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Facebook is huge! With over 2 billion active users and over 2 million active advertisers, Facebook has been ranked 2nd in Alexa for a long time. The only website that beats it is Google. Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. Others have tried to beat it, none have succeeded.

Not only is Facebook massive, but it’s also amazing. Facebook is speedy, fun, intuitive, and has all the tools you might need to connect with those you love and find new ways to generate traffic for your company. There’s nothing better than Facebook, and best of all, it’s 100% free.

To create your Facebook account, you must be at least 13 years of age and have a valid email address. That’s all. From there, you can create a profile, add pictures, send instant messages, play games online, connect with friends from the past and present, share videos, and a whole lot more.

There isn’t much you can’t do with Facebook. This amazing website is also available as an app. Connect your Facebook account to your smartphone, tablet, and any other device with an internet connection, including your gaming consoles. Facebook is available anywhere and everywhere.

Like we mentioned above, lots have tried to compete with Facebook, none have managed to overthrow it, but some have succeeded in becoming top social media platforms. These are the ones we’ll mention below.

Sites Like Facebook

Our list of networking sites like Facebook includes ways to connect your business profile, share your interests with millions of viewers, keep up with trends, and a lot more. All the social networking sites below are free to use, and each one has a certain element that makes them great. Browse them all to find the one that fits your needs and who you are.

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Our social media sites like Facebook must include Pinterest. Pinterest is great for DIY’s and finding cool ideas for anything. Pinterest lets users start their own online corkboard. On this corkboard, you can share ideas, links, images, videos, and more.

You can follow many topics to get notifications about new designs, patterns, and inspiration. With Pinterest, you’ll never run out of ideas for your home, business, or classroom. This site is family-friendly and has millions of “pins” for you to discover. Start searching for interesting and creative projects now!

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MySpace was one of the first social media platforms in existence. Sadly, it didn’t grow into a viral website like Facebook. Over the years, MySpace has been rebranded. Nowadays, MySpace caters to viral videos, music, movies, and anything that touches entertainment.

On the new MySpace, you can keep up with your favorite celebrities and watch new music videos. If you’re searching for a great site that keeps you up to date with the entertainment world, MySpace is the social networking site for you.

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Twitter is another one of the top social networking sites like Facebook on our list. Twitter is also one of the easiest to use. This free social media platform gives you a maximum of 140 characters per post.

This keeps the pages from being overwhelmed and gives everyone the same chance to show their interests and products. On Twitter, you can add “followers” who get first access to your posts, and you can share pictures, videos, links, and more. Twitter is definitely worth considering if you want to grow a brand, sell something amazing, or follow your favorite celebrity.

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Instagram must also be included on our list of top social media platforms like the other sites like Facebook on our list. Similar to Twitter, Instagram is also a way to share videos, pictures, and anything that might interest you.

There is a website that lets you view your likes and shares but to add something to Instagram. You must install the app. This app is available for Android or iPhone. Adding to Instagram is done with one click. Add a filter, a few tags, and share it with your followers. If you share a lot of content per day, you’ll love Instagram, we guarantee.

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Google+ (Out of Service)

Google+ is a social media that belongs to the number 1 ranked site on the internet, Google. They let you share anything of interest. Share newspaper articles, links photos, and more. The best thing about Google+ is acknowledgment. If you’re looking for exposure for your business online, Google+ gives you great SEO.

The more likes you have on this site, the better ranks your site will get. Google+ is simple, fresh, and a ton of fun. Creating an account is done with one click by using your existing Gmail account.

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Lastly, we must add LinkedIn to our list of great alternatives to Facebook. This is one of the top social media sites for businesses. LinkedIn is for professionals who want to connect with other professionals to share advice, products, innovations, newspaper clippings, and more. You can even add an online resume to show off your skills and previous and current employment.

You can even add recommendations for clients and employers. On this site, you can promote your company and hire workers. LinkedIn has professionals from around the world. It’s the number one site to help grow your business, brand and find the right people for the job.

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