7 Reseller Ideas That You Didn’t Though Can Work


Reselling stuff can be something that can lead you to forget about a traditional job, or you can even start your own reseller business; who knows? You can get some ideas to start in this world that you probably didn’t know about.

Old furniture 

You might think that old furniture in your home is taking up vital space that you could use for something more important. Well, here’s the deal that you probably didn’t know about.

You can resell this furniture to other people, especially if those items have something related to history or might be a piece of luxury furniture that you want to get rid of. 

You can find many people who would love to buy it, so take your chances and go for it; you might get a surprise.

Cell phones

Cell phones are always something that people can take and sell to someone else in the blink of an eye.

You can go and grab a lot of phones and start selling them to other people. You can sell them to your friends, begin an online page, or you might own a small company dedicated to reselling cell phones.

You can also resell an old cellphone you no longer use, or maybe that new iPhone 12, to invest the money in something else. Online payday loans like Speedy Cash can help you buy more phones to resell.


A lot of people learned from the university that you can sell all those books your teachers made you buy again at some point in your career.

You can sell them for a lower price to the new students, as long as the books are in good condition, then it shall be no problem for you to do it.

Also, you can think about reselling old books on your shelf. Take out those Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Tolkien books and sell them to someone else.


If you don’t feel like having a computer for too long or have found a new deal on the market, you can think about reselling computers.

Computers are items that most people have in their houses so it shall be no problem for you to sell one to someone. You can think about reselling gaming computers, too; these are gaining much popularity worldwide.

You can also think about reselling laptops, which is almost the same, but the target you are aiming for might be a bit different, and if you need a loan, remember that there are loans like Opploans available for you.

Old games 

Many people have lived enough to have a console at some point. If you had the chance to have a console at some given point, chances are that you have a lot of games saved on your shelf.

You can look on the internet to see how much those games are worth and start reselling them to people who might be interested. If you have enough luck, you can even get the chance to come across a collection game that might be worth a lot.

The best thing about this is that the market is wide open, so it is a safe option for you.

Things on eBay

Now, reselling things on eBay can sum up everything we have said up to this point. Once you are on the platform, you will realize you can easily sell much of your stuff.

eBay is the perfect place for someone looking to resell a wide variety of items, and you won’t need to worry about making a lot of announcements on social media.

Courses or teaching lessons

Something also worth selling is lessons or courses you have bought at some given moment in your life. 

You might have a marketing, design, math course, or a music lesson worth some money, so why not try to resell them to someone who might need them? 

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