Plagiarism Check Websites You Can Discover

Plagiarism checkers are the only way to go if you want to rank in Google. Or any other search engine. You see, repeated content is always banned. On the other hand, these tools are also useful when doing your homework or making any report to keep you from using content to bring you trouble. For this reason, we have a list of the best plagiarism check websites online! So let’s get to it:

Viper Plagiarism Checker 

Viper Plagiarism Checker 

Official Site

Viper is the first on our list of Plagiarism Check websites you can discover. This plagiarism checker uses compelling features that will help you check that the content you have written is not plagiarizing or duplicating any work found elsewhere on the web.

Advantages of using Viper Plagiarism Checker

  • Students, teachers, or institutions can use it.
  • Check online by copying and pasting the content.
  • Checking against over 10 billion sources.
  • Analyze essays, magazines, or any other content that has been published on the web.
  • You will receive a clear and accurate report of any matches your document may have with an existing one.
  • You can pay using the tool without subscriptions or monthly plans, just buying credits when necessary.

The Viper Plagiarism Checker tool allows you to make a minimum purchase of $3.90 for credits equivalent to the 5,000-word check. Still, you can purchase higher credits so that you can perform the verification of all the documents you require.


Plagiarism Check

Official Site

EasyBib’s online platform is an information literacy system that provides note-taking, research, and quoting tools that are extremely easy to use. In addition to its accuracy and speed, it allows students and teachers to research in an organized and effective manner.

Advantages of using EasyBib:

  • You can check for errors in plagiarism or grammar in all your work.
  • Verify textual quotations from your writings in APA format.
  • You’ll find guides and resources that you can easily use for support.
  • Access a guide in MLA format.
  • With EasyBib Plus, you can eliminate writing errors from your projects.
  • Do you need an appointment guide in Chicago format? EasyBib also has it for you.

EasyBib also has its blog to access writing and quoting topics, which will reinforce your work. So whether you’re a student, teacher, or simply passionate about quotes, you’ll be able to discover interesting articles to keep learning more and more.


Plagiarism Check

Official Site

SmallSEOTools is an online plagiarism checking tool that you should try to verify your works, essays, projects, or any written document. You want to ensure its content is 100% original, without plagiarism or duplication from other websites, which could bring you certain consequences.

Advantages of using SmallSEOTools

  • You can compare your work with billions of websites to check that nothing is identical on the Internet.
  • It has an automatic rewrite function.
  • Not only does it check .DOC documents, you can also check .DOCX, .TXT, .TEX, .RFT, .ODT and .PDF documents, so there are no limitations to this. As long as it is digital, SmallSEOTools can check it.
  • Link or URL integration.
  • You can check your documents no matter what language you have written them in.
  • Documents from your local storage can be uploaded directly to the web for verification as long as they contain less than a thousand words.
  • It indicates the percentage of plagiarism or originality of your document.
  • You will have access to see the results that match what you have written and are considered plagiarism.

As you will notice, SmallSEOTools contains a wide range of tools that will help you when reviewing your creations, whether you are an author, researcher, writer, student, blogger, etc., etc., or any work or occupation in which it is required to review or verify that the content you create is not duplicated and also that someone else has not appropriated it.


Plagiarism Check

Official Site

The Quetext plagiarism check tool has a DeepSearch technology with which you can easily and quickly analyze your writings’ word placement and context with intelligent algorithms.

Advantages of using Quetext:

  • With Quetext, you get accurate and the fastest check-up time, thanks to its DeepSearch technology.
  • You can be sure that your privacy and documents are faithfully safeguarded.
  • Perform contextual analysis of all your writing and correct errors.
  • DeepSearch goes one step further and is not limited to word matching but even statistical probabilities for each word or phrase.

Quetext has tools that undoubtedly make it a good option if you are looking for a plagiarism checking website where you can be sure that your privacy is protected. Besides, it can carry out an in-depth grammar and context check and even analyze those phrases in which the word order has been reversed in an attempt to cover up the plagiarism.

Dupli Checker 

Plagiarism Check

Official Site

Suppose you are looking for a plagiarism checker and verifier that is completely free and that you can access any day of the week at any time. In that case, Dupli Checker is an option that you should consider to verify all your documents.

Advantages of using Dupli Checker:

  • It is a free online website that you can access on any device with internet access.
  • Its interface is as simple as you copy and pasting the text in the search box (with a maximum of 1000 words), and that’s it. Then, you are ready to have your verification.
  • You can upload files on your computer or device with the option “Choose file.”
  • You get the result in seconds, avoiding inaccuracies as well.
  • Get the percentages of plagiarism, uniqueness, and meaning in the analysis results.
  • You will be able to access the source from which the possible copy or plagiarism originates.
  • You can select the Paraphrase tool to avoid exact matches with other websites but keep the central meaning of the text.

In Dupli Checker, you can perform the quickest checks for plagiarism online, so visit the site and start analyzing your content to ensure it is 100% original, and best of all, it is free. You can also leave your comments, suggestions, or recommendations so that Dupli Checker knows what you want to improve or get new from their services.


Plagiarism Check

Official Site

At Copyscape’s website, you will be able to access a free plagiarism checker where you will be able to see if copies of any of your pages or writings exist online and to verify in the same way that any text you wish to upload to the internet does not already exist exactly to yours, thus preventing content theft and fraud.

Advantages of using Copyscape:

  • Besides the basic verification and plagiarism check services, it offers new tools you can’t find on other websites.
  • You can place ads or plagiarism warning banners on your website, completely free so that you can warn those who try to copy or steal your information.
  • The Copyscape tool allows you to compare two articles or even two websites and an extensive guide to plagiarism.

You can go further and use Copyscape Premium, with which you will be able to detect plagiarism more profoundly. This tool also has different free service features, such as proof of originality, private index, case tracking, etc.

Plagiarism Detector 

Plagiarism Check

Official Site

As its name implies, the online site Plagiarism Detector helps you detect plagiarism of your documents or some writing that might coincide with another document or text on the Internet.

Advantages of using Plagiarism Detector

  • Free and fast search, allowing you to perform as many analyses as you wish.
  • Easy copy-paste interface to verify the texts.
  • It has a Deep Search feature, with which you can perform a more extensive analysis, obtaining more advanced levels of plagiarism search and additional results.
  • You can upload files from your local storage or place a URL for verification.

Don’t miss the opportunity to test this plagiarism site and check all your documents. Remember that it is free, so you can check as many texts as you want anytime you need it, as long as you have an internet connection.


Plagiarism Check

Official Site

Grammarly is not only a tool that allows you to check the grammar and punctuation of a text, but it also allows you to check if this text you have entered has any plagiarism or duplication with another website.

Advantages of using Grammarly:

  • You can download a desktop version of the program or use the extension for Chrome.
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Outlook.
  • Grammarly has an App that you can get through the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • It gives you real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections.
  • Simple explanations of the corrections it makes.
  • Easy to use interface.

Grammarly is a very functional tool because it allows you to check your text for plagiarism and make corrections to your text’s content if it has errors that you may have initially overlooked. Its difference compared to other sites is the diversity of devices it can use and the extensions used.


Plagiarism is a clear enemy for writers and students. Furthermore, it can kill a career! Therefore, counting on a reliable checker is never a bad idea. If you go for a paid checker, Copyscape and Grammarly are the best, and SmallSEOTools is great as a free-to-use option. Check the one you like the most and play with it! Go. Have happy writing!

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