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The whole “A man with a gun” thing may be polemic now, but it has been there for a while and is part of the US culture. So, here are some Sites Like Armslist – Firearms Marketplace where you can be part of that culture and have some fun while surfing them.

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Gunbroker is a site that offers all kinds of weapons, although it goes far beyond that. Inside the platform, we can find many things, and we can also find some unique collectibles.

What we can do inside Gunbroker is simple: Buy and sell. Of course, we will buy many weapons, jewelry, and instruments, among many other things. But, on the other hand, we can sell hundreds of things on a platform that is actively visited and offers a great service.

The registration of Gunbroker does not involve any cost since it is a free platform. However, selling or buying an item will have expenses for the person in question. The prices are modest, although some of them rise enormously.

As far as trust is concerned, we can find a 4.3 based on Trustpilot’s 5 at the bottom of the page. Besides, Gunbroker has several partner brands that allow it to establish itself as a reliable platform.


It’s not just gun sales.

The platform is easy to use


No age restrictions

Anyone, including minors, can do the registration.

The site is presented as a great opportunity to buy or sell weapons and a few other things. However, we think it is necessary to improve the security of the site a little more.

Auction Armory

Official Site

Auction Armory is a typical product sales page. But in this case, we are talking about gun sales, and besides, it is an auction store. As a result, the site has a great supply and demand flow and is constantly visited by thousands of people daily.

The Auction Armory platform allows people to enter either to buy or sell weapons. Those interested in selling can activate an online store, and buyers can browse through the hundreds of bids on the site.

In terms of cost, registration can be done for free. Besides, there is a free option for sellers that allows them to activate the virtual store option, although there are some $20 or more plans to have greater positioning.

The page is an ally of large companies and brands dedicated to the world of armory and hunting. The great community that makes transactions daily on the page speaks a lot about its confidence.


Dynamic Catalogues

Blog and YouTube channels available


Not safe for children

The site is a good option for buying merchandise, especially at lower prices. However, problems with registration allow anyone to log in easily.


Official Site

GunsAmerica is a mix between a virtual store and a blog. The site properly separates all its options for customers and shares entries on various topics, mainly about hunting and weapons in general.

The site serves both to buy and sell merchandise. People can register and see weapons or items, or on the other hand, they can start uploading the merchandise they sell to have an extra income.

The price of using GunsAmerica does not exist. This is because you do not have to pay for the account to be activated within the platform. Besides, people can sell their merchandise by paying a small percentage to the page of each sale they make.

On the other hand, you can buy plans from $49.95 to $999 per month, which takes off the % fee.

GunsAmerica’s trust mainly focuses on partnerships and customers who have preferred the site. The number of people who are now part of the community and the platform’s licenses clearly indicate good quality.


It has a blog with news.

It has an extensive catalog that is divided dynamically.


Highly-priced memberships

They do not have a mobile application.

We can say that it is a page worth visiting. Besides that, a requirement is to confirm that people are of legal age, giving you a plus not to access the information.


Official Site

Ammoland is a page that works more like a blog than a virtual store. However, we can find a built-in store within the page that allows gun lovers to buy what they need most easily.

The page is used to learn everything about the world of weapons, but it is also a virtual store that offers various items. From weapons and ammunition to weapons accessories is available within the Ammoland store.

As far as price is concerned, the registration and use of the Ammoland forum are free. Besides, the site does not allow people to sell, so there are no internal transactions to access more content or tools.

The site can be used for free at any time. The only cost found within it is when purchasing any weapon, accessory, or ammunition. Otherwise, the subscription is free and without additional charges.

Furthermore, Ammoland has a wide portfolio of allies that allow it to position itself as a reliable platform. Along with that, we can constantly find testimonials on the page because they have a section for them. Finally, it is complemented by the blog where users participate.


It is divided between the store and the news.

It has a great variety of articles.


No registration rules for minors

They do not have mobile support.

A good platform if we want to know everything about the world of weapons. Besides, this is an average store and a good place to share anecdotes and look for information about weapons and other items.

Impact Guns Home


Official Site

Impact Guns Home is a page like Armslist dedicated to the sale of all types of weapons. Within the platform, we can find a community dedicated to purchasing and selling all types of weapons.

The most outstanding thing on the page is the number of weapons and accessories that can be obtained. In addition, it serves as a Marketplace, and people can make internal deals within the platform safely and reliably.

The cost of using the platform is completely free. The page only loads when making a sale, and in the case of requiring it, you can access any of the stores and make the purchase directly from it without additional charge.

Regarding trust, Impact Guns Home is a site used by people, including police and other security personnel. It is also certified by several large companies.


Strict purchasing processes for minors

Complete news section


Does not have a mobile application

Impact Guns Home is an excellent idea for those who wish to acquire a weapon or understand more about the subject. Without a doubt, a page worth visiting and following.



Official Site

GunAuction is a simple platform that is dedicated to the purchase and sale of weapons within site. The auctions are the main reference of the site in handling weapons and all kinds of goods related to them.

What GunAuction does is allow people to acquire weapons at auction. However, it also allows people to sell their weapons within site in the same way.

Although that leaves people with fewer options than what is offered on the site, the registration fee is free. To verify the account, a payment of $1 must be made with a credit card.

As far as trust goes, the site has thousands of users who make transactions within the site day after day. Besides that, it was created by renowned people who give more confidence to the platform.


Weapons can be purchased at low prices.

Auctions are easy to handle


They do not have mobile support.

The interface is too old and a bit messy.

GunAuction is a good option for those who wish to have the option to buy or sell weapons. However, the design and optimization of the interface leave much to be desired from the page.



Official Site

BudsGunShop is an American-based store that offers two different ways to acquire a legal gun. People can traditionally buy a weapon or participate in an auction for a weapon.

The platform makes it easy for people to buy weapons by offering endless options and all kinds of accessories. Added to that are the auctions and bids that are quite striking.

People can use the platform for free and without additional costs. However, to participate in auctions, they will have to pay a small fee.

BudsGunShop has several certificates that make it a legitimate and safe platform for people. In this way, they have gained fame over the years and customers, exceeding 2 million today.


Wide range of weapons

Constant bids and auctions


The auction prices are usually higher than what the ítems are worth.

BudsGunShop is an option worth having and visiting once in a while. Their bids and auctions are their strong point, and having them in mind for any purchase never hurt.

To Conclude

Getting a gun for sport, as a hobby, or even to protect your family is a hard step to take. The good point of these sites like Armslist we listed is that they offer you information and guides, and even communities, instead of just dropping a weapon in your hands like a normal store would do.

So, take a look at this list, and make your choice once you feel ready. Remember that once you own a gun, it is just like your car; you are responsible for any damage caused by it, so take care of it and keep it away from minors.