5 Study Guides Sites Like SparkNotes

Sites Like SparkNotes

Best Book Summary Websites

Studying can be a tough job. You must memorize many different things and learn about all subjects to pass your exams. You will learn various ways to make studying easier in school, but finding tips and tricks from people who’ve had to study the same subjects can be an even better way to learn without frustrations. With guides sites like SparkNotes, you will be able to achieve your goal much easier.

You can find free guidebooks on popular studies like the Lord of the Flies, Macbeth, and The Great Gatsby on the SparkNotes site. You can also find quizzes, videos, notes, and study strategies on SparkNotes. SparkNotes is one of the best sites to summarize books and line-by-line translations on tough subjects like Shakespeare. This site is elementary to use and has a lot of fun.

Search the site’s categories to find specific subjects like literature, history, science, or philosophy, or enter a keyword search bar to find something specific. SparkNotes is free to use the site to learn about things that make no sense. All you have to do is start searching to understand the subjects you’re studying.

Sites Like SparkNotes

No important info is left out, and everything is explained so that learning doesn’t feel like a burden. Could you browse our list below for more book summary sites like SparkNotes? Bookmark them all because we’re sure that you’ll want to visit them often.

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Do you take great notes? Do you need notes on a specific subject to amp up your game test time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this addition to our best book summary websites is a great site for you. NexusNotes helps students share their notes with others and make a little money too.

The notes on this site include footnotes and definitions, and you’ll never find anything that isn’t allowed, like answers to tests. NexusNotes guarantees each note is scanned onto their site. So if you’re looking for great notes on many different subjects, you should browse NexusNotes now. You’ll love it, guaranteed.


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This free book summary website, similar to SparkNotes, is called CliffsNotes. CliffsNotes is one of the top sites online to explore, study, and review, all in one place. You can browse the featured articles on their homepage or search the site to find something specific on this site.

CliffsNotes has tips and tricks for students of all levels, from high school to professional learning. If you’re looking for quick reviews on subjects like Spanish, Anatomy, Sociology, or U.S. History, you can find them on this site, and you can find study aids for exams like the SATs, the Praxis, ACT, and the GRE.

CliffsNotes is an all-in-one study tool every student should have in their utility belt. Click on the link above to start using this site today.


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Our list of sites like SparkNotes needs to include BookRags. BookRags is a great place to make study notes online and find free book notes on many different subjects. You will find everything you need to learn on the BookRags site and everything you need to teach.

This site is great for both sites of the learning specter. BookRags has homework help, biographies, essays, lesson plans, study guides, and more. Search the BookRags homepage to find popular questions and answers and the popular study guides everyone uses.

Create a free account on this site to get notifications on the subjects you’re studying and stay updated with the BookRags site’s latest additions.


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If you have a certain goal in mind regarding your studies, GradeSaver can help you achieve your goal easily. They offer high-quality study guides that Harvard students have written.

This site is the best of the best for studying guides and notes online. This site’s study guides and notes are available in PDF and printed on Amazon. In addition, this site has book summaries on all the popular stories read in school and others that are not so popular.

There’s also a questions and answers page for quick responses. Try GradeSaver today to help raise your grades quickly without having to do much more than you already do. GradeSaver makes studying a piece of cake.

Shmoop          (Not available at this moment)

Shmoop might have a weird name, but it’s one of the best places to find homework help, test preparation tools, and teaching resources. In this last place on our list of study guide sites like SparkNotes, you will find a one-stop-shop for everything academic.

This site has to learn guides on poetry, grammar, literary criticism, and other things like engaging reviews and drills to ace your next exam. Shmoop has over 100,000 courses in its collection, and more are always added. Watch the Shmoop videos to learn without reading, and play the game of Shmoop to test your academic skills to know where to start on this site.

Almost everything is free to use on Shmoop, which gives you no reason not to visit it today.

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