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Social media is something everyone in the world is using every day. These sites permit people to connect with family and friends all over the world. MySpace was one of the first free social networking sites for all to use. On MySpace, you could create your own personal profile, add pictures and customize your page to your heart’s content with music and more.

There is also a MySpace dating site dedicated to those who are looking for someone to love. You can browse hundreds of profiles to find someone with similar interests to your own. Once you’ve found someone you’ve taken a liking to, simply send them a free message to get the conversation flowing.

Unfortunately, this original social media site isn’t what it used to be. It was once a flourishing website that let people share their life moments and connect with others, now MySpace is a place to discover new music, movies, and trends.

Sites Like MySpace

Even though it has changed from a social media site to an entertainment website it’s still worth a visit. If you’re looking to connect with people all over the world you might enjoy these other social networking sites like MySpace listed below. Each one is free to use and a ton of fun.

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Facebook is one of the most popular social sites like MySpace on our list. You can create a personal profile or a business page for free on Facebook, in a few minutes. Once that is done you can add information, pictures, share videos, and more.

Others can share your content and like it. It doesn’t a lot of shares for your particular post to be shared with thousands around the world. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, discover new things, and laugh out loud each time you log in, we definitely recommend this addition to our list of MySpace alternatives.

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Some social websites are full of people of all ages, Meetup is one of the best social networking sites for adults. You won’t find silly videos from a younger generation or immature posts on this site. Meetup was created for adults.

On this site, you can create a free profile and start chatting with others in your age group immediately. If you’re searching for someone special or someone close to your age to hang out with and share similar interests, you’ll love Meetup. This site is clean and fun and perfect for any adult who wants to dip their feet into the social pool.

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Tumblr is very similar to MySpace. This site loves to share flashy content by using gifs, videos, and prominent pictures. You can become a free member within seconds and share every type of media that exists on this site.

Tumblr is a little more complicated than Facebook but it’s certainly worth a look if you’re searching for exposure or just have fun content to share with anyone who has a similar interest. This site must be included on our list of websites like MySpace.

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This addition to our list of sites like MySpace is called Twitter. Twitter is the site of a few words that really packs a punch. If you have a business or just want to get your personal brand known to the world, you’ll love this site.

On Twitter, you can share pictures, videos, links, and more. The only limitation on this site is your content in each tweet. You are limited to under 160 letters per post. This keeps every post short and sweet. There’s no fuss on Twitter and the fact that millions are using it each day makes it a perfect place to start if you’re looking for maximum exposure.

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Badoo must also be added to our list of social networking sites for adults. This site is for anyone 18 and older. Here you can easily create your personalized dating profile for others in your local area to view. On Badoo, you can see who’s near you if you’re looking for a date, a one night stand, or someone to stay by your side forever.

Instant message with others, send them “gifts” or block those that annoy you with a single click. Badoo has connected millions already, you should be using it too if you’re looking for someone special.

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Another one of the top sites like MySpace is Pinterest. Pinterest is a haven for anyone who loves DIY, crafts, and unique ideas. This site also lets you connect for free. Pinterest is very simple to use. This site is a virtual corkboard of ideas.

If you find something of interest, all you have to do is “pin” it to your own profile. From there, others can view your likes and share them too. Pinning stuff on Pinterest is a great way to save a ton of interesting concepts and ideas for further use and there’s nothing but one of a kind content on this site. If you’re someone who likes creativity, you’ll love Pinterest.

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