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What is PureVPN?

A company that offers VPN proxy service based in Hong Kong.  PureVPN claims to have over 2000 servers in just over 180 countries. One thing we liked about it is all the experience they have. They have been online since 2007, so they are one of the best-known servers.

They make it clear that many of the servers offered are virtual. And the usage policy statement is quite extensive. We find their policy of not registering our user activity attractive. Many people have legal reasons for needing that. However, it has been criticized in the recent past.

What exactly does PureVPN do?

PureVPN is intended to provide a simple interface for anyone to use. The server options include virtual servers because they prefer to do so in developing countries. The reason is that this ensures a reliable and robust server in a nearby location. This avoids poor quality installations in less developed countries.

The options for customization are many. For example, you can choose from 5 ways of use:

Dedicated IP


Internet Freedom

File sharing

Security / Privacy

I can select the protocol we need to work with (L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, among others). Enable 256-bit encryption (military grade) on our own. Enable IPv6 leak protection on our own. Or more basic things like configuring the access point. To mention some of the things you can do.

How much does it cost?

First, you need to know that they don’t have a free trial. Instead, they offer a 7-day trial for $0.99, which is refundable. If you like it for the first month, you get a 47% discount (about 5.16 euros). The monthly cost is £9.6 when you buy the service month by month. But they offer a 6-month plan with a monthly cost of 6.99 Euro (27% discount).

Other VPN companies offer more affordable prices. But the configuration options are less than when you use this provider. Also, we read on the website that they guarantee Netflix using their servers. Many proxy providers do not dare to make this claim.

Is it reliable?

As usual, we found different opinions about the quality of the service. The most common were complaints about speed. But as other users were satisfied, we could say that it will depend on your internet provider. Being located in Hong Kong, we can guarantee that they are not obliged to register for the activity. However, it can present other types of problems.

Some users don’t trust the declaration of not keeping records because, in 2017, they collaborated with the FBI. But then the company Altius IT audited them and found no record at all. Another important aspect is that it is compatible with:










Android TV

Amazon FireStick

Microsoft Surface



Boxee box

Now TV Box

Raspberry Pi

Chrome cast

Play Station



More than 2000 servers with 300,000 IP addresses available

They do not keep records of user activities.

Many configuration options that you will enjoy as an advanced user.

The split tunnel option to use the IP over an application and not over the whole computer.

10 simultaneous logins.

I can connect to a public network and use the VPN to protect our data.

Reliable connection speed.

24/7/365 category customer service.

13 years of industry experience.

Compatible with almost all Internet-enabled devices.

Guaranteed access to Netflix.


Reputation is affected by providing a record of past activity.

The price is not competitive.

Employs virtual servers in many remote locations, albeit for valid reasons.

The physical location of the company is risky (Hong Kong has a bad relationship with China).

Some users have stated that customer service is not as good as they claim.


PureVPN offers a good performance service. However, it is not the most competitive in the market. At the moment, they have more than three million users. The IP addresses in more than 180 countries are a strong point in their favor. And the guarantee of not keeping records of activity also makes it an interesting option.

The best thing is its many configuration options. The location guarantees certain advantages but has certain risks. It is effortless to use and guarantees our protection as a user with different tools. What we found most useful was the split tunnel. This allows me to enter, for example, the bank from any location. And its compatibility with so many devices is also a good gain by choosing them.

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