Best Recycling Sites Like Freecycle

Recycling Sites

With the world slowing, becoming a greener place, reducing, reusing, and recycling have become a motto for everyone worldwide. This is why we can find many recycling sites now on the web. One of them is called Freecycle.

It has many free items that you can use for home projects, educational activities, and more. You can find free giveaways, free recycled furniture, and free recycling stuff on Freecycle. It just takes a little searching to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Local moderators run Freecycle by local volunteers whose main goal is to keep our old junk out of landfills and find a new and willing home for reuse. Start by becoming a free member on this site, and then start searching in your local area.

If you’re willing to travel, you can span your search outwards. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might strike it rich with things people consider junk. But, as the saying goes, someone’s junk can become someone’s treasure.

Freecycle Alternatives

There are more than free giveaway items on this site. Freecycle also has a ton of Instructables. If you’re looking for a DIY, you can also donate and add your items for others to enjoy.

Freecycle is changing the world with one free thing at a time. If you like the idea of reusing other people’s “junk” to make something new and getting it for free, you might also like the other Freecycle alternatives listed below.

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Trash Nothing!

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Do you like free stuff? Do you have something you don’t want anymore that could use a new home? Trash Nothing is a great option to find and give away things you don’t need anymore. Like the free Freecycle furniture section, you can search for old couches and tables on this site.

Over 8 million people are using Trash Nothing to help the world become a better place daily. So if you want to lend a hand in saving Mother Nature from becoming a landfill, check out this site called Trash Nothing the next time you have something to throw away.

Viva Terra

Recycling Sites

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We must add Viva Terra to our list of recycling sites like Freecycle. This is one of the best places for anyone who needs a little push in the right direction when reusing old items.

Viva Terra has a ton of local stuff for you to grab, and this website is the tool you’ll need to make those connections.

This site is all about helping others, the environment, and giving a new life to an item that has outlived its home that it’s in now. Viva Terra is one of the best places to find old, reusable things to buy.


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Suppose you’re asking yourself, “Where can I find free furniture near me?” stop questioning because Streetbank is the answer. This website is one of the best places to share things with neighbors and find awesome stuff.

Streetbank is not only a site to find things that are looking to throw away but also a site to trade and share. So if you need dishes for a special party or rollerblades for a date, you can find someone near you who can help.

You might even make a new friend in the process. For all these reasons and more, we must add Streetbank to our list of websites like Freecycle.


Recycling Sites

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FreeFong is another one of the top recycling sites. FreeFong works a lot like Freecycle. Here, you can search for ads to see who has what to give away so others can reuse it.

If you’re an artist looking for inspiration, a DIY’er who has too much free time, or someone needing a “new” electronic, check out FreeFong. With this website, you can also receive notifications if anything of interest pops up in your area.

This is cool. You don’t always want to be refreshing to see if there’s a free flowerpot in your area. Click on the link above to start recycling, reducing, and reusing with others in your neighborhood.


Recycling Sites

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Freegle must also belong among places like Freecycle. This site urges people not just to throw it away. They want you to give it away. And we agree. If you have stuff you don’t need, the chances are that someone is willing to take it away.

If you’re searching for something, the chances are that someone has it to give away. Freegle is a back-and-forth sharing site for old stuff we don’t need anymore. Think of Freegle as a dating site for stuff lying around the house that needs to find a new home before it’s sent to the trash.