Top Clothing Rental Services Sites Like Rent the Runway

Essential events require specific dressing, and whether you are in for a wedding or are taking part in a small theater run, renting clothes is an excellent way to escape from trouble with a quick solution. Thankfully, this becomes easier now, as you can access top clothing rental services online.

Rent the Runway is a significant company where you can rent high fashion pieces for 10% of their value. It has evolved and created new services showing its position in the world. It is a solution to the consumer’s challenges in fashion, being the most innovative in clothing distribution.


  • On this site, you don’t need a membership to shop.
  • It is one of the most innovative companies in fashion distribution.
  • It rents dresses from well-known designers.
  • It’s a Big Worldwide firm.


  • Rent the Runway Sometimes doesn’t sell you everything you need.
  • Some customers see it as a service incompatible with buying new clothes.
  • Some customers say they’d like to prove how the used clothes are cleansed.

It is a company where you can rent couture and the latest fashion pieces in signature garments and accessories. It sends ten dresses per week and is registered under a domain. This company has been evolving and creating new services to maintain its position.

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Armoire Style

Armoire Style

Official Site

It is a rental site platform for women’s clothing rental of contemporary designs, which gives you access to thousands of high-end styles for a fixed monthly price. Compared to Ambik Singh, Armaine increased the rental’s relevance despite the trauma of the pandemic. It is a favorite style store.


  • Armoire Style ensures the process that all linens are clean and sanitized.
  • Offers flexible plans to suit a variety of budgets.
  • It has the best high-end items in clothing rentals.
  • New items are often added.


  • It possesses a service that is a bit pricey.
  • Delivers only four items per month
  • Has unlimited membership

It is a women’s clothing rental store with favorite styles, and your purchases are received at your doorstep. It has high-end models that you can use on any occasion you require. You can also make favorites with discounts.

As for the prices, rental clothing has three options for you to pick from.

4-item capsule

It costs 69$ the first month and 79$ after, you get four pieces of clothing, and if you don’t burn any, you can use that pick for the next month in a rollover.

7-item capsule

Like before, seven items instead of one case per case and 1 case per month. However, the price changes to 79$ the first month and 119$ after that.


You can rent six items per case and unlimited cases per month! The price value gets at its best here since the trial month goes to 139$ and the rental goes to 249$.

All options here include free shipping in both directions, and the site is backed by several great brands, such as Nicole Hiller, Boden, Adrianna Papell, French Connection, and more.

Vince Unfold

Vince Unfold

Official Site

A company that offers a clothing rental service has a massive choice of items. Compared to Rent The Runway, Vince Unfold has better aesthetics per enjoyment of all rental pieces and access to some brands in just RTR.


  • Vince Unfold has discounts on items you want to keep.
  • You can try it before you buy
  • Shipping and returns are always free, as long as you subscribe to the service.
  • You have access to some high-end brands.
  • Offers design and style for both men and women.


  • The selection does not include everything on Vince’s site.
  • Vince Unfold does not show the processes on their site.
  • You may not have access to discounted items.

It is a company that offers a relatively massive selection of items to choose from, has access to some brands, is the latest rental service to join clothing brands to arrive, is based in California, and makes beautiful and essential pieces that work for any occasion.

The service has a flat price of 160$, and you can choose clothing from a limitless and full of styles net of designs. Besides, you can get to keep the ones that you liked the most with a discount on the price.


Clothing Rental Services

Official Site

When you enter Vivrelle’s catalog, you will find various accessories. Its style is exquisite and is aimed at the female clientele. Unfortunately, there is no type of accessory or garment available for men.

On the other hand, this platform does not work as a conventional store. Here you can rent accessories from the catalog for reduced prices.

The site’s premise is to offer you costly items at a reduced price. However, access to these items is still expensive and requires a monthly membership fee. At the same time, depending on your membership level, you can rent various items.


  • Access to highly exclusive products
  • Catalog composed of clothing from renowned designers


  • Expensive memberships
  • Only has accessories

Vivrelle perfectly fulfills the purpose of its platform. They offer you to rent costly accessories for ten times less. Furthermore, it allows you to renew your closet with exclusive garments sustainably and economically. We recommend you look at their catalog if interested in this dressing method.

Express Style

Clothing Rental Services

Official Site

Express offers you a much more varied style. You can find casual, elegant sportswear, among others.

On the other hand, they have a section for men and women. In turn, these are composed of many garments with very affordable prices. For example, the cost of the upper clothes can range between $50 and $80, not a very high price for the quality of the product.

It also has a section for renting exclusive garments. In the same way, you can rent men’s or women’s garments if you have a membership on the platform.

In this case, there are no membership levels. The subscription costs $59.95 and allows you to rent three garments monthly. In addition, they offer you a 30-day free trial until March 6, 2022.


  • Garment rental system
  • Affordable costs
  • Men’s and women’s catalog
  • Free shipping


  • Single membership level

Express has a highly comprehensive catalog with affordable prices. This positions it as an excellent option for most people. In addition, they have a fascinating garment rental system. We recommend you check the Express catalog.


Clothing Rental Services

Official Site

It is a monthly clothing rental subscription site for women. You can rent like-new clothes selected by the masterminds of URBN style. Other shoppers were eager to try Nuully’s new clothing rental service, including Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, and Free People. Its interface is friendly compared to most alternatives.


  • You can choose up to six items per month from a large selection of clothes.
  • It has an assortment of designs, fun and versatile.
  • New items are often added.
  • You get to choose the clothes you want.


  • On this site, services are a bit expensive.
  • It lacks experience within the market to improve its user quality.
  • It is not easy to manage.

Nuuly is a monthly rental service for lady’s clothing. It has an assortment of designs to be fun and versatile. The customer can wear the item of their choice in different ways within a month. It has a great platform of its graphical interface.

The company is an on-stock service with over 100 brands, including Universal Standard, Levi’s, LoveShackFancy, AYR, Zadig & Voltaire, AGOLDE, etc.

As for prices, only one plan includes renting six items for 88$ + Taxes. Any additional item costs 18$, and you can order up to 2 other items each month.

If you want to keep any piece of clothing, you must log in and purchase the item from your current keep menu. Remember that you should buy the item when you have it before making the return trip.

A final significant aspect of Nuuly is that they have adapted the whole process in the cleaning area. All items are 100% clean and ready for the following user but secured to be Covid-19 free.

On the other hand, Nuuly covers all cleaning and repairs without additional charges and allows you to get out.

What to look for in clothing rental services

When you want to rent clothes, you need to add specific intel to the selection that you wouldn’t buy. So, we will break this into two lists for you:

What to look for in clothing stores in general

  • High-quality clothing
  • Good price-value index
  • Preferably trustworthy brands or designer items
  • Clear return and refund policies
  • Clear delivery policies
  • Options fit what you need at the moment

What to look for in rental options

  • Straightforward cleaning and usage policies
  • Clear warranty policies
  • Clear policies regarding extensions and dates of the return
  • Good payment methods

Once you know what you need to note that a site is worthy of your trust, you can check out their stock and start using clothes you won’t see in season pictures for years. To sum up, try Nuuly as an alternative to Rent The Runway, Armoire Style is also a good option, but prices are a bit high if you look to save time and money.

As for our pick, we believe that Nuuly is the best shot because it covers a broader range of styles and brands, and secondly because it is cheaper in the long run.

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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