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GoAnimate, now called Vyond, is a great site that allows you to create and edit videos with a “Powerpoint-level” easy-to-use platform. Those described above and several “professional” tools make it one of the best sites to make small videos. But is there any other choice? Sure! Here are 6 Sites to discover how to make Animated Videos like GoAnimate:

Visit Vyond


Official Site

Creating videos or animated presentations has never been easier than with Powtoon. A quick and easy tool that you can use for free.

If you are still not convinced of Powtoon’s reliability, let us tell you that Pfizer, Costco, Cisco, Starbucks, eBay, and the big Coke are many companies that use Powtoon.

On the website, you will find great samples of videos made with Powtoon by the website users, so you can enjoy the wonderful animated presentations you can achieve with this website.


Use it for work, school, or personal use. Powtoon is the platform that fits everything you want to express and recreate.

You won’t regret creating your animated video on the Powtoon website – it’s easy, fast, and dynamic, so get to work!


Official Site

It’s time to talk a little about another of the sites about how to make GoAnimate-style animated videos, and this time it’s the turn of Mysimpleshow.

This site will allow you to create videos with attractive animations for any audience or audience you want to reach (especially if it’s children or teenagers).

With this web tool, you will be able to enter a new world of animation creation, and the best of all is that you will have your final video ready in only 4, yes, only four steps. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?


Its name indicates it, and it is that Mysimpleshow is a tool that turns the task of creating videos and animations into something straightforward. After looking at it yourself, we are sure that it will be an option you want to consider to start creating.


Official Site

Moovly is another of our favorite platforms; we include it in our article for you to know. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic online tool with which anyone can effortlessly create any multimedia content. In today’s case, you will create animated videos and visual presentations like a professional.

One of the most outstanding aspects of Moovly is its simplicity and practicality and the great number of elements in its gallery that you can use to make them part of your creations in a few seconds. It is also a free tool, but if you want extra features, you can use the subscription options you will have access to whenever you want.


We fell short of this list with all the features that Moovly uses in the design of animated videos and presentations, so you can be sure that there are plenty of reasons to give this tool a good chance and start creating with it.

Best of all, you can export the final content in flash format, or if you want, you can save it in any video format or publish it directly to your Facebook or Youtube account.


Official Site

If you are looking for something beyond the 2D design, Xtranormal is the right place. This platform allows you to generate videos and animations quickly, fast, and fun with 3D environments.

Xtranormal allows you to adapt your animation to different formats regarding scenarios and characters. Choose your favorite characters for a child audience or other characters that Xtranormal brings you that are a little more serious for other adult audiences.


One limitation we could mention in this platform is that it only allows you to use a maximum of two characters per story and a single scenario, making it a bit restrictive but perfect if you want to send a short message through the animation.

Although it is paid, you will have some credits that you can use to buy scenarios, characters, and voices with the free mode. Xtranormal is a tool that allows you to work in a 3D format to create the best-animated videos.


Official Site

We close our list of the best sites for making animated videos with Animasher, a service for creating cartoons with uniqueness and relevant features based on a Creative Commons license.

If you are a free software passionate, now you have a tool to create your free animations, but to which you can assign your copyright under the name of “copyleft,” which resembles Go Animate.


Don’t just sit back and visit the Animasher website; don’t limit yourself. Instead, just let your imagination and creativity run wild. Learn how to create and share your free animated videos and animations from the comfort of your home.


Official Site

So, you’ve never made an animated video before? Don’t worry; Wideo makes it a straightforward process. You can choose between starting from scratch or using one of the many pre-made templates. Company presentations, school projects, product demos, explainer videos, and much more can be done with this tool.

You can start with a free plan to get familiar with the interface. Still, a paid membership is recommended because it gives you access to downloads in HD, unbranded and longer videos, and more video templates.  One of the best, this website should be your first visit.


Official Site

Most sites like Vyond create video animations, but Prezi has evolved into a tool used to replace PowerPoint. As a result, it can display presentations in a much more engaging, persuasive, and compelling way.

There is a library full of presentations you can customize, but you can also build your own from scratch. In addition, if you are a student or a teacher, you can receive a significant discount when subscribing to a paid membership.


 Official Site

If building white-board-style animations are what you need, few Vyond alternatives can compete with VideoScribe. No design or technical know-how is needed to produce high-definition videos; you can use it with your Android or iPad device. In addition, a vast library of free soundtracks and images is available, and the videos can be exported to YouTube, Facebook, or PowerPoint.

Explee    (Not available anymore)

Explee’s goal is to make quick-and-easy animation accessible to everyone. One thing you should check out is their animated video technology that allows you to animate any picture, be it one provided by the site or one you upload from your computer.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial with no credit card required if you’d like to give it a go.


The Making of a Goanimate Video: Doris Eats all of Colonel Sanders’s Chicken/Grounded

To Sum Up

Making your videos is beyond easy nowadays. Nevertheless, depending on what you want to do, you will need better or more “professional” tools. Try PowToon if you want a company-like output or Animasher if 3D rendering is your thing. Let us know how your designs go.

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