7 Good Sites Like Avon to Sell from Home

Sites Like Avon

Direct Sales Jobs

Avon has been around for a very long time. This company was founded in 1886 to help women earn money from home. Since then, this company has become a multi-billion-dollar company. Avon is headquartered in New York City, and there’s an Avon distributor in every country worldwide.

Avon is the fifth-largest beauty company in the world. This company has a ton of products to sell from home. You can find cosmetics, skincare, haircare, home decor, clothing, shoes, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, gifts, and products for men in the Avon monthly catalogs. The products are affordable, and there are always discounts and deals.

Avon sells its brand of things like perfumes, lipsticks, rouges, and nail polishes, and you can also find other sought-after products like Skin So Soft and Anew. When you shop on the Avon website, you will be able to search dozens of brands and dozens of categories.

Selling From Home

Shipping is free on orders over $25, and special offers are always added. You can also shop by the product number related to the article in the Avon catalogs that can be found in your local area.

If you want to become an Avon distributor, it will only cost you 10$. The welcome package includes all the tools you need to get started and a personal visit from a distributor in your area. In addition, Avon has special prizes for top sellers and bonuses each month.

Sites Like Avon

Check out this company if you want to make money selling from home. For more sites like Avon that can help you add extra income to your life and share your passion for quality products in your free time, check out our list below.

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Mary Kay

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Mary Kay is another of the oldest companies that lets you sell products from home, like Avon. This company was founded in 1863 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Mary Kay sells high-end cosmetics.

The Mary Kay business model works with direct sales jobs and multi-level marketing. The Mary Kay starter pack will cost you $100, giving you enough supplies to last a few weeks. Less if you sell everything in a flash. Mary Kay rewards its independent consultants with cash prizes, trips, and the coveted pink Mary Kay car.

Linen World

Official Site

Linen World is one of the best home party businesses on our list of sites like Avon. Linen World can help you make a ton of extra cash by selling quality linens. This sell-from-home company lets you join for free, and there’s no inventory to keep at home.

When you become a Linen World consultant, you will get samples, catalogs, a free website, and more. You will also be trained to host your own home parties for better sales. In addition, Linen World offers monthly cash bonuses and special discounts for consultants.


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Another one of the top independent consultant jobs like Avon is Arbonne. Arbonne is a company that sells botanically-based skincare products and makeup. If you want to become a consultant for Arbonne, it will cost you $39.

This gives you complimentary products, business management tools, a personal website, and many incentives. These incentives include special discounts, jewelry, trips, and even a Mercedes Benz for top sellers. Arbonne will transform your life as you help transform the lives of others with eco-friendly products.

Bella Branch

Official Site

This addition to our list of sites like Avon is called Bella Branch. Bella Branch is a sell-from-home business that involves personalized jewelry. Bella Branch has something for every occasion and many colors and styles.

This company charges you $12.95/mth. Your subscription will give you a personal website, social media integration, 25% commissions on each item sold, business tools, bonuses, and more. Bella Branch sells all their products online, so there’s no inventory to keep and no home parties. If you have a passion for jewelry and unique gifts, you’ll love Bella Branch.


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SimplyFun is a little different than most of the other sites like Avon mentioned so far. This company specializes in academic games and skill lessons for all ages. SimplyFun is a great way to inspire fun with interactive games. Becoming a SimplyFun consultant will cost you $129 for your starter kit. This kit has a $270 value.

In this kit, you will find ten games, training tools, a training guide, business supplies, catalogs, and two tote bags. When you sell SimplyFun toys and games, you will receive a 25-42% commission on each sale. You will also get more rewards as you rise in the ranks. SimplyFun is a great way to make money from home through play and education. If you think this company is right for you, click the link above to start.

It Works! Global

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Another great alternative to Avon is It Works! It Works! wants you to join the party as a webpreneur. This company sells beauty and wellness products by renowned scientists, herbalists, and researchers.

When you become an It Works! A representative for $199, you will get body makeover kits, body wraps, supplements, weight management essentials, and personal care items like toners, gels, eyes creams, and more.

You will also get many tips and tricks to make an amazing consultant. It Works! I will compensate you for each sale. This addition to our list of sites like Avon requires you to be good at marketing and sales. Consider it an expert-level work-from-home business. If you don’t have any experience in this area, you should consider one of the other companies on our list.


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If you’ve ever attended a home party, it might have been a Partylite party. This company sells quality home decor items and some of the best candles in the world. These candles are guaranteed to last a long time and smell amazing. Partylite consultants are fun and optimistic, making a lot of money if they can present their products gleefully. This addition to our list of similar to Avon has a little bit of everything.

You can throw a home party, sell through a catalog, and earn a commission with multi-level sales. There is no sign-up fee. All you have to do is organize a party to earn a part of the sales. Partylite will reward you with each sale. The more you sell, the more you make.

You can also make your hours and get discounts on things you purchase for yourself. If you’re an outgoing person who likes to make new friends, you’ll love being a consultant for Partylite.

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