Free eBook Sites Like Ebookee to Discover

Best eBook Sites

If you enjoy reading and adding your favorite stories to your mobile devices, you’ll love this list of free book sites. This list features the best places to browse for free books for all ages. The millions of books found on this list are completely free.

The only downside with free epub book sites is that you might not find it on them if you’re looking for a popular release. These free ebook download sites are usually home to older editions and books by self-published authors, but don’t let that keep you away. The stories are just as entertaining. One of our favorite free ebook sites is Ebookee.

This site is a massive online library for free books. However, the fuel that keeps Ebookee alive is the contributions of its community. If you have a book, you would like to add to this site, scan it, and upload it to Ebookee. Others will thank you. Search the millions of books on Ebookee to find something of interest, or check out the fan favorites to see what others are reading.

Note: Ebookee has shut down and closed due to piracy issues.

Sites Like Ebookee

Add as many books as you’d like to your digital collection with these sites like Ebookee. 100% easy to download and 100% free all the time.

If you love to read and can’t get enough pages on your mobile device, browse this list of websites to download the books below. You’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Best of all, these sites are 100% free to use, and the downloads are all 100% copyright-free, so you don’t have to worry about infringement.

Internet Archive

Official Site

Once you’ve discovered the Internet Archive, you’ll never have to wonder where to download ebooks for free again. On this site, not only will you find millions of free ebooks, documents, and magazines that can be downloaded and easily installed into your mobile devices, but you will also find a ton of free movies, pictures, and tv shows to enjoy too.

Internet Archive has been around since the beginning of the world wide web, and they’ve collected a massive directory you’re sure to enjoy. Please take a look at their site now to see for yourself.

Google eBooks

Sites Like Ebookee

Official Site

The Google store is one of the best places to visit if you own an Android. You can find movies, shows, games, apps, and more here. You can also find many free ebooks that can instantly be added to your registered device. Google eBooks have paid books, too, so check out the price before you start using this ebook website like Ebookee if you don’t want to receive a massive bill at the end of the month.


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This list of places like Ebookee wouldn’t be what it is without ManyBooks. ManyBooks has what its name says. On this site, you will find. The thousands of books on this site are free to read online, free to add to your favorites, and free to download and install on your favorite portable device.

Search genres like mystery, science fiction, romance, or banned books to start adding new stories to your growing collection.

Project Gutenberg

Sites Like Ebookee

Official Site

Our list must include Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is currently home to over 59,000 free ebooks that can instantly be added to your home computer or digital gadget that can read specific files.

On this site, you will find epub books, kindle books, and more. Project Gutenberg has a wide selection, and each story on this site has been uploaded by an individual who took time from their life to post their favorite story online. So pick one of your favorites to add to this site, too, so that others can enjoy the book you love.


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One of the top sites like Ebookee that cannot be forgotten is BookBoom. BookBoom is an online place to find books for all ages. These books can be read directly online or downloaded to be read on the go.

BookBoon is also home to documents and textbooks if you’re searching for a little help with your education. Follow BookBoon on Facebook to be notified when a new book of your liking has been added to their website.


Sites Like Ebookee

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LibriVox is another one of the best free public libraries online, except that it is slightly different. On this Ebookee alternative, you will find thousands of free audiobooks. So if you want a hands-free way to enjoy a new story, check out this site now.

LibriVox is a great place to stock up on stories for the gym or for stories that can be listened to on your way to work in the morning. Sometimes you must turn off the radio and relax with a great storyteller with a soothing voice.

Open Library

Official Site

Think of Open Library as a library that never closes and doesn’t require a card. Like Ebookee, you will find a massive database of downloadable books in numerous formats on this site. So if you want fiction or non-fiction or are just looking for a reference for your homework, you can find all three things mentioned above on this site with only a few clicks. Open Library is well organized and easy to browse. Take a look now to see for yourself.

Free eBooks

Sites Like Ebookee

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The last recommendation on this list is called Free eBooks. You know that all the books will be free with a site name like that. Free ebooks have one of the largest collections of free books compared to the other sites mentioned above.

You will find more than a million free-to-read books, and more are being added to this site. Free ebooks serve over 200 countries worldwide, and their books are available in numerous languages.