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Pipl is an excellent site to find out personal information. This is the significant searcher for personal information that banks and other institutions use to discover if they can trust you. But you can also use it to find out about yourself or others.

Sites Like Pipl

Nevertheless, Identity Information Search is not a monopoly, and several other services can help you raise information at a “more suitable” price. For example, please look at our list of the best sites like Pipl.

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When searching and identifying identities, Intelius is a web Master that facilitates the whole process. Once you enter the website, you can verify for free and immediately if the data of any customer or user is valid and authentic. That’s right, without complex procedures, that’s why it is the best alternative for small and medium companies or personal brands.

In addition to allowing you to verify the identity of some customers, you can find personal data of your family or friends just by having the phone number or address. Of course, Intelius has numerous listings, and you will probably get several results. In total, Intelius has more than 20 billion public records.

Every search you make will be protected entirely on this platform, as the site works with a 256-bit encrypted connection. This ensures privacy in every process.

When you start the search, the platform will ask you some questions about the person in question. This way, the results will be more accurate.

Once the results are loaded, you will access a public report on the person’s contact details. In addition, you will be able to identify them by their age and full name quickly.


  • The first data search is completely free of charge
  • Each search is private
  • Relatively low prices
  • It has a mobile app for iOS and Android


  • Pricing information is hard to find
  • Searches only available in the United States

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Zaba Search is identity verification and people search platform funded by Intelius, so you expect it to have a similar interface. In this case, Zaba Search presents a text box on its home page where you can enter the person’s name to be verified and the U.S. state in which they are potentially located.

The platform also provides a small box where the most frequent searches are reflected.

This website verifies and searches data in the various public records and digital platforms that Zaba Search contains. It works with yellow pages, white pages, social network profiles, employment page profiles, electoral registers, and personal websites.

However, one of this site’s most frequent criticisms is its poor privacy and security.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • It offers a more significant number of results
  • Free first search


  • It makes public personal and private information
  • Less accurate results


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PeopleFinders is one of the ideal sites like Pipl for companies that need to verify people on a large scale. This is due to the number of records. Its platform has access to over 48 billion records where you can verify as many people as you need.

This is one of the veteran sites in people search and verification, as it has been in service since 1998. It is not only a website that will help you search; it is a company that offers you privacy and security when searching for people in the United States.

So that you can check that PeopleFinders will be helpful for you, it offers a free trial. After this, you can choose from the various plans available.

Given the nature of the target audience of this agency, here, you will also be able to verify if the person has a criminal or judicial record and know the reasons for their past arrests. This will be very useful when hiring company personnel or dealing with a potential client.

You can pay for the report at the end of the search, which gives you complete results about the person’s identity in question.

The 3-day free trial version costs only $0.95.


  • Low-cost free trial
  • Judicial information verification
  • Unlimited report downloads


  • Dense and inaccurate information
  • Unsubscription must be done by phone call


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TruePeopleSearch is another alternative that is only available for people residing in the United States. Similarly, the platform is easy to use and has a clean and intuitive interface.

In this platform, you can perform searches and identity verification based on your first name, last name, telephone number, and address. Once you have entered these data, the results that TruePeopleSearch will give you will be more than expected: it reveals age, job, background, financial information, criminal record, and relatives.

Unlike the other alternatives to Pipl, TruePeopleSearch does not require you to register in its database. Thus, you can feel free to do whatever search you need without going through the annoying registration process. This feature also speaks to the site’s quality when respecting your privacy and security.

The customer service also stands out for its efficiency, as it is open 24 hours a day and all week.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • No need to register
  • Secures and respects your privacy


  • Only available for US residents


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Spokeo is based on the premise of always knowing more. Doing so allows you to search and verify your identity through your name, phone number, address, and email. The latter is one of the added values of the platform since few sites offer results only with this information, and it is one of the first we get from a person.

What distinguishes Spokeo is the number of platforms to show you as much information as possible about the person you are looking for. You will discover their relatives and relations on this platform since it supports searching on social networks. This has become one of the most used options due to the ease and accuracy of data.

In addition to disclosing personal, contact, employment, and legal data, Spokeo allows you to see the person’s parental relationship. You can even see the last weight and height recorded in their medical history.

Being a website that accesses a tremendous amount of personal data, many doubt the legitimacy of Spokeo. But, the truth is that this website has the corresponding license to help people and companies verify the information their customers and employees give.


  • Allows you to search by email
  • Search on social networks for accurate results
  • Access to medical history
  • Notification of data updates


  • More expensive fees


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BeenVerified is one of the complete websites to verify and search for people. It is a website that not only has one of the most accurate and complete systems. It has a very active page that, in addition to offering the service in question, has a blog with various articles that will allow you to document multiple topics: security, law, and relationships. Thus, in addition to offering a compact service, it provides quality information.

The website is defined as a multiple search site since it verifies or reveals the true identity and provides various aspects of their life. For example, by simply entering the name and surname, you will find billions of results that reflect the e-mail, telephone number, criminal record, judicial record, vehicles, addresses, and unclaimed money.

One of its added values is that it saves the history of past searches to be helpful if you need them again.


  • It has an informative blog
  • Vehicle search by license plate
  • Criminal and judicial record search
  • Quality customer service


  • Information may not be up to date


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TruthFinder is the people finder and identity verifier par excellence, characterized by a security system that offers quality and honesty. Since 2014, the platform’s objectives have been clear: to deliver very defined and concrete results.

On this website, you can search and verify people or identities unlimitedly. It does not limit the numbers you can enter to find the person you are looking for. The most unique and profitable thing about TruthFinder is that it gives you access to records and data that are entirely confidential.

Here you will not only search through records found in notary offices or verify by searching through social network profiles. TruthFinder goes beyond what you can find yourself and thoroughly researches every piece of data in exclusive access platforms.

Of course, so much quality could not be free, yet TruthFinder offers a meager fee for downloading each report: $2. It is an economical cost considering how TruthFinder searches for people and identifies identity.

All these features have made TruthFinder awarded the best site to verify identity.


  • Offers multiple search filters
  • More refined and closer results
  • Search among confidential information, such as the dark web


  • Must pay for each report
  • No free trial


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This website searches across regular search engines like Google and across social communities, forums, and online profiles to find anything it can find about the person you’re searching for. Wink also allows you to manage the information found about yourself on their site. Create a free Wink profile to choose what can be discovered if someone searches for your name on this site. Then, click on the link above to start protecting your identity online.

Peek You

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Peek You has an interesting twist regarding finding a person for free. You can search by usernames found across different social media networks on this site. If you want to know who Bling24 or SexyKitty101 is, you might be able to find out on Peek You. This site can show you what they’re doing on the web with the same username and more. A lot of information can be dug up on Peek You. Try it out now with your username to see how well this site works.


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At the End

You can access any of these sites to solve an identity crisis! While PeopleFinders is probably the cheapest option and the best overall in value/quality, they all offer a different focus to the data search service.

Try out the company that better suits your needs, and keep in mind that information may be more accurate in the State where the company is based.