Best Science Websites News for Students

Best science websites news for students should make student life easier. Among other things, information has to be reliable, updated, and useful. So, here is a list of the best sites for you to learn about day-to-day science.

Science Made Simple

science websites

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It is a website aimed especially at children. The content is written in a way that is easy to understand for people without scientific knowledge. They have been on the Internet since 1995 and have accumulated a lot of interesting information and projects.

The creators believe that as parents and teachers, we must be prepared for the questions children ask. As science has more and more impact on our lives, this site will help you prepare. It will also help your children if they prefer to learn on their own

Many articles online are posted for free reading. You can buy interactive toys for your children with scientific themes in their online store. You can also buy books or articles they have published. The items cost $5.95 or above. Anyhow, here you can buy things like:

  • Electronics Kits
  • Chemistry and Physics Kits
  • Biology Kits
  • Microscope or Telescope

Other educational organizations have put their trust in Science Made Simple. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used parts of its “Why the Sky is Blue” article in online classes.


  • Their content is aimed at students and is easy to understand.
  • They include projects and experiments useful for teachers and parents.


  • You need to have all the elements to perform the experiments.
  • They don’t do a lot of news but rather publish articles on scientific principles.

This is a free educational content website. It guides parents, educators, and children due to the simple way of writing their articles. On the other hand, as an educator, perhaps you could take some ideas for your students.


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It is a place on the Internet to find the latest news in different scientific fields. The articles are written in a journalistic style, so it is not for young children.

It also presents news on different scientific topics. They base their information on major universities, journals, and research organizations. Furthermore, they publish the main stories of the most important scientific topics daily. Although they have 500 individual topics, you can explore them under more specific criteria:

  • Medical science and health
  • Physical sciences and technology
  • Biological sciences and the environment
  • Social Sciences
  • Health
  • And a section of strange news.

The content is free. If you want to help, you can donate to the link at the bottom of the page.

They always publish the source of each article at the end. Also, you can get the email of the site’s editors for any questions you may have.


  • Content based on organizations and houses of studies accredited in their field.
  • Easy to navigate.


  • You might feel overwhelmed with so much information.
  • They take responsibility for the information away from the original authors.

This is, overall, an ideal place to keep up with the news from the scientific world. Moreover, as a college-level student, it can be beneficial to you.


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It is an organization focused on making videos with varied educational content. They have been in operation since 1973; besides being online, they are also published by radio and national TV. The documentaries cover mainly topics such as:

  • Planet Earth
  • Ancient Worlds
  • Body and Brain
  • Military and Espionage

Nova is committed to the production of scientific programs. They are produced in the form of one-hour documentaries and long-format mini-series. They range from the latest technological advances to mysteries of the natural world. Also, they have other associated websites.

Nova’s content is free for you. But you can know that Draper provides the national corporate funding for NOVA. They are also funded by the David H. Koch Fund for Science. Another contributor is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS viewers. They manage these resources to stay operational.

Since the videos are prepared as free documentaries, there is little to worry about reliability. Everything is based on scientific facts, and there are no submissions or instructors to worry about.


  • Most of the content is presented in videos.
  • It’s free.


  • With such long chapters, few children will enjoy the documentaries.
  • If you prefer to read this site, it is not for you.

This is a donation-depending organization that produces high-quality documentaries. In addition, they have other partner sites that complement their content. So, the site is ideal for teenagers and college students who want some extra learn.


science websites

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Science.Gov is a science website created by the United States government. It contributes to, which provides access to scientific information from more than 70 nations.

This digital platform provides access to more than 60 databases on more than 2200 websites. That adds to over 200 million pages of authoritative scientific information in many formats. It aims to serve:

  • Scientists and engineers.
  • The library and business communities.
  • Students and teachers.
  • Business people.
  • Is anyone interested in science?

All this information from federal research is free of charge. It also features a project submission guide to a public funding agency.

The content of these more than 2200 websites and other digital documents is the responsibility of their authors. The purpose is to inspire others to confirm, refute, or develop the information accessible through this platform.


  • Professional, scientific quality content for free.
  • Supported by 14 federal agencies such as NASA, USDA, or NSF.


  • The content is intended only for high-level students or professionals in such fields.

A platform developed by the U.S. government dedicated exclusively to science. It contains an almost unimaginable amount of information. Perfect for those who are developing technologies and need some technical assistance. It is arguably the nation’s digital library.


science websites

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This is an independent scientific organization. It was founded in 1848 to promote the development of science and engineering in the nation. Today they are associated with Science magazine, which has been a success for both organizations.

AAAS gives the nation’s scientists a means to communicate their ideas. So they can provide strategies for solving today’s problems. The content of this website covers mainly the fields of:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

You can collaborate with this organization by donating. You may also choose to purchase a membership. The levels are:

  • Professional membership for $151 a year.
  • Membership for teachers for $99 per year.
  • Meritorious members (also receive a Science magazine) for $115 per year.
  • Student membership for $75 per year
  • Employer membership for $310 per year

The trust earned accredits AAAS as an authority in the national scientific environment. That’s why today they organize recognition awards, for example:

  • AAAS Award for scientific freedom and responsibility
  • AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards


  • Independent organization recognized for its scientific commitment.
  • Free content.


  • It is an organization aimed primarily at scientists, not students.
  • It has been in danger of disappearing on more than one occasion.

This is an independent organization committed to the US scientific community. Its objective is to serve as a spokesperson so that scholars are heard and their contributions are taken into account, but in the end, it is a nice place to take specialized information and news.

BBC – Science

science websites

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This news agency is recognized worldwide for its commitment to the truth. The BBC not only produces documentaries for TV. In addition, its news website has a section for science and environmental news. It also includes other topics such as:



This news agency collects data on scientific events and presents them in the form of an article. It also publishes government decisions that impact the environment and science. It is free to connect to this website. You can also subscribe to their newsletter.

The news disseminated through this information portal is usually true. In the case of scientific news, it is unlikely that you will make mistakes. If you decide to subscribe, they are cautious with your personal information.


  • In addition to science, you can get relevant news on any topic worldwide.
  • The use of this platform is free and is supported by various activities.


  • It is not aimed at children or young adolescents.
  • The information is usually presented in a very professional, less personal way.

We are talking about the web portal of one of the most important news networks in the world. They are committed to presenting the truth, at least regarding science. You can subscribe to the newsletter or get the app.

Quanta Magazine

science websites

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Quanta Magazine is an independent publisher that aims to bring science to as many people as possible. This organization has that name because Albert Einstein said that photons are a “quanta of light.” Their mantra is β€œto enlighten science.”

They cover research that promises to make important contributions to science. Their research only involves verifying the data obtained against the facts. They then edit it and publish it on their website. The fields they cover are:

  • Health
  • Medicine
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Environment

As a non-profit organization, its content is free. The Simons Foundation is responsible for providing the resources for its operations.

Their goal is to attract people to science, so they try to use strict methods in their articles. The result is verified information that is published in at least eight languages.


  • Free professional content aimed at university students and professional staff
  • They claim to be committed to their readers by deciding on their editorial commitment.


  • Writing your articles could be complicated for some people.

This New York-based journalistic organization invites its readers to pay attention to science. They explore a lot about the impact science has on human nature.