7 Sites Like Lifehacker for Great Tips and Tricks

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In this day and age, everything is speeding forward as quickly as possible, especially technology. It’s hard to keep up with all the newest gadgets and how they work. As a result, it’s hard to know how best to use a product or if you should at all. Of course, you can read “buyer reviews,” but it’s tough to know whether they’re true or were written by a hired writer.

Buyer reviews can easily be (), so it’s better to check things out for yourself on other sites other than selling the product. Perhaps you’re just trying to figure out how best to utilize your current Android product or look for the best way to drink coffee. There are thousands of reasons to research information, just as there are thousands of answers in the form of reviews, advice, and articles.

Sites Like Lifehacker

If you like sites like LifeHacker, a weblog that fills its pages with software reviews and life hacks, then you’ll love this article. Here, we give you sites like LifeHacker for great tips and tricks. Read on to find where your next advice is going to come from!

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If you are looking for a Lifehacker website, Gizmodo may be the one for you. This site features articles about science fiction, technology, design, and even politics. Called “Giz” for short, the site declares their love for technology, gadgets, science, and all kinds of toys, both big and small.

They love smart and beautiful designs, dreamy architecture for both living and working in, fast aircraft, spaceships for reaching every corner of our solar system, and sleek vessels for sailing the world over, as well as science fiction, geek culture, and all things wonderful and weird that geeks love. Above all, Gizmodo is a site full of articles about all these things.

Recent titles include listening to Saturn’s electromagnetic energy, bizarre glasses that cure motion sickness, vaping doesn’t help those trying to quit smoking, and articles about Avengers: Infinity War and Castle Rock. Check Gizmodo for the latest articles on your favorite topics and learn something.


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HowStuffWorks is an educational website whose main goal is to provide its target audience insight into how many things work. The website started at a college professor’s kitchen table in 1998. From there, HowStuffWorks grew quickly into an award-winning source of easy-to-understand, reliable, and unbiased explanations and answers to how the world, and many things within our world, actually work.

The site welcomes nearly thirty million visitors each month, eager to learn what the writers, editors, podcasters, and video hosts have to share about the things they’re most excited about. There are audio podcasts, videos, social platforms, award-winning apps for iPhone and iPad, the Lifehacker Android app, and daily articles.

No matter how you want to check out HowStuffWorks, they have a platform (or several) that can accommodate you. So check out HowStuffWorks and find out just about anything right from your smart device or computer.



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If you are looking for answers to any questions regarding your tech, look no further. AddictiveTips includes explanations, answers, and tips for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, Office, VPNs and Privacy, and Kodi.

Articles on this website can be about things such as how to connect to Wifi with Android using WPS, how to create a system restore point on Windows 10, how to use Siri to view nutritional guides on iOS 12, how to enable root SSH login on Linux, and much, much more.

Founded in 2008, this tech blog is focused on helping users find simple and free solutions to everyday problems. AddictiveTips provides daily hacks, tricks, guides, tips, and apps for users looking for this type of help. Face it, we aren’t all tech-savvy, and this site is for those of us who need help!

The site also covers the latest mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, and how-to tips and guides for all the above-mentioned platforms. So get the answers you need on AddictiveTips!

Dumb Little Man

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Another site like LifeHacker is Dumb Little Man. This site offers advice that is often wise, provocative, and practical and allows readers to contribute their tricks, tidbits, and tricks. You can find a little bit of everything with categories such as happiness, success, money, how-to, life hacks, relationships, and health.

Some of their most recent articles help you learn how you’re sabotaging your happiness, how extended warranties work, Gmail tricks and secrets, what debt collection technology updates there are, and how they may affect you. But, seriously, you can find anything from how to effectively clean your carpet to choose the credit card that suits you best. So check Dumb Little Man for the answers to your questions today!

How-to Geek


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How-to Geek is an online technology magazine that explains every kind of technology you can imagine. It’s not just about the tech you think, such as phones, laptops, webcams, and Bluetooth speakers, but it also includes items such as coffee makers, kitchen gadgets, yard equipment, and portable air conditioners.

If it’s electronic or tech-related, you’ll probably find it on How-to Geek, along with good tips for your favorite tech gadgets that you can’t live without. For example, the latest articles help you add wireless charging to your vehicle, tell you how to get a smart thermostat from your electric or gas company and use ADB and Fastboot on your Chromebook.

If it’s tech, you can find it explained on this site. This site’s writers are professionals who know what they’re talking about and can help you understand better. For all your tech questions, go to How-to Geek!

 1000 Life Hacks

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1000 Life Hacks is a huge collection of tricks, tips, and life hacks that will help make your life much easier. Like most life hacker websites, this site contains many categories: tech, food, money, home, cures, health, funny stuff, travel, cleaning, school, cars, life tips, and parties.

This Lifehacker website consists of tips, and life hacks written in post-it note style, each containing quick sentences for quick reading instead of reading an entire article. Check out 1000 Life Hacks by browsing the main page, selecting individual life hack categories, or watching a video.

If you don’t have time for reading a lengthy article or don’t like reading very much, this site offers the quickest way to learn life hacks. With short sentences, you can learn lots of things in a concise period. If you want answers but don’t have a lot of time reading, 1000 Life Hacks is the site for you!



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MakeUseOf is another site that teaches technology, focusing on connecting users, computers, devices, and the Internet via education. Their mission is to help users break down the world of technology and gadgets. This may be the site for you if you have any tech questions.

In addition to their categories, such as PC & mobile, lifestyle, and hardware, they also offer free ebooks, such as “The Best Routers and Modems For Every Budget,” “What is Bitcoin?” and “The Torrent Guide For Everyone.”

There are many more titles, as well. Before buying a book, check out if they offer a free ebook. They also give away items they’ve reviewed. Currently, they are giving away several tech products, such as a fitness watch and a pocket printer.

They also have a category labeled “top lists,” a sort of “best of” category, such as best web hosting services. MakeUseOf offers many answers to tech questions, and free ebooks may come in handy. So next time you have a tech question, check out MakeUseOf!