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SEMRush is a company dedicated to the study of the online market. For this purpose, it has developed software composed of tools that provide essential data to elaborate SEO, and SEM strategies, which are fundamental for any company or person who wants to boost its presence in the search engines.

How does it work?

Among the services provided by SEMRush, the most important is the analysis of keywords in its stock, which are located in more than 20 billion words, as you have read, distributed in the hands of 29 different markets.

So, just by writing a domain in the search engine, this tool will provide a series of data such as the approximate monthly positioning or volume of keywords in search engines (both paid and organic), its approximate cost, discovering new opportunities for positioning, and which of them uses more often your competition, among others.

This means that through this analysis, and according to your market, you will optimize your content, help you in your positioning campaigns, and achieve a position among the first search results in Google or the search engine you use in your country.

They also offer small-task services.

Let’s continue talking about their services. With SEMRush, you can check the status of your website, i.e., know and identify problems and start working on solving them more efficiently to improve your ranking in search engines. This is called an audit of the site.

If we continue to explore some of their products, we can mention the study of backlinks, i.e., the visits you receive through the links that your website receives from other links. This analysis shows that you can improve your organic backlinking strategy and identify areas that need improvement.

On the other hand, another of its greatest strengths is the analysis of the sites related to your competition since it allows you to specify the keywords they use for their positioning, which helps you to know the strategies of third parties and make new proposals that differentiate you from the rest.

How much does it cost?

Now let’s talk about costs. First, it is necessary to mention that SEMRush has three great PRO plans with a cost of $99.95 per month, GURU at $199.95, and BUSINESS at $399.95, each of these includes at least 40 advanced tools and features to get the most out of your marketing actions. In this order of ideas, they offer a discount of 16% for those contractors who pay their annual subscription.

Currently, SEMRush does not have a permanent free version. It only has a trial version for the first two plans and only seven days; to enjoy this, you must register and choose if you want to pay it monthly or annually.

Is it reliable?

SEMRush has been a company in constant evolution, has been present since 2008, and has been climbing in its positioning as a trustworthy and reliable company. Currently has more than 6 million users, more than 20 billion keywords, 140 geo-localized databases, and 820 million domains.


  • It is a friendly tool that you can easily manage.
  • It helps you position yourself in the world of digital marketing.
  • You can make a reading of the elements to improve.
  • It gives you a tool to intuit the campaigns of your competitors.
  • It offers an informative, efficient, and optimal view of the data traffic presented by your website or your competitors’ websites.
  • On its page, you have the possibility of downloading books for free to complement your training in the handling of subjects related to digital marketing.
  • No matter the size of your project, whether an individual, medium, or large company, it is a helpful tool.


  • Given many tools, you may feel overwhelmed if you do not have a minimum of basic knowledge in digital marketing.
  • The trial period is very few days, so you have to decide in a short time.

SEMRush Tutorial for Beginners


It is a pretty solid tool, which allows you to improve your SEO, and SEM campaigns to consolidate your brand, company, or project. Reviews from other users indicate that it is a friendly site and that its analysis is easy to read.

In the end, SEMRush is a good option if you want to explore what the competition is doing in your market and keep track of elements related to your site, among many other things. Nevertheless, you get only 7-days to try out the service, so we may recommend using them wisely if your project’s budget is not fit for the 99$ fee.

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Carla Gayou

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