10 Cash Loan Sites Like CashNetUSA

PlanB Loan


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PlanB Loan is one of the great options worth considering when you need access to funds. They can provide personal loans that go up to $5,000, making it enough to get through harder financial times. With amazing APR rates, you could pay as little as 4.99% in interest. In addition, their intuitive form makes it easy to quickly get all the answers filled out so you can get an approval decision within minutes.

With PlanB Loan, you could receive the cash in your checking account in under 24 hours. So if you need money now, check out PlanB Loan – it’s a fast and affordable way to get the cash you need to stay afloat.



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USANewLoan has been working to simplify the registration process, a process that you can start on the same home screen of the site quickly.

To solve the growing problem of piracy and information theft, they have powerful encryptions that ensure that your personal information remains private.

The site’s operation is straightforward, complete a form, and your data and the application details are sent to a network of lenders who analyze the request and make an offer adjusted to your case.

The FAQ section addresses 17 borrowers’ concerns and is well written. The site is easy to explore, and the process is intuitive.


  • Simple and fast online application.
  • They claim that they quickly decide if you qualify for a loan or not.
  • Payday loans are generally between $ 100 and $ 1,000. Installment loans range between $ 100 and $ 5,000.

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Another site like CashNetUSA at your disposal is ExtraLend. It is a connection service for lenders whose main objective is to connect consumers like you with online personal loan lenders when financial needs arise.

Your lenders may need a credit check to know your credibility, but they may not consider your credit history as the main factor in approving your financing request.

Completing the online form takes about 2 minutes, then you must wait to start receiving offers, which usually happens in a short time. Like going to a large agency, your duty is to analyze each offer carefully to see if it suits you and if you agree with the terms exposed by the lenders.

Remember that you are not bound to anything until you have decided to accept a specific offer by clicking “accept.”


  • They apply a 256bit encryption provided by 256-SSL Secure.
  • Usually, credit history is not a critical problem.
  • You can order between $ 200 and $ 3000.

ExtraLend is one of the best sites like CashNetUSA when you need fast funds online. They have a very speedy process, which allows you to get your hands on the money you need in as little as one business day. For example, ExtraLend can loan you up to $3,000 in as little as 24 hours.

With super-fast approval procedures, you can have lender approval in under 1 hour. ExtraLend has good rates and provides you with all the information you need on their website. Never worry about your personal data online because ExtraLend is 100% safe and secure with its 256-bit SSL secure encryption.

To know more about ExtraLend: Personal Installment Loan – ExtraLend Review



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Like the other companies dedicated to online loan applications, iCashLoans is a simple process to execute, whose work system consists of completing a simple form.

You enter personal and labor data sent to a network of lenders that analyze your request and prepare a loan offer according to your credit rating, amount requested, and other factors.

To ensure that your data is not exposed to anyone while being sent to potential lenders, they have partnered with the digital security company Comodo Secure. It will also reassure you to know that they have little time online. They have been in this market since 2012.

From their perspective, it is necessary that everyone can have access to loan options, so they are determined to help all consumers to get loans.

Each lender in this network has made the approval process fast and easy, usually without paperwork or forms to copy and fax.


  • Personal data is encrypted with Comodo Secure.
  • Quick connection with an online lender.
  • Simple application to apply.
  • The maximum amount to ask for is $ 1000.



Official Site

PaydaySOS is not a direct lender either. Still, you will be reassured to know that you make reasonable efforts to work only with established and accredited lenders who perform collections of overdue accounts with fair conduct.

This does not exempt you from the responsibility of analyzing the policies in this regard of the lender you choose with them.

Applying them is similar to doing it on websites with this purpose. You must complete a simple online form quickly. With the information you provide, they send your request to their network of lenders to analyze it and can make an offer adjusted to Your case.

You can also apply by just making a call.

The site has a simple but effective design, and on the same home page, you can receive answers to common concerns related to this type of online loan and reasons for choosing them. They are members of OLA.


  • The requested amounts range from $ 100 to $ 50000, and short-term amounts are up to $ 5,000.
  • In addition to Short-term loans, they also offer personal loans, cash advances, and a loan for delivery.
  • Member of OLA (Online Lender Alliance).

Honest Loans

Honest Loans

Official Site

At Honest Loans, you can get an installment and/or personal loan up to $2500. Submit your information by filling out their short form secured with 256-bit encryption technology. Get approved instantly; if approved, go over the rates and terms the lender provides.

Then, check your account – get cash deposited into your banking account as soon as the next business day. Personal loans can help you to get out of a temporary financial bind. Many Americans use personal loans such as Honest Loans to pay for emergency expenses.

Honest Loans can provide you with a personal loan, a cash advance loan, an installment loan, or an emergency loan. This type of short-term loan is popular because it offers a convenient way to get cash quickly, preventing you from overdraft charges, late fees, and other penalties.

You may get the money you need in as little as one business day. Approval for loans happens quickly, generally within minutes. Once approved, you’ll be able to resolve your financial problem in as little as one business day when the money is directly deposited into your personal bank account.

With Honest Loans, there’s no going into a physical loan office or bank, and there’s no waiting in line. Apply for the amount of money you need directly from the comfort of your own home. The process is both private and easy. Did we also mention quick? The whole process takes less than five minutes. What do you have to lose? Honest Loans is one of the best payday loan sites available today.



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Since 2012, 247FastFund has been an online company dedicated to connecting borrowers with potential lenders through its network of lenders.

This site offers certain advantages, such as the possibility of quickly receiving responses to the approval or not of the application. Still, the bad thing is that it frees the company from charge. Each proposal can be different, among other things.

You will notice that entering the site is a simple design, and completing the form is very easy. Also, at the end of the home page, you have access to other important information such as loan policy, why you chose them, what the E-Consent is, information about them, and contact information, among other things.

Their motive is to help people access medium or short-term loans that, for diverse reasons, do not manage to do it through traditional means.

Because they are not lenders or lending partners, they cannot answer questions about standby or approved loans, which a clear disadvantage is.


  • You can request between $ 1000 and $ 5000.
  • Simple online form.
  • Simple design to understand anyone.
  • Personal data is encrypted with Comodo Secure.



Official Site

YourPayday is another one of the top alternatives to CashNetUSA to find payday loans online. On this site, you can find loans for people with good credit and loans for bad credit. With the ability to get up to $5,000 payday loans in under one business day, they are fast and provide you with a quick solution.

Whether your credit score is flawless or even on a lower scale, YourPayday helps you get approved for low affordable rates. Check out their platform right now to get started.

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RushInLoans allows you to borrow up to $5,000, depending on your state laws. This site has fast cash loans for all sorts of credit ratings. RIL has a very secure platform and has been in business for many years, making them an experience loan lender you can trust.

They are also effortless to use, and you can contact them by phone if you need additional assistance before, during, or after the application process.



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CashTodayAsap has a straightforward application process and a highly secure platform, making it a breeze to get your hands on quick online cash loans. When money is an issue, and you can’t seem to get out of a slump, CashTodayAsap makes it simple to get approved for cash loans online. You can get your money with them in as little as an hour.

Once your application is filled out on this site, you will instantly be connected to hundreds of lenders waiting to help you. They pride themself on having fast lender approval rates, safe and secure transactions, and paperless applications.

If you need help with your application or understanding your rates, there’s always someone available to chat with on CashTodayAsap, 24/7. This loan provider website must be on our list of best sites like CashNetUSA. CashTodayAsap is one of the quickest ways to add money to your account if you need your money quickly.

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Discover the Best Sites Like CashNetUSA:

If you’ve landed on this page, you need money fast. So our list of top payday loan sites online will get you out of your tight spot if you’re late on some bills or even had a car accident and need to get it fixed ASAP.

When those moments arrive when you must make an expense for an unplanned situation, such as an illness, a mechanical failure, replacing a damaged device at home, or similar, the right and ideal are to have savings to draw on to get out of the fix. The problem is that not all of us have savings.

Many people need to resort to short-term loans to solve an emerging problem. They are usually the only option for many people.

That is why it is necessary to resort to a lender and consider that many work commitments cannot go to an office today to become popular websites dedicated to this.

Since 2003, CashNetUSA has been a highly-rated short-term loan company that prides itself on fast approvals, over a decade of professional experience, and thousands of positive customer reviews. The company caters mainly to individuals needing fast, low-money amounts.

Is CashNetUSA the right company for you?

Why CashNetUSA Stands Out

When looking into the best payday loan sites online, it’s hard to know what you’re getting into. Short-term loans, such as what CashNetUSA provides, can be a very slippery slope, and it’s common for people to slip and get stuck in the interest rates.

However, with CashNetUSA, while you have a few stories of mistakes made, the general feedback from real customers using their loan services has been positive. Plus, it’s effortless to get accepted through their company, and the more reliability you can show them, the less you’ll pay in the end!

While it may not be the most inexpensive option for those with decent to good credit, it’s undeniable that CashNetUSA is quick and dependable. Their years of experience have done more than speak for their ability to function professionally, and it’s disproved any doubt that customers may have about their operation.

How To Apply

CashNetUSA works with an online loan application, but you can also apply over the phone if desired. Just be prepared to sign the agreements and any documents provided electronically.

You don’t even need credit to get approved, just a bank account and some income proof. But, of course, any source of reliability on your end can lower your rates depending on what security you can offer them. Hence, it’s always best to present sustainable income. You must be 18 years or older and be in one of the states where CashNetUSA is eligible.

Once you’ve applied, the acceptance is speedy, and you get your funds the next business day! When paying back your loan, you can return the payment in full and have it deducted from your bank account or make online partial payments. Both options have their reasons, but with payday loans, you should always pay in full as soon as possible to reduce interest rates and save money.

Loans Like CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA loans are easy to apply for, most of which are deposited within days. This online financing company can deposit as little as $300 or as much as $1000 into your account without any credit check. All you need to acquire a loan on this site is a valid bank account and a stable job.

Although this article is not a CashNetUSA review, it is undeniable that this online company currently has a preponderant role in this growing market. Even so, we have prepared a list of the best alternatives at your disposal to obtain a loan.

In these sites like CashNetUSA sites, the requirements to apply are usually as follows:

  • Have at least 90 days in your current job.
  • Have at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Count with an income of around $ 1000 per month after taxes.
  • Have a valid email address
  • Provide a work phone number and home phone number.
  • Maximum loan amount: $1,000
  • APR: Up to 805% depending on credit history
  •  Next-day availability with your funds
  • Accepted in 30 states
  • Excellent customer service is available at all times
  • A long history of successful contracts with positive reviews

Besides, most of these sites, as well as many others that are not currently on our top, are not direct lenders but rather offer you the service of connecting you with a lender pool –Which makes it important for the site to be at least somewhat popular to get more competitive offers from them.

Keeping that in mind, and the fact that each site has the possibility of operating differently, let’s take a look at the sites:

What Is APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?

To Conclude

We can say that after reading our list, you will understand that CashNetUSA loans are not the only reliable option to apply for an online loan.

Please spend some time visiting each of the options we have presented to you to choose the one that makes you feel truly comfortable.

Also, consider that different regulation applies in each state, so some will have different conditions than yours. Besides, this type of loan tends to be more expensive than others, so consider the implications before committing yourself.

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