Best Design by Artists Sites Like Society6

As an artist, it is a must to make yourself known! Sites like Society6 exist for that purpose, here you can find people and build a network where you can expose your art. Design by Artists sites Like Society6 are meant to connect your art with new people.

These sites must offer a few features tho if you want to campaign with them and boost your creative productivity:

  • You need the site to have a great user pool, not only from artists, but real people buying your stuff.
  • Make sure that intellectual property conditions are favorable
  • Try out sites that allow you to withdraw your money easily (good withdrawal conditions and methods)
  • Give priority to sites that make it easy for future clients to buy your art

Knowing what you look for in design by artist sites like Society6 is only the first step. Now, whether you work with design, drawing, sculptures, or any craftmanship, in our list you will find the perfect sites to make a name out of what you love. But, let’s talk about Society6 a bit first:

SOCIETY6 is a social networking platform where artists and designers can make themselves known; it has a showcase with direct sales of the printed works of the creators that make up this community.


  • With Society6 you don’t need any technical knowledge to open your own online business.
  • This platform comes pre-configured from the interface to the payment method.
  • You have access to a large existing customer base, but Redbubble has thousands of buyers.
  • You can access unique products with original designs.


  • On Society6 when selling your work appears partially under your brand.
  • You can’t have your URL or your Brand on the packaging.
  • You can’t customize the shopping experience

It is a platform with a lot of visitor traffic and has customers of thousands of competent sellers for the attention of visitors, being a good platform for artists. And allowing you to monetize your work, and you can create your store.

While Society6 has access to a large existing customer base, Redbubble has thousands of regular buyers who access them looking for products with original designs, it is not the only alternative to put your name out in the world:

Visit Society6


Official Site

It is a platform where you can create and sell customized products, it offers some of the best lowest prices in the industry, compared to Printfull, the print quality is definitely better, it also contains easy drag and drop tools that are participant friendly.


  • This site offers samples to print suppliers to make sure the final products look exactly as they envisioned.
  • It has more than 300 products ready to customize.
  • Printify and Printfull stand out as the two largest print-on-demand services.
  • It is a convenient tool for new users.


  • The print quality is not that good.
  • Makes the ordering process as simple as possible.
  • It presents slowness sometimes in the program.

Printify is a print-on-demand and dropshipping platform, designed to help online merchants to make more money simply and easily, it allows anyone to have their own business with the lowest investment and risk.


Official Site

A user-created, art-based, print-on-demand, user-created, print-on-demand product marketplace, it is a kind of Amazon that offers several products online, Redbubble and Spciety6, both of which stand out for their number of buyers.


  • In this one, you can sell your works in everyday products.
  • It is an online marketplace for independent artists.
  • This is an easy and simple platform
  • It offers you the product for you to place the design and put it for sale.


  • It is this platform you must register to start selling your products.
  • The difference between Redbubble and Society6 is the pricing system.
  • This site doesn’t seem to do anything to make your design get a lot of likes, or not on the networks.

It is a platform where you find all the products are printed and stamped especially for the user, so you can enjoy it, has an international network of companies that is responsible for the production and shipping to almost anywhere in the world.


Official Site

It is an e-commerce platform, easy to use for creators, sales, merchandise, or digital products, compared to Shopify plus, Sellfy works great for any type of digital content creators in difference Shopify plus is a small to medium-sized business with standard plans.


  • This platform sells directly on social media.
  • With this one, you can create your website or anywhere else with a custom storefront.
  • It is really easy to use to sell digital products.
  • You can sell physical products and tangible items from your Sellfy storefront.


  • It has simple tools with a difference from other platforms.
  • On this site, your storefront does not have to be a website.
  • This site should not facilitate repeat purchases, engaging customers in what you like.

Sellfy is a platform that offers mainly tools to sell digital material, e-books, music videos, and more, this is aimed at creatives such as designers, writers, musicians, being an easy-to-use e-commerce platform.


Official Site

This platform is a printing company for designers, which allows the user to sell custom t-shirts, mugs, leggings, you can upload your design, Sunfrog’s affiliate commissions are quite generous for being an easy platform to earn money, unlike Gearbubble, it charges a fee for each product.


  • In their specialty is customization in their designs.
  • It is a community for designers and buyers.
  • It has good printing quality.
  • It has varied items with exclusive and quality designs.


  • This site is not properly optimized for sales compared to other platforms.
  • Has limited font options for custom t-shirts.
  • The quality of the print is sometimes not the same as it appears in the photo.

Sunfrog is a legitimate company, they provide excellent customer service and you can contact them if you have any questions or problems, the print quality is really good, you can make a lot of money selling their designs, it is a community for designers and buyers.

Big Cartel

Official Site

It is an online store tool for artists and creators, it is simple to create a store and manage a creative business. It is a small and independent company while Shopify has a large following, Big Cartel on the other hand has a good number of fans, which makes it a more balanced platform.


  • It is the most balanced online platform.
  • It has simple e-commerce tools.
  • Big Cartel has creativity, it is considered one of the best.
  • It is easy to sell, has a good onboarding process.


  • Website features lack depth.
  • In its theme designs are not efficient.
  • It has limited customization options.

Big Cartel is Built primarily to make it easy for small businesses to take care of individual items, it also supports some apps for domain providers, payment processors, store management, manufacturers, and shipping.

Artwork Heroes

Official Site

Artwork Heroes Is a platform for the first collaborative marketplace for selected, affordable, unlimited edition art prints that supports artists from around the world as well as small charities. It allows artists to exhibit and market their art prints, in comparison to Serendipity which is also a donation platform by new generations.


  • This is an innovative route to market,
  • It has exceptional trading strategies.
  • Artwork Heroes has a great social impact.
  • It is the first collaborative marketplace for selected art prints.


  • You will need to follow up your campaign with social media or any other means of exposure if you want it to work.

This platform allows artists to exhibit and market their art prints, being the first collaborative, affordable, and unlimited edition marketplace that supports artists from all over the world. Professional and amateur artists submit their artwork, art, photos, designs, paintings, and more.

At The End

While you can campaign your art projects with Artwork Heroes and use Socety6 to boost your final results, leaving aside sites like Big Cartel and SunFrog is not the best tip. Try to look at your art as a business, make sure to exploit all that is needed for it to grow and you will see cashable results shortly!

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