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Shagle has been pretty popular during the last few years and seems to be a constantly growing dating site.

For this reason, we decided to run for you a full review of the site, checking out the site, services, and possibilities.

How Does Work Exactly?

Unlike regular dating sites, Shagle is a roulette chat service where you can instantly know people from all around the globe.

This way, you should get that. In fact, this is not really meant to be an adult hookup site but rather a site to contact and chat with strangers knowing that you won’t necessarily keep in touch.

What Will You Get?

Shagle offers you the possibility to have conversations and have fun live chat and video easily, on a friendly platform, and with various users.

Here you can access it for free and immediately test the application by only allowing access to your webcam.

This video dating online website’s popularity is denoted by more than 3 million users who register from month to month. And a remarkable advantage compared to other pages of this type is that almost 40% of these users are girls!

You can find anything on the other side of the camera with free access to the application, but you can filter by gender once registered and decide if you want to see guys and girls or just girls.

Besides, you can select users from a specific location, even if it is not yours. This is perfect if you want to know how the girls of a certain culture behave, if you want to prepare the ground before a trip or if you do not want to waste your time and prefer to go directly with a girl from your region.


Shagle considers your privacy important, as well as reciprocity among users. For example, if you decide not to have your webcam for security, other users may decide not to see you because of this configuration and vice versa.

This platform has become popular among its users for different reasons. The first is that it really is free, with no traps or subsequent or additional costs. Registration is completely free.

With this, you can contact some of the more than 60 thousand users who remain active at all times and can filter it according to certain personality traits.

And if your reason for hatred of these sites implies the excess of rules and constant bans, with Shagle, you can forget about that. This page has simple and quite specific rules, but it allows you to socialize and reach an agreement before banning you for no reason.

Rates and Fees

We are also surprised, but after a while, like active users, we still do not have to pay for the page’s services.

It’s not like other platforms that claim to be free and charge you for emojis, and messages or close you in the middle of an interesting chat because the free use time has ended.

On, the accounts are for real, 100% free, without cheating, bans, networks, commissions, or scams.

That Is Another Important Point.

There are several reports of scams among adult sites in the world of the internet. And indeed, most of them are, but it is, in many cases, a thing of natural selection if you fall for them or not.

However, despite always existing the type of person dedicated to this type of trick, the users of Shagle have not reported this situation too often.

The users of Shagle have not reported this situation too often.

  • It is not clear if it is the quality of users on the site or the security levels that the platform has, but this really does not happen here.


We have a friendly platform, extremely easy to use, with a generous, free, and safe female population.

We tried it. It is fun, has useful filters, and recommends it despite not being a top model hunting ground.

The accelerated growth of Shagle has its reasons.

Their popularity matters to them as the well-being and enjoyment of their users as well.

If it is to keep a chat, have fun, meet someone new or leave every day, we invite you to try it.

But do not get attached to anyone on the platform! The chances of the same beautiful and nice girl reappearing are almost nil. So be careful not to change chat too soon. You could lose that chance and regret it for a while. But if it happens to you, keep chatting in this video dating online place.


Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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