8 Popular List Sites Like Listverse


Which are the best 10 SUVs of all time? Which are the worst seven places to visit in the summer? These and many other listings can be found online. But can you trust the info? Here are eight great sites like Listverse to keep you busy with friendly intel listings.

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Official Site

As its name suggests, this platform is dedicated to publishing the top 10 of different topics. The topics covered are highly varied. You can find articles about food, movies, characters, and history, among many other options.

A curious aspect of TopTenz is the editors. This platform uses freelance writers. These people are dedicated to writing articles for the platform. Depending on the writer’s acceptance, they can earn more or less money. Everything must first go through a review process on the site.

This page is quite functional for many people. Moreover, you can find information backed by certified sources. Thus, the platform becomes especially useful for curious students and researchers.


Many categories


Being a platform with fully certified information, it already stands above many competitors. This makes TopTenz a suitable source of information for students and curious people.

The only downside is repetitiveness in terms of article style. They only work with lists of 10.


Official Site

Here we also find a large number of constantly updated categories. However, they do not work directly with lists and do not write their articles.

When you enter an article, you will be redirected to a page other than AllTop. This is because the platform only adds links to the most relevant news of the moment.

For example, the technology section will see the most relevant news in this field.

Despite this, it still has excellent functionality. It saves you work by informing you about the most important events. This page can be perfect for you if you want to learn about the latest news on a particular topic.



Doesn’t follow the same style as Listverse. They don’t publish top 10s or write any of their writing. However, it is still functional and informs us about current issues. Nevertheless, if we are looking for a site similar to Listverse, we should discard AllTop.


Official Site

In this case, current news is also published. Neatorama is constantly updated with new information. You can find articles of all kinds, but it does not upload tops similar to Listverse.

Sometimes you can find lists or something similar to what is published in Listverse. However, not all articles keep this essence.

Members write the writings on this platform of the Neatorama team. Here it is not very easy to be part of their work team. There is no section dedicated to hiring external writers on the platform.



There is a certain similarity between Neatorama and Listverse. However, on many occasions, this essence is lost. Lists of different topics are uploaded, but it is not something recurrent. In addition, the design of the platform is frankly bad. It is messy and confusing.

We recommend you use another listing platform.


Official Site

When entering Listropolis, we can feel perplexed. It does not have a bar with the available categories or anything like that. Moreover, the page’s design is too simple and not very nice. However, there is a search engine to search the platform catalog on topics of your interest.

Despite the bad design, they publish articles with the essence of Listverse. We can find lists of 10 throughout the platform. However, they do not have much activity, and the information published is not constant. It is not known if the data found in the articles are from reliable sources.



This site is not recommended at all. The design is awful, they do not have many articles available, and the categories in stock are unknown. In addition, the sources used in the articles are not provided at any time. Thus, it is impossible to know whether the information is reliable.


Official Site

As the name suggests, the platform is dedicated to publishing lists of 25 items. The categories are diverse and easy to access. For example, we must go to the home page’s top bar to access science, travel, history lists, etc.

They deal with exciting topics that are highly attractive to the general public. Occasionally, they publish various articles that are not organized as lists.

The fact that they consist of 25 items can be a bit long. You may prefer shorter lists containing objects relevant to a particular topic. However, this depends entirely on the reader’s preferences.



The essence of Listverse is entirely in this platform. Despite publishing lists of 25 positions, they are structured similarly. In addition, the topics covered are handled with attractive and well-organized language.

For this reason, we recommend you frequent the List25 platform.


Official Site

As soon as we enter Factfiend, we feel we are on a good platform. The design conveys order and avoids overloading you with information.

The platform follows a particular style in its articles. These always have the headline “That time when” accompanied by the topic to be discussed. They do not structure their writings in the form of lists. No article is structured in this way in its entire catalog.

The headlines are beautiful. They always have some element that catches the attention of their readers. Moreover, they are written by Factfiend’s editors.

At the same time, new articles are constantly being published on the platform.



Factfiend is a high-quality platform, elegant and composed of many categories. However, it may not live up to the style found on Listverse. They don’t publish lists of any kind. They only deal with topics of interest, not necessarily linked to necessary information.

If you don’t mind handling information without lists, Factfiend is an excellent choice.

Top 10 List

Official Site

This alternative may be the closest to the essence of Listverse. They only publish lists of a particular topic. When you enter the platform, you will find various categories similar to Listverse.

The design of the platform is quite lovely. You will not feel saturated when browsing through the articles on the page.

They have a section dedicated to hiring writers. It is pretty simple to be part of the Top 10 List team.

Despite all this, they do have one extremely negative aspect. The site is not active. They have more than two years without uploading content in different categories.



This is perhaps the most similar option to Listverse, but it is inactive. This is because they do not upload new content for quite some time. So you will have to do with the articles already found on the site.

We do not recommend using the Top 10 List. This is because the information found may already be ancient and not very relevant today.


Official Site

The platform uploads articles with varied styles and is moderately recent. They are not as constant as other sites. They usually publish articles once a month on average.

You may feel a bit saturated when you enter this page. This is because the articles are visually cluttered, and the number of words and images on the screen is excessive.

Also, these are not tops written by the platform. Instead, they are articles referring to historical lists of different topics.



This platform is not recommended at all. Its low activity and lack of similarity to Listverse make us discard it. Likewise, the content is not very interesting, and the lousy design causes us to lose attention to the article.

At the end

If you do not mind that the information is structured through lists, we have several recommended options. In this case, Factfiend, Neatorama, and AllTop are the best platforms with these characteristics. The content we can find is exciting and is managed with a lovely design.

Of this last group, we can only highlight the negative aspects of Neatorama in design.

On the other hand, if we stick more to the essence of Listverse, the best options are TopTenz and List25. Here you will always find well-organized lists of exciting topics.

The rest of the options do not meet many conditions. In some cases, they are even inactive pages that are not worth following. Therefore, you can only settle for the content already available on their platforms.

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