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Sites Like Shutterstock

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While working on a work or school project, you often need licensed content to give it that perfect finish. Shutterstock is a website where you can access millions of files, from images and illustrations to videos and music, which you can use online or offline, depending on your chosen license. Today we decide to bring you some of the best sites like Shutterstock.

You can start for free with a browsing account, which will let you check out over 170 million files, and you can also access free weekly content. Once you find what you need, there are several licensing plans that you can choose from: a standard license will allow you to use the files worldwide with unlimited digital reproductions. In contrast, an enhanced license will expand the usage to unlimited physical reproductions.

All the pictures on these sites are royalty-free images used for commercial use and can be changed as much as you need without legal repercussions. Nothing’s better to learn about the photography industry than by browsing the artwork of others. Enjoy searching for all sorts of photography techniques and exploring stock images that are out of the ordinary.

Sites Like Shutterstock

Special plans are available for businesses and creative agencies depending on your specific needs. In addition, there are other great sites like Shutterstock for free images & photos, and this is a list we have arranged for you to compare options and make it easier to pick the one with the kind of files you are searching for.

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Depositphotos is one of the top Shutterstock alternatives for free images and photos. In addition, licensed content is offered at prices you won’t find at many other sites, so it’s an affordable option to marry business with creativity.

If you need some help, customer support is available 24/7 and can speak to you in 20 languages. Next, select the subscription plan that fits your needs; some allow you to download a certain number of images per month, others per year, and you can also ask for a custom solution to meet your demands.


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Find the perfect images, stock photos, and vectors for all your projects here. You will surely find something you like with over 69 million images in the database. The staff reviews each file before uploading, which keeps the quality high, so you will always receive the best content.

Every day thousands of fresh images are added to the index, and you can access many of them for free. If the file is licensed, you can pay per download or subscribe to a time-based plan without daily limits.


Official Site

One popular feature of this Shutterstock alternative is their Featured stock photos of the week. The editors and staff select the best stock photography on the site and showcase them for you to enjoy.

With just a glance, you can view the best content that the site offers, but if you need to search for something specific, there are plenty of categories where the files are organized, plus a search bar that makes it even easier to find what you want. Also, unlike other websites like Shutterstock, only one subscription plan is available, and it lets you download any content with no limits.


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You will find a few free-to-use images at most sites like Shutterstock, but Avopix has a wide selection. There are over 150,000 images you can download, modify, and apply for anything you like.

These files are released under the public domain, so there is no restriction on them. Download the pic, or embed it on your website without asking permission. For an even larger amount of options, the site also has millions of high-quality, premium files sourced from other sites like Shutterstock, which will need to be paid for if you want to use them.


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New textures, illustrations, and photos are added daily, so you will always find fresh content. In addition, close to 100,000 photographers and designers upload their creations to this photography website and share them with the world, so all the stock photos and images are 100% free.

You won’t find as much content as other premium sites, but free is free, and if you search carefully, you might find that picture you need to give that project a perfect final touch.


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When you search for sites similar to Shutterstock for free images and photos, Gratisography should be one site you shouldn’t miss. It is a website where you can get high-resolution stock photos for commercial and personal projects free to use, with no copyright restrictions. Just click on any image and download its high-resolution version. It couldn’t be any easier than that!


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More popularly known as an all-in-one suite for creating quick, quality visual graphics, Canva is now a great source for professional-quality photos. It features an extensive library of professional-quality stock photos, both free and paid, and is carefully arranged into 16 different general categories.
Canva now has one of the largest stock photo collections on the internet and is still growing. Thousands of new photos are added daily thanks to its marketplace, where photographers and designers can easily sell their works.

Getty Images

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You will be blown away by the beauty that Getty Images has to offer. Browse images by Salvador Dali, Picasso, Charles Trenet, and many other amateur photography professionals from all walks of life.

This amateur stock photo agency first launched in 1995, and it has grown larger daily. Nowadays, you can find more than 50,000 free stock photos that are unreal and mind-blowing. They have everything you need and more. Getty Images has more than 80 million yearly users. You can also find more than 50,000 hours of free stock video footage on this site. Getty Images is great for graphic designers, advertisers, publishers, marketing, communication, and artists.

Photography office

Official Site

Photography Office is another of the best free stock photo sites on the internet.

You will be able to discover some of the best photographs ever taken. Photography Office will please you if you’re an aspiring photographer or even looking for free stock images. You will find a massive selection of copyright-free images that inspire you for your next photo shoot.

Photography Office curates all the beautiful fine art photography globally and puts it all in one place. Learn about French photographers, the works of Robert Doisneau, and more with fun photography-related articles.


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Abduzeedo is a marvelous stock image website with photo collections of all genres. You will find many free high-resolution photos on this site that span several categories.

Whether you’re looking for architectural photos, graphic designs, graffiti, or any other type of photography artwork, you will be sure to find it at Abduzeedo. In addition, Abduzeedo has a ton of Photoshop tutorials, premade wallpapers, and daily inspiration that you should check out the next time you visit their site.

Like Photography Office, Abduzeedo has a ton of articles that you will enjoy. Find great gift ideas, cool apps, and web design concepts that will blow your mind. You’ll love this site if you have a creative soul.

Fine Art America

Official Site

Fine Art America is another top stock image site with unreal photos and artwork filled with amazing beauty. What’s great about Fine Art America is that you can purchase the print of the image you love and buy things like phone covers, t-shirts, and lampshades with the print you picked.

If you’re a photographer or an artist and have a pretty portfolio, you want to share with the world, sign up to be a seller on this site. You will receive a royalty each time someone purchases your picture online. Unfortunately, FindArtAmerica doesn’t have any royalty-free images for you to use, but it is the number one place to find inspiration and design ideas.

Erik Johansson

Official Site

Erik Johansson is one of the best photographers in the world regarding unreal photography. With the help of programs like Photoshop, Erik Johansson can create some of the most amazing artwork online.

The Erik Johansson pictures are unlike any image you’ve ever seen before. We encourage you to check out some of his pieces. If you like thought-provoking images that confuse and awe you, you’ll love Erik Johansson.

Prints signed limited editions and Erik Johansson’s artwork’s open editions can be purchased on this site. Check out the calendar to see when he’s putting up a show near you. This isn’t an artist to miss. If you can’t make it to the exhibition, look at the behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to see the passion put into Erik Johansson’s pieces.

Martin Stranka Photography

Official Site

This last addition to our list of best image sites must include Martin Stranka Photography. Martin Stranka Photography is, without a doubt, another one of the best photographers online. This photography artist is sure to impress you with his collections, which are all exclusive and truly unique.

Martin Stranka is one of the best photographers to help you gain inspiration and explore new techniques using colors. So if you’re looking for something that will change how you think about the world, you’ve come to the right place. Martin Stranka names his pieces with powerful words like Blackless, Escapes, and Fragments.

This artist has prints for sale that are worthy of being on anyone’s wall. This artwork will tug at your heartstrings and simultaneously give you a feeling of power. Read his biography, order his book filled with his best creations, and don’t miss his collection of awards and exhibitions.

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