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Carried by reputation, Playboy has been providing quality sexy naked models to the adult entertainment world since 1953 when it was created by Hugh Hefner, a pioneer in the pornographic industry. Playboy Plus is just one of many affiliated websites designed to bring adult videos to life at the click of your mouse.

Anytime you affiliate with Playboy, you’re signing on to receive exclusive softcore sexy models posing and playing together, but membership with Playboy Plus gives you a blast through the past with sets from old to new. Explore the inside details of what it means to be a member of this exclusive website through this Playboy Plus review.


  • Updates every weekday with frequent specials and promotions
  • HD streams, high-quality galleries, and over 100,000 pictures included
  • Competitive rates
  • Over 4,000 sexy lingerie models


  • An extremely limited trial period
  • Less access than other sites may offer for basic packages
  • Hides upcharges and puts a forceful sell on upgrades
  • Impossible to preview the site without a membership or paid 2-day trial
  • No special offers for affiliated websites


The true selling point of Playboy Plus is the extensive, high-quality photo sets they have of the Playmates. With over 9,000 galleries and well over 100,000 pictures in total, there is endless content with constant updates full of sexy naked models. Playboy, being the established brand it is, has carried some of the best celebrity porn names in the world and takes the leaderboard for beautiful, gorgeous, sexy lingerie models.

Each gallery will offer something a little different in terms of theme and appearance and the category it fits in, but most stick fairly traditional and showcase the best of Playboy through the ages. The gentle pose-strip-pose softcore approach is inviting, arousing, and seductive. Since it isPlayboy, you won’t find anything too bold or daring in these photosets, but Playboy Plus stands true in its brand for providing the erotic content that’s made them best-selling in the industry for over 50 years.

Celebrity content dating all the way back to the 50s is the main reason to really give this website a try. So many hot names in entertainment have partnered with Playboy and have their exclusive content on Playboy Plus. Some porn stars, some actors, and even Kim Kardashian have pictures up on the website. The prestige behind Playboy speaks for itself in all of their websites, but Playboy Plus raises the bar that they set for themselves. Every gallery holds a new surprise and the succulent, sweet Playmates impress and arouse.


As promised, there are over 4,000 sexy models featured all across the website ranging from young and fresh-faced to mature and experienced. Under the girl’s tab in the member’s area, you can search through the sexy nude models and read about them. Information such as history with Playboy, achievements won, and their measurements like height and weight are all visible to members.

The site is massive when it comes to included content and the girls are listed in a simple 7-category navigation system. You can choose from:

  • Playmates
  • Celebrities
  • International
  • Co-eds
  • Amateurs
  • Cybergirls
  • Special offers

The only sexy nude models that Playboy Plus tends to lack are new Playmates, but Playboy Plus is a website generated to contain the best of the years past in their collections. Some sets are from several decades behind us, giving us a timeless look into the creation of the Playboy erotic empire.



Since Playboy Plus is an exclusively soft-porn website, you won’t find any intercourse or direct playtime in the adult videos featured. The brand has been built on the quality and intrigue of a gradual, seductive striptease, keeping things fresh and soft while playing to the camera angles for the best, intimate look at perfectly crafted bodies.

In the adult videos featured in the Playboy Plus membership, you can get alluring, revealing shots lasting about 3-6 minutes each of models playing together, separately, or posing for the camera. It’s softcore porn at it’s finest with beautiful production quality.

Videos are all in high-definition, shot with sensual expertise, and crafted for the arousal and excitement generated towards men. Fans of Playboy will be familiar with the style and truly enjoy the evolution through the ages on Playboy Plus.


Membership packages range from $9.99 to $29.99 for the basic subscription. With the basic membership, you can browse all of the content on Playboy Plus website freely, but you’ll have to upgrade to the VIP membership to download videos or access the partnering platforms. These prices are not visibly advertised until after you’ve made your first subscription payment.

Like many porn sites featuring sexy models, Playboy Plus provides a trial period. It’s a $1 cost for 2 days to enjoy the site restriction-free, and then it will automatically withdraw the cost of subscription based on your package preferences. To cancel the trial or an existing subscription, you have to call customer service.


As far as Playboy goes, this exclusive website lives up to the brand very well. For a competitive price, you’re given access to over 100,000 different pictures plus videos of the best collections that Playboy has to offer since creation. While the site could do with a few navigation changes and a better approach to the payment upcharges for VIP membership content, you get what you pay for and then some.

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