10 Professional Templates Your Business Should Already Be Using In 2020

Professional Templates

As a business owner, you’ve got dozens of tasks. So you know how important it is to conserve your time.

One great way to save time is by using professional templates. Templates cut hours off your day when you need to write important documents.

This post reveals 10 of your company’s most crucial business templates. So let’s get to it!

1. Business Plan Templates

A business plan is a pillar of your business. But the idea of writing a business plan can feel overwhelming, especially when you haven’t decided on a long-term project.

Having a business plan template will help you tick the boxes so you can organize your plan. It includes our mission statement, executive summary, target market, and sales goals.

You’ll be making revisions over time. So make sure to have your template ready.

2. Financial Templates

Businesses use various financial templates, from invoice templates to accounting and receivables templates. Check out this fake pay stub template to give you an idea.

Financial templates not only save your company time, but they also help to keep things organized. They’re used in many larger corporations. But they’re also essential for the small business owner.

3. Biography Templates

Many of us despise writing about ourselves. The About Us page on a website is one of the most difficult to write. Even though it’s usually the shortest, it can be challenging to write about our lives.

We feel awkward. We don’t want to boast or play down our experience. But, on the other hand, it’s hard to be objective. Case in point: a biography template is a great template to have for your business. All you (and your employees) need to do is fill in the blanks.

They work for the CEO down to your customer service team. Try asking your colleagues for some input. They might be aware of some of your personal qualities and skills you haven’t thought of.

4. The Business Letterhead 

Having a business letterhead makes a good impression on your customers. You don’t want to create a new one every time you compose a letter.

Professional templates will make your company look streamlined, consistent, and like a pro. Think of all the letters you write to people, from clients to vendors and suppliers.

A business letterhead template will let your readers know you’re serious about your business. It will also include all your contact details, so people don’t need to go digging for them.

5. Social Media Ad Templates

Social media ads are the rage these days. They can bring in thousands of dollars for your company when they generate leads and take your prospect down the sales funnel.

You can create templates for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Then, when you make your template, you can rest assured your logo will be on everyone no matter how many times you change your social ads.

Each social network requires specific dimensions for your ads. Instead of trying to remember the measurements for each social network, just pop open your template, and you’ll be ready to go.

6. Templates for Infographics

Did you know people are 300% more likely to read an entire infographic than a whole article? That’s because people skim and scan for information usually included in infographics!

Designing an infographic can take a lot of time. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an infographic template.

You can get them from websites like Canva or have a designer create one. Use them for reports, statistics, or as a free opt-in to build your email list.

7. Newsletter Templates

A company newsletter makes a great sales tool. It keeps your subscribers up-to-date about your products and services. But even better: it builds trust with your audience and builds relationships.

Having a newsletter template will save you precious time. You’re done by just plugging in your copy, photos, and tags.

8. Customer Email Templates

How much time do you spend writing emails every week? Two hours? Eight? Professional templates for emails can save you some serious time. You can use one or create a few: one for clients, one for employees, and one for your suppliers.

A fill-in-the-blank email template will significantly cut your email writing time in half–or even more.

9. Buyer Persona Template

A buyer persona template is a professional template portraying your fictional ideal customer. It’s an excellent resource for your marketing and advertising campaigns. Here’s what you need on these business templates:

This information will enable you to create marketing relevant to your target audience. Your buyer persona template will save you time finding this information when you need to create marketing campaigns. You’ll have it on hand.

10. Creative Brief Template

A creative brief or brief is used in sales and marketing campaigns. It contains essential data and directives, which include:

Having a brief on hand saves your marketing team considerable time. To make things easier, you may carry over some of the same information from one brief to another, such as graphic design specs.

The Best Professional Templates You Need in 2020 Reviewed

Now you know what professional templates you needed for your business in 2020. Use a few or use them all. You’ll shave hours or even days off your schedule.

Need more tips and advice for your business? Check out more content on our blog, and you’ll be prepared.

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