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Sites Like ySense 

The internet has managed to connect people around the world. As of June 2017, there are almost 287 million internet users in the USA, which means that 87.8% of the population has access. Nowadays, people are searching for the best money-making apps. You may be wondering what type of work you can do to make money online. The following are some of the best apps that can make a good amount of cash. Some of them require a great deal of time but are well worth it in the long run. Many of those users have searched for a way to use the internet as an income source, and surveys are the most common way of doing it.

ClixSense (now called ySense) quickly grew in popularity and is now one of the best survey websites. Simply put, you get paid for taking surveys and completing tasks. Each survey has its own rate so that you can earn anything from a few cents to over $5. Tasks are another source of income and can be quite entertaining to complete. For example, you might be asked to make some specific Google searches or to categorize a set of videos or images.

As a plus, once you reach $50 worth of tasks, you receive a $5 bonus. Then, when you cash out, you decide how to receive your earnings; Payoneer, Skrill, and several other options are available, but you can also ask for a check to be sent to deposit it in your bank account.

Best Paid Surveys Sites

If you are ready to try, you should also sign up for other survey sites. There are plenty of sites like ySense, and even if you earn just a few bucks on each one, the money will soon start to add up. This is a review of some ySense alternatives you should check out.

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Swagbucks is an online site where you can earn rewards for using the Internet or completing certain tasks. It is a subsidiary brand of Prodege, LLC. This is a leading customer-oriented internet media brand. That’s why one of the most popular tools are tests or surveys. In addition, you will receive gift cards or cash payments.

When you complete the tasks, you do not directly get dollars in an accrued account. Rather, you receive points called SBs (short for Swag Bucks) that are redeemed for rewards when you accumulate them. The more SB’s you accumulate, the better the rewards you can earn.

By using the surveys, you will most likely be directed to another website to complete them. But it’s not easy. Typically, those who prepare these surveys look for certain types of people. So, for example, you won’t be able to take a survey about home care as a 19-year-old. So you’ll be taken off the site without any rewards.

A straightforward way to get SB’s is by installing your taskbar to search online. Of course, this search engine is less efficient than other popular search engines. But you will get some money for using the internet as you always do. Although you get a few points, it is a simple way to earn money by doing something common.

Answering paid surveys and completing polls can earn you gift cards for sites like Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, and much more, or you can also choose to get paid via PayPal. This ySense alternative is one of the big ones and has an excellent reputation. There are over 20 million active members earning money to give their opinion online.

You will find our product appeal surveys, advertising effectiveness surveys, and surveys about services among the surveys. Each one has a different payout, but some can offer as much as $50. To get started, all you need to do is register with your email address and create your account. Then, you will be ready to give your opinion to start earning some sweet cash in just a few minutes.


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CashCrate, lets you get paid to try new offers and take research surveys. Unlike many ySense alternatives that vanish after a few months, this website has been online since 2006, and almost 4 million dollars have been paid out so far.

Once you join, you will notice that two types of surveys are available: daily surveys and targeted surveys. Daily surveys are quick and easy to complete, and the targeted surveys will take some time but pay more. Register an account with your email address and receive $1 just for signing up.


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This is another of the sites like ySense that lets you earn money by filling out surveys. Each day you can take eight of the daily surveys, and once you are done, you can move on to the survey seeker, a private panel that offers different cash awards.

Or you can visit the study storm, with over 1,000 studies available and no limit on how many you can take in one day. The site is pretty easy to use, but if you ever have a question, there is a forum and a chatroom to get help from other members.


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GrabPoints is a rewards place and used to be known as Zoombucks. Using a mobile app, you earn points every time you complete an offer or survey. You can even earn them by playing fun games and using new utilities.

New advertisers and rewards are added daily, and your earnings can be used to receive credits at Amazon, BestBuy, Target, PayPal, and more. To start, all you need to do is download and install the GrabPoints app. It is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Then create an account, fill in your payment info, and start earning points.


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Points2Shops also let you earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, or playing games. What makes it different is that instead of getting paid in cash, you can exchange your points for any product you can find on Amazon’s website.

If you can’t find something you like, order a gift card and use it when you think of something worth buying. Download the Points2Shops app, and you can earn wherever you are instead of being tied to your desktop computer.


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Getting paid for expressing your opinion about the products and services you use is possible here. As soon as you sign up, you will receive $5 in your account. Then, all you need to do is fill out a form with info about yourself so the site can start sending you surveys matched to your interests.

Your earnings will be sent to you via PayPal every time you cash out. Each survey shows the expected time it takes to complete, so you can make sure you have enough time before starting it.