Reasons Why You Should Visit a Gynaecologist

Most people simply see gynaecologists as vaginal doctors, as their area of expertise is women’s vaginas. However, their focus is more on conditions that affect the female reproductive system as a whole rather than just the vagina. Gynaecologists treat vaginas, vulvas, uteruses, and ovaries. As a woman, scheduling appointments with your gynecologist, even when nothing is obviously wrong, is important. Unless you get into the habit of doing this, you could end up developing some kind of health problem. In this article, you will learn about four reasons why you should see a gynaecologist regularly:


Suspected Pregnancy

Most women’s first point-of-call when they suspect they are pregnant is their local physician’s practice. However, it should really be a gynaecologist. According to the experts over at, gynecologists are able to perform scans and general health check-ups. All gynaecologists will be happy to support women throughout their pregnancies, as it is an important part of their role. Pregnancy can be an anxious time, so it is always good to seek support from those in the know. Nobody is in a better position to give you the support that you need than a gynaecologist.


Instead of attending a gynaecologist’s office when an STD is suspected, women tend to go to their local emergency unit. This is mainly because they are panicking. There is nothing a hospital emergency unit can really do for STDs other than advise women to go and see their gynaecologist. A gynecologist will be able to provide those suffering from STDs with the support that they need, as well as prescribe medication and advise treatment plans. When it comes to STDs, though, prevention is better than cure. Rather than treating the aftermath of an STD, practice safe sex and prevent yourself from ever getting one.


Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections are not usually serious. However, if they are not dealt with quickly, then they have the potential to become dangerous. Vaginal infections can spread, causing sepsis. Sepsis is one of the world’s leading killers. As soon as you notice the signs and symptoms of infection, visit your gynecologist. A gynaecologist will be able to properly investigate you, determining whether you do indeed have an infection or if there’s something else wrong. If an infection is diagnosed, antibiotics will be prescribed. Your usual physician may not have the experience needed to diagnose vaginal infections.

Period Instability

Missed periods can be caused by lots of different things, most notably pregnancy. Other than by taking a pregnancy test at home, however, there is not really much you can do to get to the bottom of why you have missed periods. The most logical solution to your problems is to make an appointment at a gynaecologist’s office. If there is anything sinister causing your missed periods, a gynaecologist will be able to get to the bottom of it.

You need to take care of the health of your reproductive system. Ordinary physicians are not qualified enough to offer advice on how to do this, which is why you should make regular appointments with a gynaecologist.

Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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