if your purchase is late to get a refund or watch the online store reduce the price of your purchase.

You are also commissioned or advised (as the case may be) to get the money back.

Considering that you could save an average of $33 a month and that there is no cost to integrate this service, it is worth taking a few moments to register with them, do not forget that the savings are only applicable in stores and chains stated as partners on their official site –The ones listed above at the time we did this review.

In the end, it is a great tool since some extra bucks at no cost are always welcome back. Give it a try and enjoy those refunds a bit.

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