18 Best Pet Websites for You to Discover

Pet Websites

Having a pet is enjoying a happy life. Whether they are dogs, cats, fish, or any other, pets deserve our entire care and love. Here are the best pet websites for you to discover.

Pet Websites

It is not always easy to care for your best friend at home. There are always questions about proper nutrition, exercise, and other required care.

Because your pet is a living thing, being an owner carries a serious responsibility. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the 20 best pet websites to discover, so you’ll be better prepared to give it the care it deserves.

Cesar’s Way

Official Site

Cesar Millan is one of the best-known dog trainers in the world. Although not everyone can hire his services, go to his conferences, or even watch his TV program, surely there is no major inconvenience in visiting his official website.

Here, you’ll find advice on canine psychology, adoption, and caring for your dog, among other general topics.

The home page featured articles, videos, and links to their online store for canine articles.

This is a great place for inexperienced owners or those with dog problems.

On the other hand, the site falls short as it has only dog-related content.

Parrot & Bird keepers Club

Official Site

Bird lovers also have a site to share on the web. Although this is a club based in the UK, Parrot & Bird keepers Club is where you can share photos of specimens, tips, and information on the right foods for each species, among other things.

To become a member –Of the physical club- you will have to pay £7 per year, print out a membership form, fill it out manually and then send it in with a check + SAE to receive the membership card –or you can also complete an online form and pay via PayPal receiving the membership card by email.

The paid membership is not useful outside the UK, but you can access the site to get tons of useful information and check their forums for aid in keeping your birds.

Bring Fido

Official Site

Every time you go on a trip, the question arises about whether or not to include your dog, but the truth is that you don’t know if they accept it at the hotel, places of entertainment, or something that could harm it.

Bring Fido is a site specializing in this subject. They address issues such as:

Also, the best destinations for them, among other matters of interest.

The good part is that you can take your good boy out for a trip, and here you will find tons of amazing destinations and even packages to bring. Watch him run and play like crazy.


Official Site

Launched in 2011, Vetstreet offers advice from veterinarians, trainers, and pet experts dedicated to giving you reliable information to keep pets healthy and happy.

Plus, the “Find a Vet” feature connects you with the leading veterinarians in your area.

This website features revised medical advice and is one of the best places on the Internet to search for almost every pet type: dogs, cats, turtles, goats, hedgehogs, rabbits, and more.

Besides, there is an enormous variety of articles and videos to educate you on various necessary topics.


Official Site

PetMd is also one of the best pet websites that offer advice and professional information to all pet owners.

While it’s true that, as expected, most of the content is dedicated to cats and dogs, they also have good material about horses, reptiles, and amphibians.

They include an interesting emergency section where they deal with issues such as emergencies and common accidents.

Besides, their news section keeps you updated on the most important issues in the pet world within the country, and the featured videos are valuable elements of education.

Pet University

Official Site

Pet University has a simple website design that lacks its own content but is still useful for pet owners, offering direct links to sites that address pet owners’ lives, such as dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, and other small animals.

While it lacks good information, it works pretty well as a pet-sites notebook.

Canine Journal

Official Site

Now it’s the dog owner’s turn. Canine Journal is your consulting resource for all things dog-related. From health and food concerns to pet insurance and dog complexes, they are committed to providing only the best for you and your dog.

Like the previous website on this list, they may need to improve their web design for easier use, although that doesn’t dilute the content’s quality. In addition, you can subscribe to receive a monthly newsletter with the most outstanding news, including videos, fun news, and even law changes about dog ownership.


Official Site

Because we live in an era where everything is done digitally, one would expect nothing less than to get an online store dedicated exclusively to pets. That website is Petco, and it’s the same as visiting an agricultural store. Plus, you’ll find products for cats, dogs, fish, small pets, reptiles, and birds.

You can explore the products depending on the brands associated with this company. I have even gotten pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics and elements for eye care and hearing, among others.

You can also contract services for your pet from this platform.


Official Site

LiveAquaria is the largest online store for all your fish needs, regardless of if they are freshwater or saltwater fish. They also sell sustainable fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and reef rocks.

The reviews quite back up this site. Many customers say they are satisfied with this company’s service and have an excellent rating among online users. You can get customer support either by mail or by phone.


Official Site

DogTime is dedicated to dogs, with extensive profiles of pure and mixed breeds that include the history and evaluation of various characteristics of dogs, such as behaviors, detachments, adaptability, and what these things mean to a potential owner.

The information here benefits those looking to adopt a four-legged friend who doesn’t know exactly how and where. A great feature is that you can answer the questionnaire, and they will find the dog that best suits your lifestyle and interests. You’ll even be able to check out the local registered shelters nearby using the “Adoptable Animal Finder” option.

Put, DogTime works like LinkedIn, but you get a dog instead of a job in a company.

Pets & Parasites

Official Site

One problem that has always been associated with pets is parasites, which can cause potentially lethal harm to animals and the entire family. You can consult the section dedicated to dogs and the section dedicated to cats to get advice about this issue.

You can take all the possible precautions and consult their risk map and know if your family is exposed or not to this danger. You’ll also find articles that prepare you to know what to do when your family is already exposed.

Perhaps you are a cat lover or need to find unique gifts for cat lovers to surprise a special friend. 

So, let’s get to it:

The Cat Site

Official Site

While other cat websites emphasize jokes and funny photos, The Cat Site focuses on what’s best for cats. That’s why they’ve taken an objective stance on issues like neutering, neutering, declaration, and more while actively educating visitors and members about proper cat care.

This site includes a forum room where you can comment with others or learn from their experiences, articles that will educate you on the best way to care for your cat, and a gallery to enjoy the fun side of these cute creatures.


Official Site

It’s a magazine with digital and print editions. But it shares a lot of useful content on its website.

This site is supported by its magazine sales, Which seek to share useful content for cat owners. But it also writes it for you with professional quality. They also do contests. Subscribing to the newsletter is free. But the subscription to the magazine is fixed as follows:

In the PRIVACY section, they clarify all the doubts about using the data they obtain from you. Everything that appears is legal and in order.



Professional-quality content about cats. They also have a digital community. If you like dogs, you may be interested in the sister site dedicated to dogs.

Crazy Cat Shop

Official Site

As the name says, it is an online store to buy unique gifts for cat lovers. So naturally, everything you find here is related to cats. But most of the products are not for your cat but for you:

All shipments have a fee for when you want them to arrive. Unfortunately, there are no ways to earn free shipping. In the United States, the rates are:

There are no major drawbacks to this online service other than the usual ones. For example, Someone who wants to change the address after ordering may have problems; Or a person may have problems with return policies.



This is the perfect online store for those not afraid to wear clothes with printed cats. Besides, here you can buy fun stuff for your pet.


Official Site

HomeLife Media, a family-focused company, owns the website. So the goal is clear; cats are part of the family. So this is what the site proposes.

Besides, they have an online store where you can buy funny cat gifts for everyone at home or toys for the cat—a community based on the most popular social networks. So you can share your cat moments with other people. It is complete. For example, in the behavior section, you can read about:

There are no ads that you can win free shipping. There are also no promotional coupons or seasonal discounts. However, the prices of the items are reasonable.

It seems there are no major risks on this site. However, we warn you that they use four different deposits. That means if you buy several items in one order, they may arrive separately.



This is a website that combines communities with online stores. Ultimately, it is easy to use and perfect for taking ideas for your house or cat.

The Spruce Pets

Official Site

This site offers useful tips for caring for pets. Most of the articles have been certified by veterinarians and other animal experts. Its team of experts constantly reviews articles to ensure they are up to date. As a result, they have accumulated 20 years of over 3000 useful items to care for all types of pets, such as:

Reading the content and browsing the site is free. They are part of a fairly large digital publishing group (Dotdash).

The whole team responsible for the content is listed for you to know. They even offer a veterinary guide, so you don’t have to experiment with your cat.



Excellent quality website and is an ideal option if you need advice on caring for your cat and not just viewing videos and photos.


Official Site

This is a fairly large online store with many cat and cat-themed items. It’s a place on the web where you can read cat stories and trends, shop, or read tips about cats. They also support organizations that coordinate cat adoption events; here are a few:

The products you will see on this site are reasonably priced. Besides, they usually have active promotions, so you can enjoy discounts on some things.

We didn’t find any alarming signs you need to know about them. The products comply with what they advertise, and they comply with the deliveries.



An online store that is “socially” committed to cats presents you with useful offers on articles about and for cats.

Cat Lovers Only

Official Site

Occasionally, you will need specific information about a specific type of animal. In this case, Cat Lovers Only is a website where you can share stories and ideas and give and receive advice about health, problems, diseases, products, and everything related to cats.

You can even subscribe through your email to receive information and even tender and fun photos of cats. If you want to participate, leave your comments; impressions are unnecessary to register a user. Logging in with Facebook is more than enough.

To Sum Up

There is a lot of information that you can use to give your pet a better lifestyle, your bud’s health and happiness are your responsibility, and on these sites that we listed, you will find great information to do things right –Even finding a place to adopt in DogTime.

Would you please look at the sites that most fit what you are looking for? Your pet will appreciate it.

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