13 Top Crowdfunding Sites Like GoFundMe


Top Crowdfunding Sites

There are many ways to make money for a charity or a startup, but one of the easiest ways is to create a free account on a fundraising website. A fundraising website is like a social media site for people who care. You can publish a page on these sites explaining who you are, why you’re raising money, and the date you need the cash.

You can include links, pictures, a short video, and other media to explain why you’re raising the money. If people like your idea or your cause, they can donate as much or as little as they want and choose to remain anonymous or not.

Fund Me Sites

The catch, you must pay a small percentage of your proceeds to the website in question. This is usually under 10%. Fund me sites have helped thousands of companies launch their new products and thousands of families in need. If you’re ready to ask for extra cash or help by donating some of your own, view this list for our best fund me sites recommendations.

Sites Like GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a platform that has grown exponentially, especially for raising funds for medical and educational causes. The website was developed in 2010 to help individuals, groups, and organizations.

To request help on GoFundMe, you must start a campaign. The registration must be done from one of the countries validated by the site. These are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, and some areas of the United States.

GoFundMe allows you to create campaigns to solicit financial support for different purposes: for health, NGOs, emergencies, environment, business, financial emergency, In Memoriam, events, and other categories. Once you have created the campaign, you can spread it on your social networks and ask for support.

Those interested in supporting financially can make their donation with a credit or debit card. The funds can be withdrawn whenever you wish, although waiting until the target amount is preferable. The money will be transferred to your bank account within 1 to 14 business days.



Please browse our list below for more personal and business crowdfunding websites with proven results. You’ll love them all, guaranteed.

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Pozible is one of GoFunMe’s main competitors since most of the campaigns launched on its platform are for creative and artistic purposes. It was born to support talent worldwide.

Since 2010, Pozible has been a window of help for entrepreneurs looking to make their creative ideas tangible. So far, the money raised has been more than 20 million dollars for more than 7,000 projects.

In the case of Pozible, the campaign to be started must fit one of the 17 categories. In this case, you cannot create a project for medical, NGO, or related issues.

Its categories are design, fashion, film, food, graphic novels, journalism, community, art, music, games, technology, performance, video, photography, writing, crafts, and events. Pozible has guaranteed the success of more than 56% of the projects submitted.

One of the most motivating features of Pozible is that donors receive a reward according to the amount paid. For example, if the donor deposits 20 dollars, he gets the lowest bonus; now, he gets the highest compensation if he donates 200 dollars.

This platform makes crowdfunding something different, as there are benefits for the creators and the donors.

Addressing the negative aspects of Pozible, it has somewhat high commission fees -slightly less than FundAnything-. Campaigns also expire within 60 days.




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Ulule is a European crowdfunding platform created by and for artists, writers, musicians, athletes, and creators in general. Here you can find projects for different purposes and in other languages.

Anyone with a great project can register and create a campaign on Ulule, regardless of nationality or age. Moreover, this platform does not charge you for registration or campaign creation.

Now, as for the commissions and fees charged. Ulule charges 8.07% of the total amount because it should be noted that the payment will be made if the goal set by the user is reached. The maturity of the campaigns is three months, so if the project does not obtain the required money in that time, it will be returned to the backers.

Despite the different limitations it establishes, this platform is characterized by its transparency and seriousness since each of these disadvantages is defined from the beginning and on its website.

Among other things, it has excellent customer service and a community forum where you can clear further doubts you may have.




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Indiegogo is one of the most widely used alternatives to GoFundMe worldwide, including in Latin America. It was created to help developing artists who demonstrate a potential project to be successful. It is a community that brings together innovative ideas and wishes to make them a reality.

This platform has a flexible funding system funds raised can be withdrawn without reaching the goal. In any case, you will have 120 days to get all the money you request. That’s right, four months!

As for the fees, Indiegogo charges 5% of the entire amount, but only if the whole goal has been reached. Those campaigns that did not raise everything will be charged 9%, or the money will be returned to the backers, which is $900 out of every $10,000.



This alternative to GoFundMe is perfect for entrepreneurs. IndieGoGo is free to launch, has flexible funding styles, a worldwide platform, and lets its donators pay with Apple Pay, major credit cards, and PayPal.

The IndieGoGo staff recommends its top picks each week. Do you have what it takes to make it to their selection? The only way to find out is to start your fundraising project and see what happens. You might get lucky and overpass your final goal before your timer runs out.


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Fundly has raised over 330 million dollars, one of the most used crowdfunding platforms for various causes. The best thing is that you will find everything you need to track and manage your campaigns here.

This allows you to create campaigns for various causes and destinations. It can be for an organization, a club, an individual, or a non-financial entity. Once you create a campaign, you will have access to a dashboard where you will monitor the progress from its creation to the completion of the collections.

Fundly does not have a free version, but registration and monthly payment are only $1. It should be noted that other crowdfunding websites charge from $50 to $150 per month. Therefore, Fundly is the cheapest and most cost-effective alternative.

When you start a campaign on this site, you will have chat support to solve all your doubts in no time. Furthermore, Fundly also offers webinars to operate its interface and improve the campaigns to obtain funds quickly.

You can register from any country and your Facebook account.




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We end with Thrinacia, a paid platform where you will find a professional panel to monitor your campaigns. It has been created by a complete team of developers, designers, and administrators that will allow you to get the most out of your campaigns. Thrinacia is mainly aimed at the business field.

The basic plan is offered, which costs $9.99 per month and includes creating three campaigns, a user interface, CDN and SSL support, and PayPal payments. The second plan, called Discover, costs $39.99 each month and the attraction of this one is that it allows you to have unlimited campaigns, bandwidth connection modes, and data monitoring and backup.

The final plan, called the Scale Plan, costs $269.99 each month. It is ideal for those who want to open campaigns for the emergence or expansion of a company since, in addition to unlimited campaigns or projects, it has dedicated REST API, custom URL, GIT access, geographic hosting, access to light themes, three other websites, level 1 support and much more.

Thrinacia is a revolution in crowdfunding. Here you will not only create crowdfunding campaigns, but you will also be able to create your e-commerce and websites.




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One of the top crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe in this list is GoGetFunding. GoGetFunding is the best place to raise money for a personal cause. This fundraising website specializes in medical emergencies, dire life situations, and more of the genre.

If you have a touching story that you want to share with the world and you need to get some extra money fast, you should join GoGetFunding now.

Don’t forget to share your link on social media to get the ball rolling. GoGetFunding gives you a limited time to raise the cash to reach your goal, or you will have to forfeit your donations.


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KickStarter is one of the most popular fundraising websites like GoFundMe. KickStarter has helped thousands of startups become huge in the business world. In addition, this site has helped promote new inventions and products that wouldn’t have been discovered if it wasn’t for KickStarter.

Because of this site, small companies have grown with their exposure and donations from KickStarter. So if you’ve invented something cool that needs funding, join KickStarter now to kick-start your way to the top.


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Mightycause has helped people raise over $550 million for personal and company needs. On this site, you will find a fast, easy, and free way to publish your problem and many tips and tricks to find the help you need.

Mightycause is great for communities with goals; individuals with particular causes, start-up companies, sports teams, nonprofits, and more. If you need extra cash to fund your project or idea, click on the link above to start on Mightycause.


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Patreon is for artists and creators. This place has over a million monthly patreon’s who want to help people continue their creations on various mediums. Patreon believes art should be shared with the world, and they know that sometimes a little extra cash is needed.

If you’re trying to plan an art show or need the supplies to get started, you should consider Patreon today so that you can begin creating or exposing your work tomorrow. You might even find a few buyers at the same time.


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FundRazr is one of the best online fundraising sites like GoFundMe for Canadians. FundRazr includes a Facebook app that can link both sites for more exposure. You can embed your fundraising projects on this site and raise money for causes like animal rescue, memorials, and medical care.

FundRazr charges a 5% fee if your goal is met. This site works best for small amounts. If you want to raise thousands of dollars, you’re better off trying other sites on this list.


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Fundable is a great way to find the money for any project or small business. The difference with Fundable is that it charges a monthly fee of $179 to run a campaign. There are no extra fees to receive your money.

Since you have to pay a fee on this site, it’s best to use Fundable for more significant amounts that start in the thousands. A usual campaign on this site only lasts a few months, making it a quick and easy way to find a lot of money in a short amount of time.


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This charitable company, like GoFundMe, is called CAF, which means Charities Aid Foundation. While you cannot buy any merchandise on this site, you can help numerous foundations raise money to help others in need.

CAF keeps your money safe, and this organization’s profits are reinvested into charity. This site works like a bank. You can save your money with CAF and donate at the same time. In addition, the Charities Aid Foundation has competitive interest rates, which give you more money each time you add to your savings account. To learn more about this site, click on the link above.

Art Fund

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Art Fund has been supporting museums and galleries for over 110 years. This site helps buy and display gorgeous pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Art Fund helps curators with their funding; it sets up networking events, promotes museums and galleries, and more. If you love art and want to help museums and galleries continue to share beautiful pieces and paintings, you should consider visiting the site the next time you’re looking to donate.

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