14 Time Pass Websites Like Oddee

Time Pass Websites

Time Pass Websites

Many people are fascinated by the strange and the weird, and we all need a few good ways to pass the time during a long and exhausting day. This list features the best of both. You will find funny sites with cute animals doing unbelievable things and strange sites that portray the world’s oddest things. These time pass websites should be kept in a special section of your bookmarks because you’ll want to come back to visit them every time you feel a little bored or a little curious.

One of the best internet sites to browse if you want to take a break from life is Oddee.

Oddee is one of the top time pass websites on the internet to find all the awesome and strange stuff going on in our world, past, present, and future. This site is home to people with unique diseases, weird laws, and stories like “8 gross facts about money”. In addition, you will learn about new technologies, unbelievable people, and places in the world that will surprise and stupefy you on this site.

Oddee has thousands of free articles and pictures for you to browse, and each page is a guaranteed surprise. However, if you only have a few minutes to spare out of your day, be warned because once you dive into the world of Oddee, you’re in for the long run. For more of the most interesting websites like Oddee to pass the time and learn about things that will baffle your brain, check out the list below.

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Neatorama is the best website for those who’d rather look at pictures than read long articles. You will find short phrases to describe the pictures on this site, but Neatorama is mostly there for the visuals. In this alternative to Oddee, you will find the most wonderful stuff on the internet and everything in between.

Search the Neatorama categories like a geek, food, pets, or topic, or check out their recent additions found directly on their homepage. The day’s facts include Russian gangsters in their natural habitat and ten times SpongeBob SquarePants went too far.

Sad and Useless

Official Site

If you’re looking for a truly amazing way to pass the time, consider this addition to our list of sites like Oddee called Sad and Useless. Sad and Useless is home to the most depressive news and trends on the internet. On this site, you will find articles about how Canadians are weird, pictures of celebrities without teeth, and other articles about hard-hitting subjects in our world, like extreme hipsterism.

Sad and Useless is the place to go if you want to watch videos about people trying to fit their fists in their mouths and to see the best rounds of Cards Against Humanity. The name of this site sums up what’s to be expected. If you want to waste time learning about sad and useless things in our world, click on the link above now.


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Coffee breaks are usually pretty quick. This site, called DarkRoastedBlend, has all the weird and wonderful things you need to keep you busy while you drink your dark-roasted blend. Like Oddee, you will find everything you need to complement your daily coffee ritual on this site.

DarkRoastedBlend is highly visual. You will find more pictures on this site than words. This way, you can go through more posts in a limited time. If you need something to waste your time while sipping your hot brew, check out DarkRoastedBlend. Bookmark this site now because you’ll want to get a lot more of it, just like your daily cups of coffee.


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Who doesn’t like watching someone do a great fail? FailBlog is a massive compilation of fails. On this site, you can find adult fails. Kid fails. Even animal and car fails. Search thousands of short video clips and gifs, and check out the hilarious pictures guaranteed to make you laugh with each search on their site.

FailBlog, also known as the Cheezburger site, might not be one of the top internet news sites, but it is a place to laugh out loud each time you log in. Check out the Fail Nation blog to read up on silly and strange things, and don’t miss the Dating Fails page to read up on all sorts of facepalm events that have happened during dates.


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Sometimes, you might not want to browse pictures and videos or read long articles to pass the time. Sometimes, you might want something in the background you can watch while relaxing. If this is the case for you, you’ll love this last addition to our list of passing the time recommendations called ZoomQuilt. ZoomQuilt is a neverending world on a loop. You will be directed to a picture when you click on this link.

The picture will zoom in, and you will see another world in that zoomed image. The zoom will continue to show yet another world, and from there, it goes on and on and on. ZoomQuilt is a neverending image that goes from world to world on an unlimited loop. If you’ve never seen the ZoomQuilt in action, you should click on it now. We dare you not to get mesmerized.


Laughter is the best medicine, they say. And if you want to be “The Joker” of the party, check out this awesome list. Here we present you with the best funny jokes websites for fun content!


Fake Update

Official Site

Are you a little bored today? Well, it’s time for you to get down to work and start making a couple of innocent jokes so that you can get rid of the boredom and laugh for a while at the expense of your friends and family.

The Fake Update website offers you a quick and easy option to mess with more than one innocent who sits behind your computer screen.

On this page, you will find false Windows update screens. Moving forward, to start your joke, you have to:

  1. Select a theme
  2. Press F11 to set the full-screen mode

And then, with a simple ENTER of the keyboard, voilà! You can scare your school or work colleagues by making them believe that, oh no! They have damaged your valuable computer.

You won’t stop laughing at the different topics you’ll find on this site to make a few funny jokes for your friends.

Blow Up the Phone

Official Site

This site has content that will make your friends crazy with telephone jokes.

So simple but so fun! Text messaging jokes are still among the funniest around and require so little that it’s almost impossible to believe how much fun it can be to bother someone’s patience with a simple messenger.

You can send massive amounts of crazy, funny, and hilarious texts and select how much and how often they should get to their mobile phones. It’s that quick and easy!

Of course, the fun part is not just the messages. It’s completely anonymous. So no one will know it was you with the funny idea of random messages.

Remember to make these funny jokes through the Blow Up the Phone website. You will have to pay since no website will use text messages (which themselves have a stipulated cost) for free.

Send Random Facts

Official Site

If what you like is watching your friends receive hilarious messages out of nowhere, Send Random Facts is the place for you. This website is in charge of sending messages with crazy data and funny facts without your friends knowing that it’s you who’s behind it all.

Anonymously, you can place the telephone number of any relative or friend you want to play a little joke with.

You have to select the subject of the data or facts that will be sent and choose between data on kittens related to Trump, coffee, and even breeding.

Then select how many messages you want to be sent (Keeping in mind that each message has a cost), and finally, decide how recurrently these messages will reach them (once per minute, every 5 minutes, or every 15 minutes).

Finally, you have to make the final check, make the payment, and be ready. But, of course, your friends will be crazy trying to decipher the funny one filling the mailbox with nonsensical messages.

Message Bomber

Official Site

Like the two previous sites on our list, Message Bomber is a website where you can send funny jokes to your friends, family, or colleagues to make them mad and have fun at their expense.

Nevertheless, there are three categories to choose from here:


Official Site

With WhatsFake, you can create fake conversations on any topic you want, completely free, and make a few people laugh at your nonsense.

The web has a simple and realistic design, which makes it a very functional tool. You can also edit all the message details, from the time to the arrival notification and much more.

It’s also simple to use since you only have to touch the message balloons, and the list of options will unfold before you so that you can edit and save easily. In addition, you can share the false conversation you created through Instagram, Facebook, and more.


Official Site

If you are looking for a place that will make you have fun for hours and hours making false calls to your friends or acquaintances to get a couple of laughs, then we have the perfect place to start giving free rein to your jokes.

With PrankDial, you are going to die laughing at your friends. You can choose from a bunch of crazy and funny fake calls (some even customizable) so that they get to your victim’s number and make him get more than a couple of green hairs.

You can choose different scenarios within the categories of love, sexy, annoying, insults, funny, celebrations, technology, scam, money, neighbors, celebrities, animals, services, or automated.

Besides, you can choose if the call will go for a short or long duration. These calls will make you enjoy a great moment of fun.

You can record your victim’s reaction so you can laugh if you’re not at the time of the call, and you can also choose to tell them at the end of the call that PrankDial has mocked them. Then, add the phone number of your target jokes, your number, and ready, you’re ready to play a couple of funny jokes.

Fake CheckIn

Official Site

And if you’re not looking for a website but an app for your cell phone, then we present Fake CheckIn.

With this app hosted in the app store, you can make your friends die of jealousy by making them believe that you’ve finally taken that journey they’ve always discussed.

You can easily send any location from anywhere in the world to your friends or families through any app that allows sharing location –You get it. A fake one.

Anyway, what makes Fake CheckIn a great prank app is the full native integration of Facebook, so you can simulate check-ins as if you were in another place in the world.

Become a good fake traveler and play a trick on your classmates.


Official Site

There’s no doubt that if you’ve ever spent an entire day with nothing to do and thinking of something that could make you smile and distract you for a couple of hours, you should visit the FaceinHole website. We assure you that after that, you’ll never have a gray moment again, and you can always tease your friends.

As the name suggests, it’s simply placing someone’s face or face in a hole.

But, oh no, don’t let this make you think for a second that you won’t be able to have hours and hours of fun doing the best edits with the faces of your friends or family.

How can you not die laughing if you put your uncle’s fat face in an image of a raw chicken or your best friend’s, the most serious of all, in the body of wonder woman? Just imagine it is fun, right?

So try it. There are countless possible scenarios for you to put the faces of your friends, co-workers, and relatives, then you can share them with the rest of the world to make them laugh as much as you do at the crazy face-body mixes you’ve created. You’ll have a great time.

Geek Typer

Official Site

On this website, you can scare your friends or family like never before, making them believe that their computer has been hacked. They’ll go crazy!

You can choose any topic you prefer to use, then press F11 to access the full screen, and you’re done. But, unfortunately, it’ll be so realistic that you’ll give them the biggest scare of all, thinking they’ve lost all their valuable information.

Or you can make a little joke to someone using your computer to make them think they’ve ruined everything. Great!

Don’t think twice about it, and run and visit this online site to play a couple of jokes for a bit of fun. We’re pretty sure you’ll spend hours and hours laughing and teasing whoever you choose as your target for funny jokes.

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