5 Signs You Should Hire a Corporate Lawyer

There are over 14,382 corporate attorneys currently working for businesses in the US. This is a booming career path as there are so many small businesses in the US.

If you own a business, it is very likely that you need a corporate lawyer. Corporate law can become very confusing, especially if you don’t have much experience.

Hiring corporate law services can help you to cover your back and make sure everything is legal. This investment can pay off in the future for your company.

Keep reading to find out when you should consider hiring a corporate lawyer.

You Have Legal Contracts

You should hire a lawyer if you have legal contracts that you are writing and assigning. This could include anything from trade agreements to independent contractors to company agreements.

These are legally binding contracts that could have ramifications if not done correctly. A corporate lawyer will be able to understand these contracts and help you decide what to sign.

Business Taxes

One thing that most business owners dread is filing business taxes. This is your responsibility, and you have to make sure you are doing it the right way.

You may want to hire a corporate law firm to make sure you file your taxes correctly. This can help you avoid getting into trouble with the IRS later on.

A lawyer will be able to help you throughout the year, ensuring you have everything you need for tax season.

You Don’t Have Written Agreements

If you have business partners, you may not have written agreements between them. This is a huge mistake that can damage your business later on.

Corporate law services can help you write up an agreement suitable for the situation. This makes sure you are covered if your partner ditches the business or doesn’t do their part.

You Have New Employees

An attorney can help you if you are hiring new employees. This is something you cannot do unless you have the right work contract.

A lawyer will help you create legal contracts that protect your business. This includes no-compete clauses and no-solicitation clauses.

New Office Rentals

If you are going to rent new offices for your business, this is a big step. You will most likely be negotiating prices and assigning a lease.

This is legally binding, and it is a good idea to have a lawyer to consult. They will give you recommendations and help you to find the best option for your business.

When You Need a Corporate Lawyer

If you own a business, you may need a corporate lawyer to help you with the legal aspects. This is important in protecting you and your company long-term.

This will also help to ease your workload and give you more time to focus on other business aspects.

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