Best Rock and Mineral Websites to Discover

Specialized sciences are a great way to get a new interest, and you may be surprised when you get to know how many people are into the Rock and Mineral topic. So, if you are a stone-fever guy or just a newbie trying to get into this collector’s world, let us drive you to the best rock and mineral websites you can discover!

National Park Service

Official Site

A national park service app helps you identify rocks and minerals faster and more accurately. You can also buy rocks and minerals online.

This site features dozens of natural gemstones for endless discoveries, giving you information on the history of California’s Golden Arrow.


  • The site features an option to identify stones with a manual.
  • It has excellent accurate and detailed information for different minerals.
  • Here you can download high-quality images and descriptions.
  • Comparisons within the app are low cost.


  • Information here is displayed like a notebook. Therefore, it takes work to find what you are looking for in the guide unless you have already checked it.

This website is more than a rock and mineral identification app. It is a massive information resource that is good for researching minerals and learning more about them. It is also an educational tool for identifying each type of rock.

Official Site

In, you will find information for curious people who want to go deeper into the world of minerals. The main objective of this site is to show you a complete guide to rocks, gems, and minerals so that you can have a pleasant experience in your research.

The format of this site will allow you to find by sections what you are looking for. For example, suppose you require some knowledge about minerals in detail. In that case, you will appreciate it in the first section of the page, where it will not only show you all the varieties that exist, but you will also be able to look for them in alphabetical order in case you have a specific one.

The filters will allow you to find exactly what you were looking for if you need to get it by color, chemical group, hardness, streak, and a group of crystals. Something also happens in the gems section, where its filters will allow you to find gems according to their color.

You will also get exciting data such as rocks for their birth month and information about minerals, rocks, and gems—tips for buying diamonds and which are the best in the market.


  • You will have updates on all minerals and stones.
  • Complete information on each search.
  • It has a directory for you to visit blogs and improve your searches.


  • This site only offers information. You will not be able to buy or sell any product. is an excellent site for rock lovers. It also has its question and answers section. You ask questions the experts answer. A glossary of words, a photo gallery for you to graphically observe the wonder of minerals, and videos and links to direct you to sites and blogs.

Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange

Official Site

Here you will find a peculiar page to not only learn about the product but you will also be able to buy it. Its main goal is to be able to distribute and acquire Canadian minerals for everyone to know about them.

This blog has a complete collection of minerals for lovers of precious rocks found exclusively by a group of Canadian hikers, all in unique and specific locations in Canada, which makes their discoverers proud of their lands.

Here you can buy collectible stones!

You can find the minerals available in the catalog of the blog. However, you have to communicate directly with them through their email; It will not be a direct purchase, but you will see images of the products.

Another option to contact them is through the same page. It provides a space for you to communicate for free and ask your questions and everything you need to know about the purchase you want. You only have to provide your name, email, and message to the distributors.

Once the payment is made, you will be given five working days to make the delivery safely with the Canada Post method. The shipping cost is 12$ if you are in Canada. For the United States, the shipping will be 20$, while for the rest of the countries, the shipments are between 40$ and 60$, but you must take into account that these services are not available for all countries, that is why it is better to ask first.


  • If your purchase reaches 500$ and the weight of 500gr, this store will pay for the shipping.
  • They offer you a 5% discount if you order 3 out of 5 different species of minerals.
  • If you bring 6 or 7 different species, the discount will be 10$.


  • This website also has a physical store, but you must acquire an appointment and previous confirmation via courier to visit them.

You can get stones by going on research, but as a true collector, you will want to get valuable rare stones and minerals from a safe provider. That is when Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange plays the main role. Try it out to expand your collection on a low budget.


Official Site

Visit Geology, and you will find the information you need about the diversity in rocks, besides having an exclusive and easy-to-use store so you can buy tools, rock kits, and manuals to continue your adventure in the world of geology.

You can expand your collection!

You don’t need to register to purchase an item in this store. Just go to the shopping area and see all the available products. And You will find stones, fossils, manuals, and tools. Just click on them to add them to your shopping cart.

The prices will be according to the product you want to buy up to the type of stone you order. Once added to the cart, prepare your data to check out. Your purchase will be validated as long as you are in the United States. This store also allows you to place your orders through email and pay through U.S. banks.


  • They have a great variety of tools and minerals for your geology equipment.
  • If you are looking for information, you can find everything you need to know about geology and earth science.
  • Its map system also allows you to locate photos, videos, and addresses of rocks and minerals in the world.


  • You can only purchase an item from their store if you are from the United States.

While you can use Geology to expand your collection, they are also a valuable source of geography and geology information. This site is backed up by actual research studies from real universities and is also an excellent place to submit your papers if you get to go that deep.

Minerals Education Coalition

Official Site

Talking about papers and geology studies. On this website, you will find the best page to educate yourself in the field of minerals and educate your children, students, or kids so that they can learn about them as well.

MEC is a site where you will discover everything about mining, the periodic table of elements, exciting facts such as the importance of minerals, careers, and lifestyles dedicated to minerals extraction.

Get tools for your mineral studies!

That’s right, within all the information the site offers, you can buy items such as maps, periodic tables, posters, and tools to practice discovering minerals worldwide.

Enter the shopping area, where you will have a complete catalog of available items, select what you want to take and it will assign it to your shopping cart, check out, and provide your payment details. Done! You’re done shopping at the MEC store.


  • It is didactic, made for all ages to learn about geology.
  • The information provided is multiple, and you will have a broad knowledge of the area.
  • It seeks to inspire and anchor you to the world of mining and minerals.


  • It does not specialize in selling minerals as such, only tools and periodic tables to streamline study training.

Minerals Education Coalition is an excellent site for mineral enthusiasts to get intel. Here you can access papers, news, educational services, and even tools for educating on the topic. Nevertheless, as an educational site, they lack a shop that could be more appealing to collectors.

The best part of this site is that it has several levels of information, making it our Go-To option for kids!

Rocks and Minerals 4 U

Official Site

You can use this website for an in-depth study of rocks, minerals, and pure geology. With the best resources, you can find to strengthen and learn something new in this area.

Within the menu, you will find specialized spaces for the topic of your choice, from the basic concept of rocks and minerals to galleries full of photos and examples. In addition, you can discover the difference between birth rocks and jewelry, among other exciting topics.

An excellent place for your collection

Their online store allows you to get a variety of beautiful stones and minerals. Enter and select the item of your interest, qualify it, and add it to the shopping cart. Then, provide your payment details and receive your product. It’s easy!


  • Free shipping on your purchases.
  • Their items are authentic minerals.
  • They have a purchase guarantee.


  • You will be able to shop only in North American areas.
  • They hardly offer minerals that are non-typical in the U.S. and Canada

This site is excellent for beginner collectors. First, it offers great deals on minerals and stones to collect with the extra boost of low prices. Secondly, the site has free shipping inside the U.S., handles a warranty, and works with clear terms of service.

On the downside, their collection is not as vast as Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange, but you don’t need to stick to only one site.

Fossil Age Minerals

Official Site

Enter the ideal store within the connoisseurs of the subject. This site will offer fantastic products to expand your authentic collection of fossils and rocks.

Can you buy fossils?

You can buy by adding the product you need to the shopping cart, confirming if your country is available for shipping, checking out, and providing your payment details, and you are done!


  • Both items sold and shipping range worldwide
  • Your shipments are completely free.
  • Within the page, you will find reviews from other buyers to recommend or not the items.


  • It will depend on your country-of-origin prices. Even so, you can consider their products expensive.

Despite the high prices, this is one of the best sites to get off-shore minerals. Considering that the U.S. is a huge country with a vast variety of geographical conditions, there are hardly a few minerals that can’t be found nationally. Nevertheless, if you struggle to get a specific stone, try Fossil Age Minerals.

The Arkenstone – iRocks

Official Site

In The Arkenstone, you can appreciate and have the opportunity to buy beautiful rocks and minerals that will serve to complete your collections. With just one click, you will have a space full of different stones with their legend so that you will not have doubts about which one to buy.

The articles are divided by gallery, that is to say, by collections. The page will show you which one is on sale so you can proceed with your purchase. Add your data, and you will have approximately one or two business days for the page to contact you and finalize your purchase and shipping.


  • Authentic minerals.
  • Complete and quality collections.
  • Information and previous history of each item.


  • Very high prices.
  • Your purchase may not be processed, depending on the site’s availability.

Like the iPhone, the iRocks is probably the most expensive option on its market. Yet, this is still a nice site to get minerals if you want a quick turnaround and perfect service.

A Brief Introduction to Minerals


Our list of the best Rock and Mineral Websites to discover ends here. On sites like National Park Service and Minerals Education Coalition, you can find jewels of information about minerals and rocks. Furthermore, as for collections, and Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange are great sites to get started.