5 Mail Forwarding Sites Like Borderlinx

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The UK and the USA shopping websites are full of amazing products you can purchase online. However, when you live outside these countries, having access to these items is not so easy. You will often end up at a website that only ships locally or to a limited number of places.

That’s where Borderlinx can help you out: it provides you a shipping address in the US and the UK, so you can buy products and have them shipped globally at an affordable cost.

Using this service is as easy as possible: the first step is creating your account, which is free of charge. Then, you can select a US, German, Hong Kong, and UK address to use at checkout with online retailers. Once you are done, you can move on to any online store you like.

Amazon, Harrods, Otto, Fab, and Vip.com are just some examples. At checkout, you will enter your Borderlinx address and pick your preferred method of shipping. Then, a few days later, your packages will be delivered to your home.

Sites Like Borderlinx

Shop and ship hassle-free whenever you want, and if you have any questions, the Borderlinx customer support team is available 24/7 via email and live chat, or type in your info and have a Borderlinx staff member call you back to help you out.

Borderlinx is a beneficial service that gives you access to all kinds of online shopping portals, but there are plenty of mail forwarding sites like Borderlinx you can try. These are some we found for you.

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Viabox is another great site like Borderlinx used by hundreds of thousands of people in 200 countries to shop from the US. Just like Borderlinx, you sign up to get a US address, shop at any US store, ship your purchase to the Viabox warehouse, and have it delivered to you anywhere in the world.

One feature we liked is that every time a box arrives at your suite, a photo is instantly sent to your account, so you no longer have to guess what boxes you received. In addition, each package can be stored for free for up to 180 days.

Another great feature is the repackaging service. Amazon is known for their excessive packaging; you can buy a small hair comb and have it sent in a huge, heavy box full of foam peanuts. Viabox will eliminate all this and send you your item in a smaller box, reducing volume and weight and making the shipping cost much more affordable.

If you have any questions, there is a live chat to get help anytime you need it.


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Have your own USA address to receive mail and packages with one of the best mail forwarding companies. With over 12 years of experience, USA2Me sets you up with an account where you can get a physical shipping address in the US to receive your packages and mail.

Once you log in to the mailbox manager, you can see the inventory, scan letters, discard junk mail, and forward shipping to you. As with other sites similar to Borderlinx, you can opt to repackage and consolidate your shipments to save on delivery costs.

There are four different membership plans: basic, standard, premium, and ultimate. Each one has a specific amount of free storage periods and shipping rates, but you can try the service for 30 days free of charge.

If you don’t like it, contact customer service and get your setup fees refunded. With USA2Me, you are in control and can decide how often your mailbox’s content will be shipped to you, whether weekly, monthly or on a need basis.


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With the BuyForMe service, USGoBuy lets you shop US online stores with a US card and billing address. Millions of packages have been delivered to over 200 countries so far, and thousands more are shipped every day. Registering for an account and setting up a US shipping address takes just a few minutes, and there are no membership or monthly fees.

You get a free consolidation service and 60 days of free storage. To make it easier for you to know how much you will be paying to have the item delivered, an online calculator is available on the site. Just type in the address to ship to and the package weight and dimensions, and you can view the shipping rates.

DHL, FedEx, and USPS are carriers you can select to optimize the international shipping cost and get estimates. As you continue to use USGoBuy, you reach a different status, from VIP basic to VIP diamond, which gives you extra discounts on the shipping price.


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This mail-forwarding service, like Borderlinx, offers are a fast, reliable, and efficient package, mail, and freight forwarding to over 220 countries. Use the consolidation service to enjoy parcels full of deals delivered straight to your doorstep, and have photos of incoming packages sent to you, with free storage of up to 90 days.

Sign up free to try this Shipito, or upgrade to a premium membership for multi-package shipments and additional savings.


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With this Borderlinx alternative, you can access fast and reliable shipping from retailers in the US to over 200 countries worldwide. With MyUS, you create an account to get a MyUS shipping address, shop online at US retail stores, and have the items shipped to you.

But you also get many additional services with your account, like 30 days of free package storage, assistance with package exchanges and returns, and personal shopper service.

MyUS also helps you deal with customs and export compliance, and your delivery is carefully handled until it arrives. In addition, a package consolidation service can save you up to 80% off standard international shipping rates. The items you buy at different retailers are bundled into one package and then shipped to your country of choice.

If you’d like to test the MyUS mail and package forwarding service, you can do it free of charge for 30 days and get 20% off your first shipment. There are no contracts or cancellation fees, so sign up today and join over 350,000 members who are enjoying this industry-leading service.