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Pawp is a company that provides emergency funds for pets, offering $3,000 per year. It allows each client to have this insurance to cover bills or payments for any pet emergency.

The insurance benefits will be available to you if you meet the contract’s requirements and keep your payments updated.

With monthly premiums of $19.00, you will not only get insurance for emergencies. You will also have excellent virtual veterinary care seven days a week, active 24 hours a day. Available from the Pawp mobile app, you will have an active chat with quick responses to guide you with veterinary treatments or suggestions.

Suppose Pawp care veterinarians determine that your pet needs emergency care. Then, you will automatically have the fund available to cover the required expenses with the aforementioned limit.

How does Pawp work?

You first need to know how to activate the emergency fund. The first step is to register on the official Pawp website. Once the registration is completed, you can add the pets you want to include in the fund. After 14 working days from your registration and payment of the first installment, the insurance will be active in case of an emergency.

PAWP offers coverage for six pets, dogs, and cats, plus 24-hour veterinary care for $19 per month! Pawp does not charge additional fees. The amount mentioned will remain fixed.

It is important to note that the only method of utilizing the emergency insurance is under the approval of a Pawp virtual veterinarian. Therefore, before any appointment, the veterinarian must be aware of your pet’s condition and determine whether or not it is an emergency case. Below, we will explain what is covered by the fund or insurance and what is considered an “emergency.”

How Do They Determine An Emergency?

Pawp insurance will only be available once the virtual veterinarian determines an immediate risk situation. If this happens, you will have at your disposal $3,000 of coverage, which can also be used for: anesthesia, sterilization, cardiac pressure monitoring, and catheters, among others.

Some of the emergencies covered are toxic ingestion, asphyxia, difficulty breathing, severe blockages, and severe internal or external injuries. On the other hand, they do not cover routine procedures such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, surgery programs, pregnancy, or pregnancy-related problems.

PAWP’s veterinarians determine the risk by different categories, informing and guiding their clients accordingly.

  1. Emergency: In a situation where immediate attention is required, your pet must be taken within 4 hours to be seen by a specialist. By complying with this, you will be covered by the fund.
  2. Critical situation: If the virtual veterinarian warns you of this, they will indicate that your pet must be taken to a veterinarian within 24 hours. It would be best to stay alert and in communication with them if you need the insurance.
  3. Urgent situation: An appointment must be made within three business days for the pet’s check-up.
  4. Non-urgent: Without alarming you, virtual veterinarians will indicate that your pet will need to visit a veterinarian sometime soon. There are usually no serious risks in this range.
  5. Immediate solution: Pawp’s virtual veterinarians are very well trained to assist you in the most possible situations. If it is in their hands, your problems will be solved with some advice or prescription medication.

Is Pawp a reliable company?

The official website is under excellent security and encryption. All payments of fees will be completely secure and verified correctly. Counting on the reputation of this company, you will have everything offered under its terms and conditions at your disposal.

This is emergency life insurance for a monthly cost of $19 or $228 per year. Bearing in mind that an emergency intervention or sudden expenses could exceed $1,000 depending on the severity of the pet. Therefore, the Pawp emergency fund seems feasible, a good way to offset some or all expenses.

However, it is unappealing to many users that they must first contact a virtual veterinarian to determine whether or not it is an emergency. In a real and critical emergency, the first thing to do is take the pet to be seen immediately—a somewhat annoying filter on the part of this company.

It should be noted. Their virtual answering service is highly recommended. Quick responses and video calls are available to capture any problems in your pet’s health optimally.

Advantages of Pawp

  • Protects six pets (dogs and cats) in one plan.
  • Emergencies with pre-existing conditions can be selected for coverage.
  • Affordable $19 monthly premiums.
  • Excellent customer and virtual veterinary service, including live chats, video calls, photo submissions, and FAQs. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • No extra or increased fees.


  • Only life-threatening emergencies are covered.
  • Emergency funds can only be used once a year.
  • 14 business day waiting period to activate the emergency plan.

In Conclusion

Despite its pros and cons, it is a very responsible company with a cost-effective plan. It is highly recommended to purchase their services. It is important when doing so to review all the terms and conditions already mentioned in this guide.

Depending on your monetary situation, the best option for the care and welfare of your pets would be to maintain two insurances—a more routine one to cover the cost of simple procedures. And, of course, keep the Pawp insurance in case of a life-threatening emergency, making the most of your virtual veterinary care.

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