Sites Like Eventbrite – Create and Share Your Events

Eventbrite is a well-known place where you can create and share your events. But there are several other options online, and today, we are going to review some of the best sites like Eventbrite:

Sites Like Eventbrite

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Officiel Site

Mobilize is a site that serves all those people who are looking to create change in different areas. Whether social or political, Mobilize allows you to create campaigns so that people can raise their voices and fight for what is right.

What the site does is that it allows users to create events of different types within its platform. Nothing has a limit if you comply with the terms and conditions outlined in Mobilize.

The site has no cost for individuals. A person can enter and view events nearby and attend them without any problem. This does not apply to teams and organizations that have to pay a fee.

We can say that the site supports major brands and companies. In addition, its social purposes have made it a highly recognized and attractive platform for all kinds of people.


  • It allows you to create events as long as they have a social purpose.
  • It has no limitations for participation.


  • Nearby” events are usually in countries far away.

In verdict, we can say that Mobilize is an excellent platform to start making a change. However, it should also be noted that it is not widely used in certain countries.

Soapbox Engage

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Soapbox Engage is an all-in-one platform. People can use the site for different purposes without any problem and take advantage of its features to the fullest.

The site offers a variety of services, among them event hosting, to name a few. In addition, the platform will request a site, coordinate the date, and let you do everything else to unite people for the same cause.

As for the price, we have three options:

  • A free trial that lasts a short time
  • A monthly membership of $49 per month
  • or $199 for an unlimited membership.

The platform is quite reliable, not only because of the number of users but also because of the number of NGOs supporting it and believing in the purpose of Soapbox. Without any doubt, we can leave our project in your hands.


  • You can earn money for various functions of the site.
  • Excellent site to manage an event without having constant worries.


  • Few events outside the United States
  • High monthly prices.

We can conclude that Soapbox is a good platform. Trusting our project is essential; with them, we will be sure in every moment that everything will go as we think.

Fonteva Events

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Fonteva is a multipurpose platform that allows people to use several features to plan events, sales, and other projects.

Fonteva brings together several solutions in one place so that people can take advantage of what they need most. They work in an organized way and with different software to achieve their functions in a short time.

As for the price, Fonteva is known to charge a price for its services, but this is only known by those who negotiate for a plan. Apart from this, we can choose a demo and test its functions.

As for trust, we can see a section with testimonials from people and companies that follow Fonteva. One of the most striking is Salesforce, their main ally.


  • Complete and organized software.
  • Competitive platform thanks to its functions.


  • Limitations on use in certain countries.
  • Little information about prices.

Without a doubt, we can say that Fonteva is a quality solution. Besides, it has well-organized software, great allies, and an execution process that will help us at all times to achieve our goal.


Sites Like Eventbrite

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DoubleKnot is a platform that seeks to work in different areas as much as possible. Not only do they offer solutions for events, but their website is much bigger than many people may think due to all the projects they handle.

As far as events are concerned, they have software that makes everything easier. The program handles all the information the person needs and has many features to create a flawless organization.

The price is unknown. The site does not offer prices on their website unless a person has finished the demo process they offer in the first instance. On the other hand, Trust is not missing. This site is supported by many NGOs, schools, museums, and other important sites. So we can say without a doubt that DoubleKnot can be trusted.


  • High-quality and easy-to-use software
  • Demo service with integrated help.


  • Lack of prices within the site.
  • Difficult to use on phones.

Without a doubt, we can say that DoubleKnot is a safe bet. If we are looking for software to organize and plan events, it is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market.


Sites Like Eventbrite

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OneCause is a somewhat different platform in the environment in which it was created. Despite being a site to organize events, it has a somewhat different purpose because it wants to help famous fundraisers.

The site offers people the option to create an event and simultaneously accepts that users create a campaign to raise funds within the same platform.

Its price is unknown. People can opt for a site tour to learn about it, but you must go through a somewhat extensive consultation process to know its prices in-depth.

As for trust, we can be sure of OneCause. The site is followed by hundreds of people who have left their testimony, and a renowned company created it.


  • Allows the creation of fundraising events without additional fees.
  • It offers different solutions according to the type of user.


  • Extensive price consultation process.
  • There is a lack of clarity in acquiring plans.

OneCause is an excellent alternative for event creation. Collecting funds only adds a bonus everyone loves and will know how to make the most of.


Sites Like Eventbrite

Officiel Site

TicketLeap has an approach that we might consider more personal. The site offers various solutions for event creators to position themselves more easily and at a lower price.

The platform allows the creation of events and their planning and tickets for those events. Thus, a complicated process becomes simple, and the site completes it in simple steps with our ideas.

In terms of price, we can say that they are quite economical. For example, events with a $5 ticket will only pay $0.25 per ticket sold. The higher prices can be calculated in the Prices section with the fee calculator, although they do not usually exceed $2 on an average ticket of $20.

Furthermore, its confidence is based on its 16 years of service in the market and the hundreds of clients who recommend the platform with their eyes closed. We can find a section with the testimonials of several people on the main site of TicketLeap.


  • Low prices in terms of usage fees.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly platform.


  • The product demo is extensive.

Without a doubt, TicketLeap is one of those platforms that users love. It has low prices, multiple options, unique features, and much more. As a result, it’s worth using if you’re in the events business.


Sites Like Eventbrite

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Vendini knows first-hand what can be a headache for event organizers. That is why they created a simple solution that allows them to cover such a wide market.

What the platform offers is event planning software that goes beyond that. The site offers different features that facilitate the planning, and coordination of payments, invitations, and all the hassles of an event. They also add useful planning tools that give the product the final touch.

As far as price is concerned, this is something we cannot mention. First, we will have to go through a demo process, and then we will be able to access the prices of your plans, but it is not public information on the site.

As for trust, it is enough to see the number of commercial allies that have put their events in Vendini’s hands to solve all the planning, invitation, and a couple of other things.


  • Ally of multiple platforms with which you can work.
  • Adaptable software for different platforms.


  • Little information about prices.
  • The demo process is required.

We can say that Vendini is a great solution for events. Although it has a disadvantage as it does not publish its price, it is still an option many people will appreciate as soon as they use it.

To Conclude

While sites like Mobilize are great for stepping up in political matters, Fonteva and TicketLeap may be your best choice for an in-to-gain event. Anyhow, try the options that best suit what you will do and see how these sites like Eventbrite help you administrate your event easier.