Puzzle Websites – Discover the Best One

Are you a puzzle fan? Finding a nice challenge isn’t always easy, so today, we bring you the best Puzzle Websites to discover:

Puzzle Prime

Official Site

This page will find puzzles classified into different types and difficulty levels.

They provide everything that has to do with puzzles but with educational content. You don’t need a subscription to enter the website and download the content. Although in many cases you will need a printer or some other things. Some categories are:

  • Puzzles
  • Detective Mysteries
  • Optical Illusions

All content on this platform is free. But it must be used for personal purposes because some have copyright. So if you want to put one on your website, you must communicate with their team first.

Furthermore, there are no tricks or deceptions in the content of this platform. You have to be ingenious to solve the problems that catch your eye. Since there are no fees to pay, there are no scams either.


  • Free content.
  • Content is classified by topic and difficulty.
  • Eventually, they organize tournaments.


  • Tournament prizes are low.
  • Without a printer within reach, you can’t do many of the activities.
  • You can’t put the topic and difficulty you’re interested in on the newsletter application.

Free content page, Recommended if you’re looking for quality family time and need something to spend it on. Besides, they have a friendly navigation interface.

Puzzle Master

Official Site

An online store dedicated exclusively to selling puzzles and similar items. They are located in Canada.

Its founder, Allan, was a lover of these items. It got to the point where he started making them until he formed the company he has today. They now manufacture and distribute these items for themselves and other manufacturers. Among the ones you can buy, they have:

  • Puzzle rings
  • Locks
  • Wooden Puzzles

The products on this website are not exactly a bargain. But prices are kept in a reasonable range. In addition, they currently have a promotional code that applies for free shipping if your purchase exceeds $99.

Furthermore, there are usually no problems when you buy their products. If you receive something you didn’t order, you have 30 days to make a claim. But the return will only be valid if the item was never uncovered. After that, your data is only used for the purchase.


  • Access to puzzles with high levels of difficulty.
  • Articles of good quality.
  • Variety of articles to choose the one that most resembles you.


  • Located in Canada.
  • Returns do not include shipping costs.
  • Easy levels are not so easy.

This is an online store that meets all expectations. They offer good elaboration and difficult puzzles, ideal for making a good gift to whoever appreciates it.

The Ultimate Puzzle and Riddle Site

Official Site

This is a simple-design website but with good content. The creators guarantee you will never get bored with the puzzles they have developed.

Since 1996 this site has been running, creating, and updating puzzles, problems, and riddles. They have a good amount of entertainment by category. This website is the result of a project by three friends who shared classes at the university:

  • Rob van Gassel
  • Jurgen Heijmans
  • Edwin van Veldhoven

All content published on this simple platform is free. Although it is claimed that all rights are reserved, there is no statement as to whether or not you are allowed to post some of the content on your site. They have an app for Android devices that is also free.

The problems, puzzles, and other content are fascinating. It guarantees that you will exercise your mind and have a good time using this website. Furthermore, as it is not a community and does not ask for any of your data, there are no dangers.


  • Free content.
  • Simple web design, easy to use for anyone.
  • They have a free mobile application.


  • Aimed at a European audience.
  • Sometimes it sins of simple.

As we said, this is a Simple website, Thought for people who only look for good puzzles. All the content is free, and the app gives it an added value.

Jigsaw Planet

Official Site

As we deduce from the name, it’s a portal dedicated solely to puzzles. In this community, members can share their creations.

This company was established in 2003 as a provider of Windows games. Since then, it has developed software for entertainment. On this platform, you can put together puzzles according to your favorite theme. The main categories are:

  • Recently created
  • Most played this week.
  • Most played for life.
  • Those who play now
  • Popular searches

It’s free to join this online community. However, you must remember that respecting the creators’ “terms of service” rules is the only thing. These include not posting puzzles that incite violence or contain pornographic content.

Since this is a community where people share what they like, you should be careful about who you interact with. You could offend someone and suffer some digital aggression. After that, there are no serious problems you need to know about.


  • You can share your puzzle with anyone who wants it.
  • Some are with very few pieces, easy to put together.
  • The search tool helps you find them more easily.


  • Many rules for belonging to the site.
  • Present only on Facebook.
  • They only have one type of content.

A digital community can be attractive when creating and sharing your puzzles, But it gets boring when you don’t have anything else to offer.



Official Site

PuzzleGameZone is an online platform that does not require registration to use its content. All content is made so that you can play directly in your browser.

It provides a variety of games to use directly on your desktop or laptop. All you need is to have Adobe Flash enabled. You will not install anything on your computer that is downloaded from the website. The content of the site consists of:

  • Hidden objects
  • Puzzle
  • Exhaust kits
  • Block games
  • Match 3 games
  • Word puzzles

You won’t have to pay anything for the games on this site. However, the creators clearly say that this platform is supported by advertising. They ask those who use it to disable the ad blockers.

Again, there are no major risks when you don’t interact with anyone online or submit your data. However, in this case, you must avoid using more time than you had planned.


  • Free content.
  • You don’t need to download anything to play.
  • Everything is played online.


  • Installing Adobe Flash exposes you to certain dangers of the Internet.
  • Old-fashioned web design.

This page is quite simple in design but with a practical idea of playing online without downloading anything. So please store the games you like.

Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles


Official Site

Only one type of puzzle can be solved on this platform. They call them logical puzzles.

These logic puzzles are presented in the form of a logic grid. You get clues and must start piecing together the answer to solve them. If you misplace the options, you can’t reverse your answer. Puzzle Baron is available at:

  • Google Play.
  • Kindle Fire
  • iOS

All the puzzles are on the screen, but you have to make a subscription to access them. Also, if you want to share anything on a website or in a newspaper, you must first contact them for approval.

Furthermore, as the same developers create all the content, the quality will always be the same. Then you have nothing else to worry about.



  • Just one kind of content.
  • Slow website.

This is an online platform that delivers what it promises. You can get the link for printable logic puzzles if you want to print it out there.

Jig Zone


Official Site

On this online site, you will also find only one kind of way to pass the time. This site specializes in puzzles.

It publishes puzzles that can be solved online from any computer. Every day there is new material to spend a few minutes exercising your mind. They’re classified, among other things, as:

  • Flowers and Gardens
  • Cats
  • Art objects

Registration and participation are completely free. They don’t state how they make money. But you don’t have to pay anything to play.

As long as you take care of the other people present, there is no problem. You only give out your mail to create your user. But some users have complained that the page collapses.


  • Free service.
  • New content every day.
  • The registration process is easy.


  • Usually easy puzzles.
  • The page tends to hang.
  • No other products or problems to solve.

This website is born with a simple purpose, which it fulfills. But compared to others on this list who are similar, it falls a little behind.

In the end

Finding the right puzzle provider isn’t easy, but this list will hopefully narrow you to the best. Finally, at Puzzle Master and Jig Saw Planet, you can put your brain to work.