Read Comics Online – The Best Websites

Looking for the best pages to read comics online is not easy. Many of them, especially since, amazingly, the UCM did what they wanted it to do… allow Marvel to sell more comics.

And, now, over a decade after Robert Downy Jr. first wore the iron suit, we see geek fans being more common than before. Therefore, today we bring you our list of the websites to read comics online.


Official Site

One of the most important pages to read comics online and a wide variety is the Marvel page. We can find many of their comics on the page and unpublished releases once we are subscribed to the page.

From Black Panther to Project Heroes are examples that we can get on Marvel’s page in its wide catalog of available superheroes.


  • Most of the Marvel comics are inside the page.
  • They offer a subscription for mobile phone users.
  • A small free sample is available for visitors.


  • They only accept credit card payments inside the site.

Without a doubt, a complete site that brings together good material from our favorite superheroes in one place, Marvel is a good choice for all comic book enthusiasts. (Unless you are a hardcore DC fan who won’t enjoy it)

Comic Extra

Official Site

Many people who consider themselves comic book fans don’t usually have a preference. Marvel or DC are always the main options if you want to read a good comic book. Besides, the superheroes that marked our childhood are found within both companies.

Comic Extra has been in charge of bringing together the best of both worlds in one place, and no doubt, the fans appreciate it.


  • You can find both DC and Marvel comics in one place.
  • The site has kept its comic book listings updated.
  • It has the most important comics of both companies.


  • The site is populated with advertising.

Due to many comics and the need to have them all in one place, Comic Extra saves us the hard work. Comic Extra is, without a doubt, an excellent compilation tool.

Comic Book Plus

Official Site

Today, it is not only large companies that have taken on the task of creating comic books. Some independent artists have also sought to make their way to fame with their stories. Comic Book Plus is a site that offers great comics and a space for the less known.

Its catalog ranges from the most striking stories to comics in other languages that are not as well known.


  • You can find more than the typical comic book on site.
  • We can download the comics just by registering.
  • Donations are optional.


  • The site is full of advertising.
  • The way the page is distributed is a bit confusing.

For all those who love indie sites, Comic Book Plus is the best option. Comics of all styles are gathered in one place and with easy access.

Read Comic  Online

Official Site

Read Comic Online is one of those compilation pages where we can find comics of all styles. From great representations like the Avengers to little-known comics that have not had great fame worldwide, here you will be able to read or download almost anything.

Furthermore, in reading Comic Online, we can find all that and more. Besides that, it is a page that allows us to make orders to get that comic that has cost you so much to find.

Even comics that we didn’t know of great sagas will be inside the page, as it is Assassins Creed has several of its comics inside the page.


  • It offers a wide variety of comics of all kinds.
  • They have indie titles among their comics.
  • Comics from companies like DC and Marvel appear on their list.


  • The advertising on the site is very invasive.
  • They don’t have mobile phone support.

Read Comic Online is a good option if you’re a bit more indie, but it’s also a good option for those looking for the most famous comics.


Official Site

Commaful is a site where people can read and create their comics. Beyond being home to famous stories, it is a site where people can create their comics and get ideas from other users within the site.

It’s a site for mainly indie comics since those who publish their stories are the users themselves. They don’t tell external stories. However, some comics are inspired by famous stories, like the Avengers or Deadpool.


  • We don’t need to register.
  • We can create content without paying.
  • All stories are unique and special.


  • The site does not work well on mobile phones.


Official Site

Amazon has always sought to expand their horizons and add new platforms or elements to all they offer. ComiXology is one of those successful Amazon additions.

A place where you can find all kinds of comics and a special section for the manga has revolutionized what we already knew about the Amazon giant. And thanks to this, their website visits have only increased and attracted more customers by covering a new market.


  • They have support from Amazon.
  • They have several payment methods.
  • The site has support for mobile phones.


  • Amazon has lost confidence in some parts of the world.
  • A wide range of comics is not in English.

To be an addition to the Amazon market, Comixlogy has managed to find customers and be a growing platform without much effort, thanks to its creator’s fame.

Read DC

Official Site

Read DC is the counterpart of the Marvel website and is also a must for this list. The page is designed only to offer all the comics we can imagine from the great DC Universe.

We can find them inside the Read DC page, from old deliveries that have marked our childhood or some life stage to the most recent comics deliveries.

With a unique design, navigation options allow users to spend hours and hours surfing until they get their favorite comic book. Read DC exists to make a difference. And obviously, it couldn’t let its direct rival, Marvel, get all the virtual market profits.

Note: Look for the Flashpoint Paradox story. You won’t regret it.


  • We can find the oldest comics in DC’s history.
  • They offer a section for mobile phones.
  • They have several subscriptions for users.


  • You can only pay using credit cards within the site.

Like Marvel, DC is another comic book giant and will continue to prove it. Their page contains pure quality content for most DC fans.


Official Site

Unlike the other pages, ElfQuest is the page of a project that is currently underway. Its deliveries are still being made, and inside the page, we can see a little of the comic offers us.

ElfQuest is a fantastic adventure that has been captured in a comic book. It has all the fantasy genre elements in its writing and the characters that we can find inside the comic, making it a little more unique than other deliveries.

Besides, ElfQuest offers the possibility for people to buy the comic or read it on site. It is an ongoing project, and the best option would be to support the creators of such a spectacular idea.


  • It’s a refreshing idea for comic books.
  • The story is unique and adds elements that attract a new audience.
  • We can see previews of the work on the home page.


  • The comics are not very valuable if you want to collect them.

For all lovers of new stories and unseen elements, ElfQuest is an excellent option for refreshing. It is a unique story under construction that promises to grow over time.

In the End

While compilatory sites make our lives easier, it is better to stay tuned with what big guys like Marvel & DC have to offer. Furthermore, some smaller brands such as ElfQuest can follow if you want to take some air from Batman and Spiderman stories.

As for manga, a comic-related site is not always the best idea; there are several specialized manga sites where you can enjoy the best titles at.